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Do you enjoy shopping? How would you like to get paid to shop? One of the best ways to earn money online is through mystery shopping. As a mystery shopper, you are paid by the company to shop and provide feedback for their business. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. As a shopper, you are paid to do what you love. And for the companies, they are able to obtain the feedback they need to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

How to Earn

The key to earning from this method online is to identify which companies are in search of mystery shoppers. It is important to search for reputable mystery shopping companies to ensure that you can get the proper compensation for your time and effort. As a mystery shopper, your role is to act like a regular shopper on the website. You will take note of your overall shopping experience and provide appropriate feedback to the company. From the ease of using the website, to the efficiency of the checkout process – these are important details that mystery shopping companies are looking for.

Check out the list of the best mystery shopping companies that you make extra money from.

1 – Secret Shopper

This is one of the top mystery shopping companies out there and is therefore the top choice for those looking to pursue money-making opportunity. They work with various clients who want to improve their business and they work with shoppers to gather crucial data. The company was founded in 1993 and has received several awards. The best part is that you can sign up and create your account for free. You can set your own hours so you control how much time you spend on the website and how much you earn.

When signing up, you must complete a basic certification test. You will also be asked to provide your personal information to create your profile. Once that is completed, you will get your shopper ID and password. Use that information to log into your account to find available shops to complete.

2 – BestMark

This is another major mystery shopping company that has been around for some time now. They also have a great reputation and scored consistently A+ by the BBB or Better Business Bureau. Your payment as a mystery shopper will depend largely on the various shops that you choose. There will be a flat rate that is paid to you with every shop, and you will also be reimbursed for any purchase made. Pay close attention to the overall experience you have when shopping. BestMark will need that feedback in order to qualify for payment.

To sign up for BestMark, you must be at least 21 years of age. If you are accepted, simply log into your account to find new jobs.

3 – Market Force

At Market Force, you will be shopping for a variety of businesses and not just for retail shops. You will be working with restaurants, banks, and other types of stores. Market Force works with these businesses in order to help them succeed. As a mystery shopper, you have a vital role to play in that.

You will be asked to provide detailed feedback on the cleanliness of the website or store, selection of products, and quality of customer service. These are information that will enable businesses (that are clients of Market Force) to succeed and compete. Market Force is a great option for mystery shoppers because they have been given the MSPA Shopper’s Choice Award for three consecutive years.

To create your account, you must go to the Market Force website. You will be asked to provide your name, email, zip code, and create your password. You must also complete a personal history questionnaire, and agree to the Terms and Agreement. From there, you can go to the personal shopping portal to accept jobs.

Mystery Shopper Jobs4 – Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a mystery shopping website that was founded two decades ago. They specialize in financial institutions in the hopes of helping these companies boost the quality of their service. Hence, you can expect to work with banks and credit unions if you are accepted into the Pinnacle mystery shopping program. This is a great option for mystery shoppers who are interested in finance.

Joining Pinnacle is completely free. All you have to do is go to their website to sign up. You must provide your email address and other basic personal information. You must also provide your bank details as the mode of payment. Pinnacle will also require you to fill out demographic questionnaire so they can match the best jobs according to your location. The final step requires you to agree to the terms and conditions. When that is done, you are ready to get started.

5 – Quest for Best

If you would like to maximize your mystery shopping opportunities, Quest for Best is one of the best companies to work with. They have shop opportunities in up to 40 US states, which means you can accept many jobs wherever you live. This is the best opportunity for those who are skilled at shopping.

Signing up to this program is completely free. To sign up, go to their website and click on the Become a Shopper option. You will be asked to fill out an Online Shopper Profile form. You can access your account to find a job within your area. The website will provide you with information about the shop and you can take that job.

6 – Perception Strategies, Inc.

This is another specialty kind of mystery shopping company, which specializes on healthcare mystery shops. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. The company was founded in 19987 and has since provided up to 150,000 mystery shopping opportunities for its members. If you are looking for a reliable source of income online, this is a great option for you.

As mentioned above, Perception Strategies Inc. offers mystery shop opportunities for health care providers. You will be asked to provide feedback about your experience with these healthcare providers. The ultimate goal for these healthcare companies is to improve the quality of their service towards their patients. You will play a key role in that as a mystery shopper.

