My Five Year Anniversary Gift (Not The Wedding Anniversary)

I recently hit a milestone that is the first for me:

I hit my five year anniversary with my current company.

Looking back, the previous ‘record’ was about four and a half years, so it felt pretty cool.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but I got an e-mail that I was eligible to choose a commemorative gift to acknowledge the service.

I knew it wouldn’t be anything extravagant, and it wasn’t, but I was impressed that they gave you a choice of gifts.  There were about twenty five things to choose from, with some of the standard type stuff you’d probably expect:

  • Watches
  • A crystal bowl
  • A set of flatware
  • A desk clock
  • Travel bag

Out of curiosity, I looked up the ‘suggested retail’ (i.e. Amazon) value of some of the items, and most of the stuff was around $50.

My first go around had me narrow it down between a North Face backpack and the flatware.  I figured either could be useful in our new camper.  I ended up eliminating the flatware because it seemed like overkill for camping, and I also ruled out the backpack, simply because we already have a few, and even though it was ‘nicer’, it just didn’t make sense to add one more to the collection or throw out a perfectly good one.

I looked through the list and ended up picking something that I realize I might never use, but if I do, could be pretty fun:

A fishing pole set.

Most of the campgrounds that we go to are on a lake or have a lake around, and I’ve always seen people fishing.

I probably haven’t fished since I was 12 years old, but I figured, since it was free, why not give myself the option?

I love to relax on camping trips.  My favorite activity is sitting around reading a book.  I can only read for so long, so why not give myself the option of going over, grabbing some bait and a fishing license, both of which are pretty cheap, and sitting back to relax.  Once my kids get older, who know, maybe they’ll want to give it a shot?

I wasn’t expecting anything, and who knows, I might go an entire season without ever using it, but even if that were the case, I could likely sell it.

But if I do, it might turn out to open the door to something fun and relaxing?

Did I make the right choice with the fishing rod?

16 thoughts on “My Five Year Anniversary Gift (Not The Wedding Anniversary)”

  1. LOL. Some length of service gifts are so funny. I’ve always thought a $50 gift card would be a better way of appreciating employees rather than just giving them something like a crystal bowl.

    • I agree but for some reason companies don’t do this. My guess is they get the ‘stuff’ for cheap based on bulk or maybe picking up old inventory, so they are really spending $5 on that $50 gift. Oh well!

  2. Going fishing sound alike fun! I’ve recent rediscovered my love for the outdoors and am heading out whenever I can…. I have yet to wish, through. Be sure to post your first catch!

  3. Congrats on the Five Year Anniversary. I haven’t even been out of college that long yet but I think in today’s world 5 years at a company is pretty good. I think that regardless of what you chose as long as you have a reason behind it that works for you you made the right decision. I hope you get to go fishing next time you go camping 🙂

    • We’ll see 🙂 The first trip will likely be a little chaotic but we’ll see if there’s any time for it

  4. It sounds like I had the exact same options at my 5 year anniversary. However, I was insulted by the choices and even more so when I received the plastic clock that I thought was glass. I guess they pay us so any gift is a bonus, right?

    • I guess that’s the way they want you to look at it nowadays. I wasn’t expecting anything so I guess I couldn’t be too disappointed with the choices.

  5. Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary of working at my current company as well! Congratulations to you! I think picking up the fishing rod was a great idea, especially if you haven’t done it in such a long while. It will be fun!

  6. I think it’s funny that companies think these gifts are “perks.” Monetizing your 5 years to the tune of $50 is kind of depressing.

    BUT….that’s why I think you made the right choice with the fishing pole. What can you do with a desk clock, flatwear or bowl?

    • I agree, at a certain point it’d be better to just not do anything, but I guess someone in HR probably thinks it gives a boost.

  7. I know it’s late, but happy anniversary! And I think a fishing rod is a nice gift to receive. It may look boring, but the thrill of waiting for a catch is really nice. Plus, it lets you spend some time with nature.

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