Net Worth Review: March 2010

It’s time for a monthly check of our Net Worth.  As always, I don’t give ‘real’ dollar amounts, but the trends in percentages are worth a look.

Things were looking up this month after a blah February.  I’m happy on most fronts especially the bottom line!


  •  Property – Zillow and CyberHomes is what I use to track this, with a modification based on ‘gut feel’.  Zillow lowered our value a little bit for the month, causing a slight decrease, but overall the value is showing a bit less downward trend over time, leaving me to continue keeping my fingers crossed that the bloodbath worst is behind us.
  • Autos – Kelly Blue Book dropped the value of our cars big time in February, but maybe they realized they went overboard, because the values went back up for the month.  So, unfortunately, I didn’t increase the value of the cars by adding spinner rims or hydraulics.   I’m just following the KBB value model.
  • Investment Accounts – We saw a nice gain for the month of almost 6%.  We haven’t made any new investments, so this figure merely represents our gains or losses with the investments already in the market.
  • Cash – Cash dropped significantly, but this mainly because I subtract our outstanding credit card balances (which we pay every month) from our cash holding.  I have a rather large balance thanks to the $358 $658 for plane tickets (including the $300 stupid tax) that is currently there and will be paid off at the end of the month, so this is not an unexpected amount (except, again, for the $300 stupid tax)
  • Retirement – Our retirement went up 7% putting it at an all time high.  I contribute 10% of my pre-tax salary towards our retirement so the gains were market gains plus new contributions.


  • Property – We made our standard mortgage payment.
  • Student loans – I had a little ‘tax refund’ cash account that was added to every month based on our withholding rate.  I allocated some of that money towards an additional debt payment, so we were able to knock a few extra percent off Student Loan 1.  We will still be getting actual tax refunds later in the season that will help us knock this down even further.  Still, being able to pay extra was a luxury we haven’t had in quite a few months, so this felt great!
  • Credit cards – We carry no credit card balances from month to month!
  • Auto – We’ve paid off both cars outright so we have no auto loans!
  • Other – I’m proud to say that we have no other debt, short term loans or otherwise!

All in all, I think we’re moving in the right direction.  When I look at our Net Worth Excluding Property, we have hit an all time high there for five out of the last six months.  I’ll take that with a smile!

Here’s hoping for another good report next month.

3 thoughts on “Net Worth Review: March 2010”

  1. Your net worth in percentage wise is looking very healthy. I expected that since we had a bloody 2008. But good job!

    I thought I was late to updating my net worth. But I just put it up as well on my blog today the 8th!

  2. Thanks! Just saw yours and it looks like you're cruising along!

    I always do my net worth calculations around the 5th of the month so that all the payments we make around the 1st are clear.

  3. Net worth of more than 60% for the first 3 months is very healthy. You're halfway to richest buddy. Keep the business alive.

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