Visit the Perception Strategies Inc. website and look for the application link at the top menu bar. You will set up your profile and immediately have access to openings. If there is no available opening within your location, you can set up notification so you will be alerted when one becomes available.

7 – GBW

GBW is one of the largest mystery shopping companies in the market right now. They have over 400,000 secret shoppers who are part of their team. They also have secret shopping jobs for more than 105 countries worldwide. Thus, it is a great option for those who want to make money online, regardless of your current location.

GBW is a mystery shopping company that specializes in the retail business. If you have an eye for detail, GBW wants you to become one of their mystery shoppers.

Go to the GBW website and click on Become a Shopper to sign up. Choose your country and provide your basic personal information. To complete your profile, you must answer a few demographic questions and other questions to create your profile. This will help GBW identify potential jobs to match your location and personal information. Once you have provided all the necessary information, your login credentials will be sent to your email. You can use that information to access your profile at GBW and do some mystery shopping and get paid for your time.

8 – A Closer Look

A Closer Look is the latest recipient of the MSPA “Elite Company” for 2018. In addition to that, they also offer mystery shop services in 8 industries. Thus, mystery secret shoppers will have plenty of opportunities available at A Closer Look. In fact, the company takes pride in the fact that they have every possible opportunity for every kind of secret shopper. They work with hotels, retail businesses, health and wellness centers, restaurants, and more. You are sure to find the right match for your interests here.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can visit the A Closer Look website and look for the link to become a mystery shopper. You must provide an active email address that will be linked to your account. Once approved, find the link to the application page on your email (which will expire in 2 days). Fill out the required personal and demographic information to set up your profile. You will also be asked to complete a 10-question Shopper Qualification Survey. Finally, you must provide a narrative about your recent dining experience. This is used by the company to assess your ability to provide feedback in a detailed yet concise manner.

Once you have completed all the steps above, you should wait for an email to find out if you are accepted.

9 – IntelliShop

IntelliShop is one of the most comprehensive mystery shopper websites as they work with businesses in over 50 industries. It is easy to find a shop that would match your interest. Signing up to IntelliShop is completely free. Simply go to their website and click Sign Up.

Once you click the Sign Up option, provide your email address and review the independent contractor agreement. From there, you will be asked to provide your personal information and bank details (for sending payments). A demographic questionnaire must be completed for ease of matching your profile with jobs. You are now good to go to making money as a mystery shopper.

10 – Sinclair Customer Metrics

Sinclair has been around since 1987 and they have helped several businesses improve the quality of their customer service. There are several tasks available so you can make money – you can find a shop that would fit your best interest.

Setting up an account and making money with Sinclair Customer Metrics is easy. At the sign-up page, you should enter your name and email address. You will be provided with the Mystery Shoppers document and you must review the information listed there. You must also agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement before you can proceed. Complete the Secure Online Application, Sinclair New Shopper Challenge, and New Shopper Survey. You are now ready to start shopping and making money.

Mystery Shopper Jobs

11 – GfK Mystery Shopping

For the people in the UK who want to make money as a mystery shopper, this website is for you. You have several options when doing your mystery shopping – in person, online, web chat, email, or phone. All secret shoppers who are members of GfK can choose from a variety of businesses including restaurants, banks, and more.

To set up an account, go to their website. Choose the ‘Apply to become a mystery shopper’ option. You will be asked to fill out basic information and answer a few demographic questions. Make sure you review the privacy information and agree with the terms of the website. When you are done, you can get started using the features of the website.

12 – Intellicheck

Intellicheck is a mystery shopper website that is suitable for motivated individuals and those with great time management skills. The main advantage of becoming a mystery shopper for Intellicheck is that you can work on flexible hours and within your own home. While this company is currently not hiring new shoppers, you can send an application online. Simply fill out the form and they will keep your information on file. You will be notified if new positions become available.

13 – Call Center QA

Call Center QA is a service that is dedicated primarily for helping call centers improve the quality of their service. If you would like to be a part of this, then Call Center QA is a great opportunity for you. This is a job that is especially suited for individuals who like talking on the phone, as well as those with excellent reading and writing skills. Attention to detail is also a plus in this job. You can perform the calls from anywhere – in your mobile phone or using a landline.

