Net Worth Review: December 2009

Last month was pretty good and let us close out on a positive note.


  •  Property – Zillow and CyberHomes estimates both went down, but in months previous I’ve been discounting their values by a few percentage points.  Recent home sales in our neighborhood have shown that I might have been undervaluing things, so I reduced the percentage that I’ve been lowering things.  It actually caused the reported value to be just about even to last month.  I’ll take it versus lower values which was the norm for most of the first three quarters of the year.
  • Autos – We purchased a new “used” car last month and should be set with cars for the long term future.  This amount decreased by an expected amount due to standard depriciation.
  • Investment Accounts – We saw a modest 4% gain for the month, which I’m happy with any time!
  • Cash – Cash decreased a little but it was expected as we’re going through some of our earmarked Christmas money. 
  • Retirement – Our retirement account went up about 4.5% due to contributions plus market gains. 


  • Property – We made our standard mortgage payment.
  • Student loans – Minimum payments here for the month as has been the usual lately.
  • Credit cards – If you’ve been following my updates, you might recall that this flucuated in months pasts, but that we never carried a balance.  I was not pleased with how this looked, and I made the decision to track any credit card balances that we pay off every month (i.e. all of them) as an offset to cash.  Therefore, unless we for some reason start carrying a credit card balance, this will be $0.
  • Auto – We’ve paid off both cars outright so we have no auto loans!

I’m happy with the monthly progress that we made and think that it was a nice last report for the year.

Stay tuned and I will do a 2009 recap within a few days.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. As my friend said, what needs to go up is up and what needs to go down is down. Sounds like a great month to me.

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