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If you need a cheap alternative for vehicle insurance, then you may want to check out Metromile. Metromile provides cheap auto insurance for low mileage drivers by providing them a pay-per-mile insurance option. You, however, should know that this pay-as-you-go insurance option is only available in the following states – Arizona, Illinois, California, Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Metromile Insurance ReviewMetromile's main market is low mileage drivers. The company came up with this insurance option after realizing that individuals who drive rarely pay more than what they should for auto insurance. The firm's business model is quite an incentive to drivers because they only pay for what they have used.

The company gives you a base rate estimate based on factors such as the type of vehicle you drive, your driving history, and the age of your automobile among other factors. Technically, Metromile follows the same strategy that is used by other auto insurance firms to calculate your insurance rate. Fortunately, the base rate is the only fixed rate. That implies that the per-mile rate that every client pays differs greatly.

The premiums that you pay are determined by the miles that you have driven over a certain period. The company uses their Pulse device to track the total miles that you drive every month. You only need to put the device in your car to allow Metromile to track you. Keep in mind that this device can also track where you parked your automobile, your gas costs, and your speed. After the company reads your monthly data, they send you a bill based on the miles you have driven.

Which Drivers Does Metromile Target?

Metromile's pay-per-mile insurance option is not suited for every driver in the eight states that it operates. The target market for the company includes.

Tech Savvy drivers

Tech-savvy drivers like to know everything about their vehicles and if you are amongst them, Metromile could serve you right. This is because you can keep the GPS on the Pulse device on to always track your car at the parking lot. The program also lets you track the gas your vehicle has consumed, the miles driven, and the time you've spent on the road. What's more, it can alert you when your car has some issues.

Occasional drivers

Metromile might also be suitable for the occasional drivers – those who drive less than 10,000 miles every year. Choosing this insurance option could help you save a significant amount of money. You need to know, however, that even if you are covered by the pay-per-mile insurance option, your premium rates can add up when you drive more than 10,000 miles annually.

Metromile Insurance Review

 3. Drivers who can keep up with fluctuating insurance bills

You should expect that your insurance bill will vary from one month to the next when you are covered by the pay-as-you-go insurance option. As a result, it is critical for you to be accommodative to different rates. If you cannot manage the fluctuating bills or if your budgeting skills are at their worst, then you should expect to encounter problems.

4. Drivers seeking an easy shopping experience

Metromile offers you a cheaper option as compared to other auto insurance providers. If you are looking to save substantially on your insurance bills, then the per-mile-rate insurance option could be best for you.

The Advantages of Metromile

There are some aspects that make Metromile such a suitable option. The following are some of the benefits of using the services of Metromile.

1. The premiums are not determined by your driving habits

One of the things that we like about Metromile is that your rates are not determined by your driving skills i.e. how hard you brake and how fast you are on the road. The company provides you with a base rate and a per-mile-rate when you take up this coverage option. Additionally, the app allows you to keep track of the miles that you've driven, thus informing you of your total monthly bill. Moreover, being able to track your movements allows you to control the amount you will pay.

2. It provides drivers with tech-savvy applications

Besides minimizing your car insurance bill, Metromile also provides drivers with the tech-savvy application. The Pulse device gives you better control since you can track your speed, the location where you parked your vehicle, and the gas consumed per trip.

3. Drivers are not penalized for driving more than 250 miles per day

Another positive thing about Metromile is that you don't get any extra bills or penalties when you drive more than 250 miles per day. This may benefit drivers who want to go on a long drive outside the city or elsewhere. You get to enjoy this at no extra cost. Keep in mind, however, that this insurance option may not be ideal for you if you often drive over long distances.

Metromile Insurance Review

4. Metromile provides full coverage

You will be glad to know that Metromile also offers drivers full insurance coverage on their vehicles. However, the coverage that you get must be in accordance with your specific state's insurance laws and regulations. The company provides comprehensive, property damage, bodily injury, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and collision coverage. This offers a complete package for you.