To join the website, you must be a US resident. Complete the application form on the website. You will be asked to provide personal information, education, and more. This will help build your profile that will later be used to match your mystery shopping jobs based on your profile.

14 – Yardi-Matrix

If you like to take surveys or if you are interested in the commercial real estate industry, Yardi-Matrix has a great opportunity for you to make extra money. This opportunity will require you to call apartment communities and conduct a survey over the phone. You will be asking various questions during the phone call.

There are a few things that are required to join Yardi-Matrix. They are high-speed internet access, phone connection, and proper phone etiquette. You will be asked to play the role of a renter when you take the surveys. You must submit your resume to Yardi-Matrix. You can go to their website to learn more about how you can submit your application.

15 – ARC Consulting

Another opportunity to make money as a mystery shopper is available through ARC Consulting. When you join the company, you will be paid per mystery phone call. The amount you earn will depend on the available jobs on the website and the hours you put in. Interested applicants from various countries are qualified to apply to this website. Some of the current countries they are hiring for include US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, UAE, Barbados, Virgin Islands, and Malaysia.

Go to the ARC Consulting website and fill out the online application form. Provide your payment information via Paypal. You must set up your login details and you are good to go to start working.

16 – Second to None

Second to None is one of the longest running mystery shopper websites. It was founded in 1989 and has achieved good reputation for many years. There are several varieties of shops to choose from and the pay will vary for each shop. Whenever you make a purchase, you will get a reimbursement along with a fee. The company will send payments once a month via direct deposit or Paypal.

To claim a shop, simply log into your account and choose the shop that you want.

17 – About Face

About Face is another name that is well-known in the mystery shopping industry. If you are a member, you can browse the job board in search of available shops. In some cases, you will also be notified via email whenever there are shops available. About Face offers a pay range of 25 to 45 dollars although it will depend on the specific shop you are working on.

Once you reach the payment threshold, the amount you have earned will be sent to your Paypal after 45 days.

Mystery Shopper Jobs

18 – Confero

If you are searching for a mystery shopper website with good reputation, Confero is a great choice. This company has been around since 1986. They have multiple shops to choose from and across numerous industries. As with most other mystery shopping websites on this list, the pay at Confero will vary according to the shop you have chosen. Nonetheless, you will receive payment on your Paypal every 20th of the month.

If you are interested to sign up for Confero, you have to be at least 21 years of age. Another basic requirement is that you must be located in the US. Attention to detail is also an important skill to have. s

19 – Amusement Advantage

For anyone who is a fan of theme parks, Amusement Advantage is the perfect choice for your mystery shopping job. This company works with theme parks and various entertainment facilities. You can therefore expect to find shops or companies that belong in this industry. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you are pad to ride the rollercoaster?

The only downside to Amusement Advantage is that the pay is not as lucrative as other mystery shopping websites. But given that this is one of the most exciting and fun activities, it can be worthwhile. It is also important to note that theme parks usually have expensive tickets. This can account for the huge difference in pay.

The pay per shop will vary greatly, although most will be able to cover the expense of at least two people. It does not hurt that you can enjoy free or discounted rides too. This is a great opportunity to exploit if you love going to theme parks or had been planning to.

20 – TeleXpertise

Another mystery shopping job opportunity that involves making phone calls is with a website known as TeleXpertise. Your job is to call various businesses to obtain information. Your pay will be based on every successful phone call you have made. The pay can also greatly vary according to the business you called, such as $3 to $10 per call.

Another basic requirement to join TeleXpertise is that you must have previous experience with mystery shopping. However, you will still be accepted even with in-store mystery shopping.

When you are new to the website, you might not have access to as many opportunities as you would expect. You can use this as an opportunity to build your reputation as a mystery shopper. If you perform well with your initial jobs, you will find that there are more shops available for you to work on. Make sure to stick around until those opportunities become available.

Final Thoughts

There are several new mystery shopping websites out there and these opportunities can even be accessed via some of the best money making apps. If you are seeking out these opportunities, you need to choose the reputable ones (just like the ones listed above). Otherwise, you could be at risk of falling for scams that ask you to pay in order to become a mystery shopper.

