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It seems like just yesterday that we kicked off this year.  All in all, it was a great year and I thought I'd take a look back at some Money Beagle highlights from 2011.


We kicked off the year planning for the move of Little Boy Beagle from the nursery to his new room.  It took a lot of work, but we got it done and he's been settled in his room for many months! We were bummed to learn that Costco effectively raised their prices on baby formula, taking away their price advantage which had made them our number one choice for our first (we ended up using Target brand formula for our second).


We got our taxes done early and I lamented on one job benefit that remained top-notch in this day of ever-declining perks!


Although declining home values suck, the fact that property taxes would be going down helped make up for the sting.  I got a little burned out by the library (which I got over quickly) and noted that Costco gas is a great deal but not always practical.


I cracked and bought a Nook, which I use though not as much as I thought I would.  I also noted a personal milestone that indicated the housing market might have finally hit rock bottom.


I got a new work laptop in spite of having reasons to avoid the request and pointed out the next best thing to finding a bag full of money.


I flat out refused to pay someone what they tried to charge me, but with a twist you might not expect.  Oh, and what else?  Seemed like something big happened….Hmmm…Oh, yeah, we had our second child, a beautiful baby girl!


I saved a few bucks on our propane refill just in time for prime BBQ season and took a four-year look back at our debt.


I gave some advice that anybody who ever wraps a gift should read and take to heart.  I also added two credit cards to my wallet and did so of my own free will!  Money Beagle also turned three!


I wrote about what may well have been the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard from a restaurant worker in my entire life and also gave a tip on when you might want to schedule your annual physical.    You do schedule one every year, right?


I got a credit card I never really asked for but read why I was perfectly cool with that.  We also completed the re-finance of our house, reducing the interest rate by 2.5%, cutting a total of 10.5 years from the payment schedule, and saving us at least $80,000 over the course of the remaining loan.


I posted a somewhat contrarian view of the student loan debt problem.  I also expressed my thoughts (with some glaring evidence) on the value (or lack of value) of Quizno's.


We closed out the year by purchasing a camper, meaning our vacation itinerary for the next 5+ years is pretty well set!

2011 was a year with many blessings.  Not everything turned out as I thought it would, but that's life!  I was happy that we kept our health and that we were blessed with our beautiful baby daughter.  I hope that 2012 is happy, healthy and prosperous for our family and for your families!