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I'm sure I wasn't the only one that purchased the Groupon deal for a sub-chain-to-remain nameless that came out over the summer.  For the deal, you got two regular subs (up to a $12.98 value) for $6.

We waited until a few days before the promotion ended, having sort of forgotten about the coupon.  Still, we planned our dinner around getting two subs.

We weren't entirely sure of which subs qualified and which didn't, since the wording on the Groupon didn't quite match up with the sub selection that we went through online.  As such, my wife and I had a couple of different options of subs we were interested in depending on what qualified.  I stayed at home with the kids while my wife went to get the subs.

When my wife went in, she told them that she had the Groupon and asked which subs qualified.  She was given an extremely short, somewhat rude answer of “The ones on this section.”  With that information, she placed our order.

A red flag was raised when the young lady preparing the subs kept asking the manager how much meat went on the subs.

Hmmm…either this person was brand new or were they perhaps putting less meat on the Groupon purchased subs?

I'm usually willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but when I saw the subs that we got, I pretty much decided that they screwed us because we had a Groupon.

See, I ended up getting the traditional sub.

This is how the chain shows the sub on their website and advertising versus what we got.  I'm sure you can tell which is which!

Quite a bit different, huh? They seem to have a lot of meat and a ton of vegetables. We got two slices of meat, and barely enough vegetables to make it worth mentioning.  In their picture, the sub barely closed.  In mine, when the sub was closed you could barely tell that anything was inside!

I know that most commercials, print, or web advertising is always going to make the product look better than what you get.  There's always going to be a difference.  I get that and I give plenty of latitude and temper my expectations accordingly.  This might have been the worst looking sub I've ever seen, except maybe for the one that my wife had that looked equally lacking.

Honestly, there was nothing about that sub that was worth the $3 that it worked out to from the Groupon.  It was awful, and my wife's was no better.

Now, it just so happened that we had purchased a lot of subs last month.  My wife loves Jimmy John's, and we got that for ourselves once.  It was great!  Subway had their $5 for any footlong promotion running, so we took advantage of that deal.  Even at a lower price, we got lots of vegetables, a good amount of meat, and felt full afterward.  They gave us the same sub even though we were paying less.

Our chain apparently missed that memo.

It could be that maybe it was just our location.  It could be that they had been redeeming these Groupons for a ton of people.  It could be that they were a franchised location that was forced to participate.

Fine, maybe one or all of those things are the case.   But you know what?  None of those things are my problem.  If those things are indeed problems, they should never be my problem.  I was the customer.  If they were sick of the Groupon customers or were taking a loss, there are ways that they can handle that.  Never, ever should one of those ways involve giving the customer a mediocre product.  But, that's exactly what we felt happened.

Before the Groupon, we didn't go to this chain very often, but they had a chance to make us a more regular customer.  If we had received great subs with the Groupon deal, we certainly would have considered them each and every time that we felt like getting subs.

Now, I can assuredly say that I will never choose to eat at this sub place ever again.