Make sure to review the policies and application process listed above to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate company. If you have doubts, make sure you research about the company to find out if they are legitimate. While it is not a reliable source of income, it is a great option if you want to supplement your current income with some interesting and unique side gigs doing what you love doing anyway, shopping.


General Mystery Shopper Jobs Questions

In this frequently asked question section, you fill find basic questions about mystery shopper jobs.

How to become a mystery shopper?

In order to become a mystery shopper, you need to be a people person, a person who pays attention to detail and adept at completing simple tasks. If you fit these criteria, you will then need to find a legitimate mystery shopping company that offers mystery shopper jobs in your area.

What is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is another term for a secret shopper. A mystery shopper is an employee hired by a market research company or watchdog organization to measure the quality, service, and compliance of the company within its niche.

Is mystery shopping legit?

Yes. Mystery shopping is legit as most mystery shoppers are employed to visit organization by legitimate watchdog organizations or market research companies. However, in order to find a legitimate mystery shopping opportunity, you will have to make sure to find a legitimate mystery shopper company. You should also be cautious though and protect your youself. See how I learned to protect my identity.

Is being a mystery shopper worth it?

This depends on the opportunity. Mystery shopping is typically a part time job and can be worth it if you need to make a little extra money here and there. It is not recommended as a full-time opportunity.

Is Market Force Mystery Shopper legit?

Yes. Market force is a legitimate company that has been hiring mystery shoppers for several years. It is one of the best companies to utilize in order to find legitimate mystery shopper jobs.

What is a mystery shopper program?

A mystery shopper program is a type of program that is set up through a company directly in order to get an idea of the quality of their customer service or product quality. It is a program that allows a company to receive feedback straight from the people they provide services or products to.

Can mystery shoppers’ film you?

Yes. There are a few mystery shoppers who will record their visits to show the experience they received first hand to the company they are employed by. This helps mystery shoppers to focus on every important detail of their visit.

How to be a mystery shopper for free?

The best way to become a mystery shopper for free is to find a legitimate mystery shopper company that offers mystery shopper jobs for free. Never pay a company that requires an upfront payment for a mystery shopper job.

How to find work as a mystery shopper?

The best way to find work as a mystery shopper is to find a legitimate mystery shopper company that is currently offering mystery shopper opportunities. The best companies that offer real mystery shopper jobs include:

  • Market Force
  • Secret Shopper
  • Pinnacle

Are mystery shoppers real?

Yes. Mystery shoppers are very real. Mystery shoppers are regular people just like you and me. However, their main focus in some of your favorite stores is to test the quality of customer service and product promotion of specific retail locations. Check out more ways to make extra money doing unique side jobs.

How to apply to be a mystery shopper?

In order to apply to become a mystery shopper, you will need to:

  • Find legitimate mystery shopper companies that offer mystery shopper opportunities.
  • Complete an application by uploading your resume or filling out requested forms on the company website.
  • Wait for approval.
  • Begin work.

How to deal with mystery shoppers?

The best way to deal with mystery shoppers is to:

  • Make sure your first impression counts.
  • Never keep the mystery shopper waiting.
  • Answer any questions the mystery shopper has immediately.
  • Make sure to demonstrate your knowledge firsthand.
  • Use your selling skills to the best of your ability.
  • Remain positive at all times.
  • Close the sale.
  • Follow up if necessary.

Are mystery shoppers in America legitimate?

This depends on the company. While there are plenty of legitimate mystery shopper companies in America that offer legitimate mystery shopper opportunities, there are just as many mystery shopper scams as well. The best way to make sure is to check the legality of the company prior to looking for opportunities.

What is a good mystery shopper?

What makes a good mystery shopper includes:

  • Multitasking ability.
  • Being extremely detail oriented.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Must be comfortable presenting themselves as an everyday customer.
  • Will make their shopping experience as accurate as possible.

Why do you want to be a mystery shopper?

Many people have different reasons as to why they want to become a mystery shopper. Some of the reasons include working from home, earning a little extra cash here and there or working for themselves.

Why would I be a great mystery shopper?

There are many reasons as to why you would make a great mystery shopper such as:

  • Having critical attention to detail.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Have the ability to multitask.
  • Can make themselves seem like an everyday customer.

