Net Worth Review: January 2010

Here goes the first Net Worth update of the new year!

Overall, we saw a modest increase which is a good start to the year.  I think this year will be quieter than last as I expect the stock market (and hopefully the real estate market) to settle down.


  •  Property – Zillow and CyberHomes estimates both went down again, but I didn’t ‘accept’ their percentage decline, as I had previously felt that they were overvaluing the house, and reduced their estimates.  They seem to have finally gotten the estimates more close to reality, so I cut out some of the reduction that I used on top of their values.  I think my number is pretty close based on activity I’ve been seeing in our neighborhood for similar type properties. 
  • Autos – I’ve seen a couple of blogs note the same thing that we discovered: Kelly Blue Book (which I use as the basis for our auto values) does a pretty substantial drop of car values from one calendar to the next.  A 2006 car that we own went down nearly 10% according to them. 
  • Investment Accounts – We saw a modest 3% gain for the month, which I’m happy with any time!
  • Cash – Cash decreased somewhat but this was expected, as the majority of the decline came from paying for our Christmas gifts with money that we’d chunked away throughout the year for that specific purpose.
  • Retirement – Our retirement account went up slightly under 3%.   


  • Property – We made our standard mortgage payment.
  • Student loans – Minimum payments here for the month as has been the usual lately.
  • Credit cards – We carry no credit card balances!
  • Auto – We’ve paid off both cars outright so we have no auto loans!

I’m happy with the monthly progress that we made.  We hit another ‘all time high’ when you look at all aspects of our net worth that exclude our home.  We also hit another ‘all time’ high in retirement savings.  This is also the fourth straight month that we’ve had a gain in our net worth, and this is the first time since Nov 2006 – Feb 2007 that we’ve seen four consecutive positive months.  That’s a win in my book!   I once had a period of seventeen straight months with positive gains, so we have a long way to go to break that record, but I’m happy with the four months for now!