5. The app provides alerts concerning your vehicle's check engine light

Interestingly, the Metromile application allows you to get alerts about your check engine light. What's more, the application can also help you to find a mechanic to fix the existing problem.

6. Has privacy control

The Pulse device from Metromile comes fitted with a GPS locator. However, if you need to keep your privacy in check, the device enables you to turn off the GPS locator. Interestingly, when you turn it off, you will still have the mileage tracker on, thus allowing you to control your auto insurance bills. You must keep in mind, however, that when you turn off the GPS locator, you cannot locate your parked vehicle.

7. Provides pet protection

If you often drive with your pets, you know that they are at a risk of injury when you get into an accident. Fortunately, Metromile provides you with pet protection in your insurance plan. You get up to $1,000 coverage when your pet is injured during an accident.

8. Roadside assistance is available

Nothing is as disappointing as getting a flat tire or having your vehicle break down at the side of the road where there is no maintenance service close by. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can rest easy because Metromile provides roadside assistance like fixing a flat tire or getting new tires, towing, and lockout assistance. Ensure to confirm which of the services your insurance policy covers.

Why Might You Prefer A Different Insurance Provider?

Despite its advantages, Metromile also has several downsides.

Claims take some time to process

One of the major complains that you should expect from Metromile is the time they take to process claims. You are required to submit your claim online, and then you have to wait for a Metromile's customer service personnel or an insurance adjuster to contact you once your claim is received. This may prove quite disappointing because you may have to wait for days or weeks before they contact you.

If you dwell on a fixed income budget

Metromile's pay-as-you-go insurance option is set in such a way that you pay for the mileage you have covered over a certain month. In such a setting, there is a high probability that the number of miles you drive will vary from month to month. If you are on a fixed income budget, you may experience difficulty managing your auto insurance bills, making this an unfit option for you.

If you drive more than 10,000 miles in a year

Unfortunately, drivers who do more than 10,000 miles every year don't get to enjoy the low mileage discount. If you fall into this category, you are better off with another insurance provider because you could end up paying Metromile more money when you exceed the 10,000 miles limit.

Metromile Insurance Review

Customer Service Provision

Metromile is an auto insurance company that was founded in 2011. As a result, the company is still working out ways through which it could improve its customer service provision.

The company provides its clients with 24/7 claim service. However, this only implies that you can file your claim at any time or day. It takes some time before you get contacted by a company agent or adjuster. The best part is that when they contact you, Metromile gives you a certified and qualified claims expert who will guide you throughout the claim process. Additionally, the company helps you to locate repair service shops near you.

Metromile is trying its best to improve its customer service. The company now has an automated claims processing. Besides filing your claim on the online platform, you could use your Pulse device to upload the data so that your claim gets processed. The company mentions that it can handle some claims automatically and process payments immediately.


Metromile has an online platform, and on the platform is a dashboard that allows you to access your driving habits such as the cost of the routes you take, the miles you've driven, and gas consumption. To obtain this information, you have to have your ID and password. The dashboard is an ideal way to save money but you must know that it doesn't provide feedback regarding your driving habits. If you would like to reduce your insurance bills based on that, you may want to check other alternatives.


The Metromile app achieves similar functions as those of the dashboard, but it has more features. It allows you to check on:

The health status of your vehicle

It sends alerts when cleaners are cleaning the street where you're parked – it applies in specific cities.

It decodes any check engine light warnings

How Does It Compare?

Cheap insurance is something that most drivers want, and when you do an auto insurance comparison you'll see Metromile's greatest competitor in the insurance field is Geico. Geico does not offer a pay-as-you-go insurance option but it offers some of the most affordable rates for standard insurance. At Geico, drivers pay the same premium each month based on each driver's individual factors. The firm's rates, however, are quite intriguing.

Geico also offers its customers features that Metromile does not. Some of these features are:

  • Good driving habits
  • Safety features on your car
  • Customer loyalty, and
  • Defensive driving classes

What's more, Geico is available in all 50 states while Metromile only operates in 8. The former has also been in operation for eight decades whereas the latter has only been around for less than a decade. Overall, Geico suits high-mileage drivers best while Metromile suits low-mileage drivers best.