Are mystery shopper jobs legitimate?

Yes. Most mystery shopper jobs are legitimate as long as you find mystery shopper jobs from reputable and reliable. There are too many mystery shopper scams out there that you need to be wary of.

How do mystery shoppers help a business?

Mystery shoppers can help a business by helping the company to get a better idea of how they stack against the competition in terms of customer service and product quality. It also allows companies to have a better idea of how they can improve their service.

How old do you have to be to be a mystery shopper?

Most legitimate mystery shopper company will require its mystery shoppers to be a minimum age of 18. However, some companies may take those who are younger as long as they have a formal agreement from their parent or guardian.

How to be a good mystery shopper?

In order to be a good mystery shopper, a mystery shopper must have:

  • Attention to detail.
  • The ability to multitask.
  • The ability to act like a normal everyday customer.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Offer detailed feedback.

What mystery shopper jobs are legit?

The mystery shopper jobs that are legit are typically from legitimate mystery shopper companies and avoid scam mystery shopper opportunities. The best mystery shopper companies to work for are:

  • Best Mark
  • Sinclair Customer Metrics
  • Market Force
  • Experience Exchange

Why do companies hire mystery shoppers?

There are several companies that hire mystery shoppers such as:

  • Best Mark-

    offers mystery shopper jobs from top Fortune 500 companies.

  • Sinclair Customer Metrics-

    trains its mystery shoppers fully before offing work.

  • Confero-

    offers in-store mystery shopper opportunities.

  • Market Force-

    the most popular mystery shopper company.

Are mystery shoppers still popular?

Yes. Mystery shoppers are still incredibly popular. Mystery shoppers offer valuable insight for a company in order to help a company improve its customer service and product selling ability over time.

Are mystery shoppers subcontractors?

Most mystery shoppers are subcontractors who contract their own services. Most mystery shoppers aren’t hired as employees. A mystery shopper will have to fill out a 1099 prior to working.

Types of Mystery Shopper Jobs

In this section, you will find questions pertaining to the types of mystery shopper jobs that are available.

How to be an online mystery shopper?

In order to become an online mystery shopper, you will first have to find online mystery shopper opportunities with legitimate companies such as:

  • Confero
  • Multi-Value
  • Mystery Shopping Services
  • Perception Strategies
  • ARC Call Performance Solutions

Learn more about this and the fastest way to make money online while diversifying your efforts.

How to become a travel mystery shopper?

In order to become a travel mystery shopper, you must first understand that travel mystery shopping isn’t usually free. Most reputable travel mystery shopping companies will waive certain fees for travel, but you will have to pay most yourself. The best company to find travel mystery shopping opportunities is by checking the Mystery Shopping Providers Association database.

How do I become a mystery shopper for hotels?

In order to become a mystery shopper for hotels, it is best to have experience in management for the hospitality industry. The best company to apply for to become a hotel mystery shopper is the Coyle Hospitality Group.

How to become a Kroger mystery shopper?

Unfortunately, Kroger itself doesn’t offer a mystery shopper opportunity. Instead, you can find mystery shopper jobs through reputable companies that may send you to a Kroger to test for quality assurance.

How do you become a mystery shopper for Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer any mystery shopping opportunities for its store nor does it plan to do so in the future. You will need to apply to become a mystery shopper with a reputable company that may send you to a Walmart to test for quality customer support.

How to become a JD Power mystery shopper?

In order to become a JD Power mystery shopper, it is best to apply directly on the JD Power website or to contact a reputable mystery shopping company that works alongside JD Power.

What is a telephone mystery shopper?

A telephone mystery shopper is a type of mystery shopper that evaluates the quality of call centers or individual call locations. They usually do so in the form of phone surveys to hear how employees interact with the customer.

How to become a mystery shopper for fast food?

In order to become a mystery shopper for fast food chains, you will have to find a company that offers mystery shopping opportunities and apply. Once accepted, you will then be paid to travel to certain fast food chains to test their customer service.

How to become a mystery shopper for McDonald’s?

In order to become a mystery shopper for McDonald’s, you will need to sign up for mystery shopping opportunities through companies that do mystery shopping at fast food chains. However, keep in mind most mystery shopping company will only conduct mystery shopping at fast food chains to promote new items.

