Net Worth Review: October 2009

It’s officially fall.  We never really had all that great of a summer from a ‘warmth’ perspective, so it shouldn’t surprise me that it’s already chilly.  Again, it’s been below normal temperatures, which is sort of the norm for the year.

In any case, here is our net worth chart for October 2009.


Property – The value of our home was actually reported to go up a little bit this month.  I’ve noticed houses in our neighborhood selling a lot faster than even a few months ago, so I’m hopeful that we’ll at least start seeing some even values for a while, and then hope for some increases in the next year or two.

Autos – My wife’s car actually reported a slight uptick in value this month, for whatever reason.  Mine went down a little bit.  I am hoping to put mine on the market soon, so wish me luck!

Investment Accounts – The stock market went up a little bit, so our investments went up accordingly, which was nice to see!

Cash Accounts – Cash holdings were stable for the month

Retirement Accounts – The market plus regular 401(k) contributions pushed this up.  The total balance for retirement savings is almost at an all time high, which is nice to see.  Although we’re still off from market highs, the regular contributions have helped speed things along when it came to re-building the balance.


I’m not going to break this down into individual categories, because things have been running on autopilot lately.  We haven’t put any ‘extra’ towards debt, which was pretty much what we expected when we went to a single income.  We’re making progress, but it is definitely not as much fun when you can’t put a little extra.  Still, tax refunds and other windfalls will help in this regard, but they’re going to be the exception and not the norm.


Though things are running on autopilot, there are some things that I’m very happy about.  The biggest achievement for the month is that if you look at net worth excluding property, our value here is at an all time high!  That mostly has to do with regular contributions to retirement plus paying down debt and not adding any new debt.  Though sometimes it seems like things get a little monotonous, it’s seeing things like this that show we’re making progress!

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  1. I've taken your lead and started tracking my Net Worth as well. I have a detailed spreadsheet for tracking all our income, expenses, etc. as well as our assets and liabilities. At the end of each month I've been saving off a snapshot of each account so I can compare month-to-month. Sept. was the third month I did this, so it's nice to see the changes. Our overall NW has gone up a little (from retirement and other investments increasing) and our liquid net worth has gone down a little (we took a trip in Sept that we paid for a bit in Aug and then in Sept). Overall things are looking good here.

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