Net Worth Review: February 2010

Blah is about all you can say after a month like this.  Nothing really exciting happened, and because of the down market, the four month winning streak is over (and erasing the last two month’s gains on top of it)


  •  Property – Zillow and CyberHomes is what I use to track this, with a modification based on ‘gut feel’.  For the first time since I started tracking our value this way, the two sites finally came to a pretty close number.  Overall it went up slightly for the month, which is about the only thing that went in the right direction, go figure!
  • Autos – Kelly Blue Book went down quite a bit for the second month on both of our vehicles.   The first one is a Pontiac, and I’m wondering if because they’re discontinuing the brand, it’s causing a more rapid decline in value than normal.  The second car, I have no idea. 
  • Investment Accounts – We saw a modest 6.75% loss for the month, which shows maybe the bears are back on Wall Street after taking a break.  BOOOOO!!!!!
  • Cash – Cash was pretty much the same as before.  In actuality, we went up by a little bit higher than expected, but I wrote off some cash in preparation for the planned purchase in the next couple of months of installing a second water meter to lower our water bill.
  • Retirement – Our retirement account went down 6%….ugh.   


  • Property – We made our standard mortgage payment.
  • Student loans – Minimum payments here for the month as has been the usual lately.  We will be paying a little bit extra on these coming up.
  • Credit cards – We carry no credit card balances!
  • Auto – We’ve paid off both cars outright so we have no auto loans!

We actually had lower monthly outflows than normal by staying frugal and being a little tighter with our spending than normal.  Unfortunately, that gets lost when you have so much invested in the stock market and the market has an ugly month.  This was definitely a month I’d rather forget!

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  1. Good stuff mate. The property thing is tough. Fingers crossed things come back over the next 5-10 years!

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