Net Worth Review: April 2010

It’s time for a monthly check of our Net Worth.  As always, I don’t give ‘real’ dollar amounts, but the trends in percentages are worth a look.

Things shot up at a great rate this month.  There were a couple of one-time things that really helped us move along.  First, we received our state and federal tax refunds.  This allowed us to pay down a chunk of debt and also helped our cash position.  The second is receiving a bit of money from my grandmother, who passed last year.  This allowed us to pay down another chunk of loans.

Read on…..


  •  Property – Zillow and CyberHomes is what I use to track this, with a modification based on ‘gut feel’.  Both services lowered their estimates just a tad, but things seem to be leveling off.  We are encouraged as a lot of homes in our subdivision that go up for sale seem to sell very quickly.  The prices aren’t great, but it’s still an improvement over a few months ago when properties would seem to languish for months and months.
  • Autos –  Kelly Blue Book kept the value of our cars pretty stable for the month.
  • Investment Accounts – We saw a nice gain for the month of just over 5%.  We haven’t made any new investments, so this figure merely represents our gains or losses with the investments already in the market.  The upward tick in the stock market is working well for us!
  • Cash – Cash jumped up for the month, largely due to receiving our state and federal tax returns.  The funds that didn’t go towards debt were earmarked towards other categories, but still allowed us to report a bump in cash for the month.
  • Retirement – Our retirement went up 5.5% after another up month in the market, putting it at an all time high.  I contribute 10% of my pre-tax salary towards our retirement so the gains were market gains plus new contributions.


  • Property – We made our standard mortgage payment.
  • Student loans – Our first student loan balance took a nice big hit this month because of the double whammy that I mentioned above.  With standard payments, I forecast that we’ll have this completely paid off in January 2011, which will allow us to focus on the second loan and will keep us on track to be student loan free by the end of 2012!
  • Credit cards – We carry no credit card balances from month to month!
  • Auto – We’ve paid off both cars outright so we have no auto loans!

All in all, this was a great month.  A 9% increase is always great.  Unfortunately, this is not a ‘typical’ month, so even if the market were to continue moving upwards, this type of monthly gain would be hard to repeat anytime soon.  Still, it helps out a lot and keeps us motivated and moving in the right direction!

Here’s hoping for another good report next month.

3 thoughts on “Net Worth Review: April 2010”

  1. Hi MB. I like how you're showing us your net worth in percentage but why not in full dollar amounts? 🙂

  2. I wish I could say that my tax refund help pay down debt. But what i am recieving from federal is going to pay off state. *sigh*

    Do you think the KBB can go up for a car? Perhaps due to the mass recalls taking place? For some reaon i had an increase, but I cannot find out if the cause is my own wrong doing or if it was KBB figure that is right. Hmm…

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I just haven't gotten to the comfort level where I'm OK with posting actual dollar amounts. I know there are varying degrees of thought out there and for now, just going with my gut.

    As far as the KBB values, what I noticed is that they dropped the values big time right around the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, and the increases now seem to be maybe an admission of sorts that they went a little overboard. I would take their values with a grain of salt.

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