Money Beagle Monthly Wrapup: May/June 2010

Net Worth:
Our net worth was down about 4.4% for the latest month.  CyberHomes dropped the value of our home about 3% for the month for some reason after having stayed relatively level for the past few months, so our property value took an unexpected hit.  We also got affected by the lousy stock market, but did better than the market average because I pulled some money off the table sensing a down / flat market for awhile.

Blog Traffic:
My blog traffic for the month of May went up 29% from the month of April.  This increase was largely helped by hosting the Money Hacks Carnival and participating in other carnivals throughout the month.
My Alexa blog ranking went from 284,595 at the start of the month and closed out at 220,351, and I’m very thankful to all my fellow Yakezie Challenge members for helping me along!

I also got approached for the first time for some legitimate advertising that isn’t related to Google AdSense, and got approached for the first time about reviewing finance related books.  It’s looking like I’m finally getting the word out about Money Beagle in a noticeable way.

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  1. Congratulations on your progress. It's fun to start getting opportunities for reviews, giveaways and advertising.

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