Bottom Line

The idea of a pay-as-you-go policy by Metromile is a great option for individuals who drive infrequently. It might work best for those who live and work within the city because they do not drive around often. When such people drive, they only do so for a few miles. If you estimate that you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, then Metromile could help you save significantly. Read our Nationwide auto insurance review as well to compare rates.


Being a relatively new player and having a completely different insurance model in the industry, it is not surprising that many questions come to mind when talking about Metromile. We have created this FAQ to address the most frequently asked among them, which we then sectioned into helpful categories:

General Information on Metromile

Find out more about Metromile in this section:

What is Metromile?

Metromile is a car insurance company that bases your rate on how much you drive your car.

Is Metromile a scam?

No. It is a legitimate car insurance company that has helped a lot of people save on hefty insurance charges.

Is Metromile a good deal?

Yes. In some sense, it gives you a greater control on how much you’d pay. And with their app, everything becomes more convenient. However there are other companies that will give you a good deal on car insurance. For example, some companies offer a car insurance discount if you also get home insurance coverage with them.

Is Metromile worth it?

Yes. Metromile is most especially a great deal for those who only take out their car on weekends or infrequently.

Who owns Metromile?

David Friedberg currently serves as the chairman of the board while Dan Preston is the CEO.

What states is Metromile in?

As of now, Metromile is only available in select states – California, Illinnois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Does Metromile have agents?

Yes. You can reach one by calling 1-800-242-5204.

Where are Metromile inspections?

Metromile is currently partnered with Carco. Once you sign up for insurance, you should find a link in your email containing the location of their branches within your 10-mile radius.

Understanding Metromile’s Rates

Metromile works differently than your average car insurance company. If you’re fairly concerned about your monthly rates, this should clear things out for you.

How much does Metromile charge per mile?

Metromile charges 5 cents per mile. However, this is capped at 150 miles for New Jersey and 250 for the others.

How much is Metromile?

Metromile will charge you a different amount per month depending on how much you actually used your car.

How does Metromile track miles?

Metromile tracks your usage with the Metromile Pulse which you will get for free once you sign up with them.

Is Metromile cheaper?

It can be. It all depends on how often you use your car. Other companies can offer a home and auto insurance bundle discount that may also make your auto insurance cheaper. Be sure to compare.

Is Metromile more expensive?

Just like how it can be cheaper than your current insurance, it can turn out to be more expensive too. Assuming a $40 base rate, your monthly bill can go as high as $375.

What is my average Metromile bill?

The average Metromile bill will vary from one driver to another. Assuming normal car usage per month, you shouldn’t see much different on your bill.

What is Metromile base rate?

Metromile advertises a $40 base rate. However, it will depend on different factors determined by their agents, assessors, or representatives.

Why did my rates go up Metromile?

Even a perfect driving record, your rates can still go up because newer cars are more expensive to fix. Like any insurance company, Metromile compensates for that by increasing rates.

Using the Metromile App and Website

You can use their app and website to perform a lot of functions. And here are just some of them:

Can Metromile be canceled anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. With Metromile, you don’t have to commit to nor to pay a yearly contract.

How to cancel Metromile insurance?

You can call their customer service line at 888-244-1702 or email their customer service at [email protected].

How to cancel autopay Metromile?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel autopay with Metromile. It is required even when you sign up that you assign a working credit card or checking account from where they can draw your payment.

How to view policy on Metromile app?

To view your existing policy, simply click the


tab on your Metromile app.

How to use Metromile app to find street cleaning?

With Metromile, you don’t have to find them yourselves. They will automatically send you alerts where there will be street cleaning 12 hours before.

How to change your coverage with Metromile?

Tap the


icon on the bottom menu and tap on

Edit Policy

. You will be asked to log in again, after which you should click on


and scroll down and make the changes you want.

Can I get an ebill with Metromile site

Yes. Both the app and the website shows your payment history which essentially serves as your electronic bill.

