March 2017 Updates

It’s March!  Did you know that even though Spring doesn’t officially start until later this month, that from a meteorological standpoint, spring has started?  That’s right, from a meteorological perspective, the seasons start on the 1st of the month of the calendar change.  I guess they know something we don’t!  I hope that things are going well.  Here are some March 2017 updates and goals.


I recently wrote about some renewed focus on my fitness.  So far this is going well!

  • As of the end of February, I’ve dropped 5.8 pounds.  I’ve also dropped my body fat percentage from 21.0% to 19.0%.  These are both since the beginning of the year.  Both of these numbers make me happy.
  • I’m getting to the gym around 4 times per week.
  • I’m mostly running and walking.
  • I haven’t got as much weight lifting done as I’d hoped.  I had hernia surgeries years back, and the weight lifting has caused some minor pain in the area.  I got things checked during a recent visit, and I haven’t done any damage.  Most likely it’s pulling on the scar tissue.  The doctor recommended that I skip the weights until I’m pain free, then see if I can narrow it down to figure out what’s causing the pain.  If that works, I can eventually cut out just the portion of my workout that’s causing the stress.


  • We got our taxes submitted to our CPA, and it was done in record time.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that the refunds were a few hundred dollars less than I’d hoped.  Oh, well!
  • We already got our refunds!
  • The refunds came so quick that we didn’t even have a chance to allocate the money, so we’ll have to do that.

Florida Trip

Our spring break trip is just around the corner!

  • Both of the big bills for our upcoming spring break trip have been paid: Renting our condo and our flights.
  • Our biggest to-do (except for packing) is to plan our trip back and forth to the airport.  We’re actually driving about 3.5 hours to an airport in Ohio.  The flights were about 50% cheaper versus flying from Detroit.
  • We won’t have a car while we’re down in Florida.  We can Uber to and from the airport.  There’s a trolley line that runs from our hotel to nearby grocery stores (we also plan to use Amazon Prime Pantry).  All of the restaurants and beaches we plan to visit are within walking distance.

Other March 2017 Updates

  • Lawn – I’ll be working in the backyard.  Since we had some tree stumps removed, I’ll have to dig out the shavings, fill in with top soil and put some seed down.  We have a number of other spots throughout our yard that could use some fill in, so I’m debating just getting a load of top soil delivered.
  • Fridge – Our basement fridge is one that we borrowed many years back.  It’s a mini-fridge (bigger than a box fridge) but has worked well.  We knew that the owner might want it back, and it’s been our plan to move the old, ugly white fridge in the kitchen to the basement and get a new kitchen fridge.  Well, our ticket was finally called.  Unfortunately, it was about two weeks past President’s Day, which is when you can get some good sales.  So, while we’re not going to rush to buy a new fridge and overpay, we may be down to a single fridge for awhile until we find a deal.  As we’re often at capacity with our current two fridges, this could be troublesome.

Readers, how are things going for you this March?  

14 thoughts on “March 2017 Updates”

  1. Sounds like you are having a terrific month, MB! Ours is just plain busy. Trying to figure out how to organize it so we’re not too overwhelmed. Lots of social, family and church commitments this month. Luckily, most of them are free so they won’t affect our finances. 🙂

  2. Our tax rebate came already too. I love that about filing taxes early! And when we fly, we almost always fly out of Indy or Chicago because Fort Wayne is just so much more expensive. Here’s to saving money on a great spring break trip!

  3. GREAT JOB on that fitness goals progress. You’ll feel so much better when you reach those goals. I didn’t realize I wasn’t feeling great until I dropped a bunch of weight, and about 10% body fat, and then realized how much better I felt than what I thought was “normal” and “fine”. Keep it up!

  4. We’ve got a bunch of family time this month, in addition to a lot of house-hunting, so we’re going to be doing a heck of a lot of work before we get to the relaxing part of Spring.

    I have high hopes that when we get through it all, we will be able to truly relax. This may be the first time in six or seven years that I’ll be able to go more than 2 days without working! That would be very exciting indeed.

    Congrats on getting your taxes done already! I’m considering wedging that into March, too!

  5. Only one week into March going ok, I guess. Had a flat tire. I was worried it couldn’t be plugged…then it would 4 more tires to buy. Thank goodness the plug is working. Took a cruise in December, so there will not be a spring break this year…but on the positive side, after shopping for a deal for an entire year we purchased a 15′ Boston Whaler!
    So no more big vacations for a while.

  6. Great that you’re all set with your spring break trip! Planning and booking for our spring road trip is on my weekend “to do” list. We already have some tentative things we want to see, but this weekend we really need to plan it out day by day and book hotels. We’re all looking forward to next month when we get to take the trip!

    • Yeah, the big stuff is planned but now we have to figure out what we’re taking, the logistics of driving and such, and how to get all the stuff we want down there with the number of hands that we have. You know, the fun details! LOL

    • Thanks. As we get closer to our flying date, I am becoming more and more aware of the challenges that we’ll face with basically doubling up on the ‘trip travel’, but it still looks very favorable in terms of the money we’re saving.

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