Odds and Ends From The Beagle Household

Lots of little happenings that I thought I’d report on.  In Jeopardy they would call it a Potpurri kind of day.

Me, I just think that stuff is too smelly!

1) Fantasy football is going well.  I had a miserable start to the season, coming up with a 1-4 record and looking like I’d miss the playoffs for the second straight year.  Since then, I’ve won five of six to sit at 6-5.  One more win in the next two weeks (when the regular season ends) should squarely get me into the playoffs.

2) We got a first draft done of our Christmas budget!

3) We purchased our first gifts.  Little Boy Beagle’s Christmas shopping is mostly done already!  We have one more thing to order and he should be set to go.

4) Last week, I talked about how we weren’t sure how to keep Little Boy Beagle from the Christmas tree.  We decided on a $38 option, which is the pet exercise pen.  I think we can have it folded out across part of the room to keep him away from the tree.  It should arrive tomorrow so we’ll be able to do a test run (sans tree).

5) The basement renovations wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.  Things look great down there.  I need to put together a few posts about things that I wanted to share, but that will have to wait another few days!

Not too much else.

What’s new with you?

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