How to become a post office mystery shopper?

The best way to become a post office mystery shopper is to sign up with a mystery shopping company that works with the United Postal service. The best mystery shopping companies to sign up for include:

  • Market Force
  • Secret Shopper
  • Pinnacle

How to become a Sonic mystery shopper?

The only way to become a Sonic mystery shopper is to find a company that works with Sonic to provide mystery shopping services such as

  • Market Force
  • GBW
  • Perception Strategies Incorporated
  • Quest for Best
  • A Closer Look
  • Pinnacle

Does Target have mystery shoppers?

No. However, Target does utilize mystery shopping service to ensure the quality of its customer service. It works alongside certain mystery shopper company to offer mystery shopping opportunities at its locations such as:

  • A Closer Look
  • About Face
  • Confero
  • IntelliShop

How to be a mystery shopper for restaurants?

In order to become a mystery shopper for restaurants, you will have to sign up with a reputable company that works alongside certain restaurants to provide mystery shopping opportunities for measuring customer service quality.

How to become a spa mystery shopper?

To become a spa mystery shopper, you will need to be a person who has meticulous attention to detail. You will also need to apply at a mystery shopper company that offers spa mystery shopper opportunities such as Coyle Hospitality.

Are there mystery shoppers for furniture and decorating?

Yes. While these types of opportunities are rare, there are mystery shopping opportunities for furniture and decorating. These types of opportunities tend to pay between $10 with an additional $10 as a bonus in rural areas.

Are there mystery shoppers for vape?

Yes. They are mystery shoppers for vape companies. The responsibilities of vape mystery shoppers is to ensure vape stores are complying to state law and that employees offer the best customer service possible.

Does Walmart have mystery shoppers?

No. Walmart doesn’t currently utilize the use of secret or mystery shoppers to ensure they are meeting customer service standards. Nor do they hire secret shoppers to perform these types of services on behalf of other companies.

Mystery Shopper Job Duties

In this frequently asked question section, you will find commonly asked questions pertaining to the job duties of mystery shoppers.

How to write a mystery shopper report?

In order to write a quality mystery shopper report, it is recommended that you:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Make sure to get the names of staff members and products correct.
  • Be sure to show, not tell.
  • Stick to the requirements listed by the client.
  • Do not add any unimportant details into the report.
  • Write the report in complete sentences.
  • Proofread and edit the report before submitting.

What does a mystery shopper do?

A mystery shopper is responsible for several duties such as:

  • Observe and measure the quality of customer service a company provides.
  • Test the quality of a product.
  • Inspect the general environment of a business.

What is a mystery shopper job description?

A mystery shopper job description is a person that is used as a tool by market research companies to measure the quality of service, compliance or to gather specific information about an establishment.

What does a telephone mystery shopper do?

A telephone mystery shopper is responsible for evaluate the quality of call centers or call locations to ensure they are adhering to strict customer service standards of the company. This is usually done with a recorded phone survey.

Mystery Shopper Job Income

In this frequently asked question section, you will find answers to questions pertaining to the income of mystery shoppers.

How much do Ellis mystery shoppers make?

The income an Ellis mystery shopper can make will depend on the type of job they are given, and the base pay offered by the company. Most Ellis mystery shoppers make between $500 to $1,000 a month.

How does Bestmark pay mystery shoppers?

Bestmark typically pays its mystery shoppers between $10 to $14 an hour. This depends on the work schedule of the mystery shopper, the base pay for each job and the experience level of the mystery shopper.

How much does Market Force pay mystery shoppers?

Market Force pays its mystery shoppers a base pay between $10 to $40 depending on the complexity of the project. Market Force mystery shoppers can earn anywhere between $300 to $700 a month with the company.

Can I be taxed for mystery shopper income?

Yes. In the United States, if you earn more than $600 in a year, you can be liable to pay tax on any income earned. You will also have to sign a 1099 tax form and are responsible for covering all taxes on income earned for the year.

Can I start my own mystery shopping business?

It is certainly possible though it may take awhile to build up you client base. Once the business is built up enough to run on its own it could be considered residual income which is always nice.