Knowing How Metromile Works

With its unique approach to car insurance, everyone who is considering their services should learn how it works in the first place.

How does Metromile insurance work?

Metromile sends a Metromile Pulse which you will need to attach to your engine. This will help them keep track of your miles which serve as the basis of your monthly payment.

How does Metromile work with Uber?

The Metromile app will connect with Uber. This way, it will able to charge you only when you’re driving for personal use and not when you have a passenger.

What happens if I unplug Metromile?

After the 10 days grace period starting the effective policy date, you may be charged for as much as 250 miles ($12.50) car usage for each day it is unplugged.

How does Metromile make sure you’re not removing the device?

The Metromile Pulse is a sophisticated device capable of many functions such as detecting when it is unplugged and tracking your miles driven. It will notify you through the app when it is not installed.

How does the Metromile pulse work?

As your payment is based on your car usage, the Metromile Pulse assess how many miles you have driven per day. Through the app, your usage for the whole month is summed up, the total of which is added to the base rate.

What does the Metromile tracking device look like?

It is a small device that fits to the OBD-II port of your engine. It should blink a few times once you have properly installed it.

Does Metromile track speed?

Yes. While they don’t factor in your driving habits into your base rate, tracking your speed is an unintended consequence of accurately assessing the miles you have driven.

How does Metromile calculate mpg?

As one of the features of their app, Metromile only gives you an estimated mpg based on the formulaic givens of the formula – miles and gallon.

Metromile’s Insurance Coverage

Are you really protected should something happen to you or your car? In this section, we help you decide if their coverage is right for you.

Is Metromile full coverage?

There is no such thing as a full coverage insurance, even with other car insurance companies. However, you can add on to your coverage using the app.

Does Metromile cover rental cars?

It depends. If the rental car is for personal use (taking a vacation, you’re picking up someone somewhere, etc), you will be covered. In other situations, you won’t be.

Does Metromile comprehensive coverage include rental car insurance?

Whether with your car with a rental car, the coverage you have availed of will apply.

Does Metromile cover towing?

No, it does not. However, you can opt to add roadside assistance to your existing policy for $5 to $7 per month.

Does Metromile cover older cars?

You need the Metromile pulse if you choose to get insured under metromile. As that device is not compatible with cars 1995 and lower, you will have to opt a traditional insurance company.

Does Metromile cover truck camper?

Yes, if it has been damaged. The general rule is if it applies to the rest of your car, it will apply to your truck camper as well.

Does Metromile cover additional driver?

Yes. But before they can be covered, you need to add them to your policy first.

How many cars can insure with Metromile?

As many as you want. However, the more cars you include, the higher your base rate will be.

Will Metromile insurance cover a pre-1996 car?

No. Most, if not all, pre-1996 cars do not feature an OBD-I port which is needed to insert the Metromile pulse.

Does Metromile cover a truck bed?

Yes.  However, check your policy first which events your truck bed (and your car) will be covered in the first place.

Does Metromile cover a car with salvage title?

Like most car insurance companies, it is highly unlikely that you would get approved in the first place. If you do, expect your rates to be higher.

Does Metromile cover motorcycles?

As far as we could tell in our research Metromile does not offer motorcycle insurance. However we help you do a motorcycle insurance comparison in our more indepth article about this very subject.

Other Questions

Aside from the insurance itself and how everything works, you may still have questions related to Metromile – some of which are serious concerns and others, just out of curiosity. Nonetheless, we will answer the most frequently asked of them.

Does Metromile ruin my credit?

No. Metromile only does a soft credit inquiry which does not lower your score at all.

Does Metromile submit sr-22?

Metromile only handles SR-22 filings in California. However, even in that state, they only do it under certain circumstances.

Should I plug in Metromile device from start date?

Yes. While you are given a 10-day grace period at the start of your policy, plugging it in right away gives you time to contact their customer support in case you need to troubleshoot problems with installation.

Who made the Metromile commercial?

The Annex made the Metromile commercial. They are an advertising agency that focuses on those that target millennials as their main market.