My Former Residence Is On The Market….Sort Of

I found out that the condo that I used to own is up for lease. I purchased a condo at the age of 24, and lived there for over eight years before selling it last year so that my wife and I could move into our wonderful home. It was a great place, and held a lot of wonderful memories and fun times, and became a hangout for many of my friends and I. But as I was giving up bachelor life, I also decided it was time to give up the bachelor pad.
I found out by pure accident over the weekend that it is up for lease. I missed a call on my cell phone, and when I checked the message, there was somebody inquiring about the ‘condo for rent’. I would have thought it a wrong number, but they asked, by name, for the new owner that purchased the condo from me. I recognized her name from the closing and some brief conversations that we had afterwards about the condo.
After hearing the message, I immediately entered my old address into Google, and found that it is indeed listed through a real estate agent for rent. I figure that the call may have come from someone else in the condo complex. They might have seen the sign from the realtor, but decided to try to go direct to the owner, perhaps to get a better deal. I’m guessing that the lady that bought the condo didn’t give the association her updated phone number, so although they have her name, they still kept my number.
Seeing the condo for rent made me hope that everything is OK, and that there’s no financial trouble for the new owner. She was a single lady with a college-age son, and it was her first time owning. I know that she ended up financing almost all of it, and probably got one of the very last ‘virtually no money down’ deals out there, as the whispers of big problems in the real estate market started not more than a month after we closed.
I also know that since she didn’t put a lot down that she’s probably underwater (owes more than it’s currently worth) because even though I sold it on the downswing, the market has still gone down over the past year. Still, she was very excited, had a good job, and seemed very responsible, and seemed to be in it for the long haul regardless. I hope that everything is OK and that there’s a good reason that she’s got the condo for lease, and not because it’s no longer affordable. After I told my wife, she told me the next day that she’d dreamt that the lady had found a significant other and no longer needed the condo as she was moving in with her new beau. I hope that it’s good news like that!
I wish her and her son the best, and also hope the best for the great place that I called home for quite a few years.