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Writing at has become more enjoyable than I thought, which is why I have devoted 100% of my efforts to getting a good amount of articles posted. At this point, I am nowhere near a passive income stream that is worth mentioning. Maybe enough to buy some breath mints.

Some of my latest writing has been on social commentary, like my post on why I hate Facebook.

I've also discussed the Albert Pujols age controversy, which is timely because he is currently in talks with a few different teams.

I also discussed why people shop at thrift stores, and thrift shopping, and confessed my addiction.

But lately, I've been reading a lot more from my favorite lifestyle designers, and this has committed me to the cause of helping you change your life for the better. If you are willing to take the ultimate step of actually living your life for you, a lot of walls and barriers will be broken down. You quickly realize that the rules are being written by those who profit from them. Why the hell do you think that retirement advisers say you need $2million in the bank when you retire? To sell you retirement products…of course. And even worse, because of the insidious consumer culture. They want you to save $2million to spend on gadgets and food and clothes and health care.

That's what lifestyle design is all about. Decide first what you want to do with your life, then second, work to get just what you need. I've been thinking lately about retiring on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, and if it would be cheaper to build a small, self-sustainable house with a garden and a well, and some chickens and goats. Then you'd only be working for you, and working to survive. You could retire at 40, or 50. No need to run in the rat wheel while they continue to raise the Social Security retirement age, because the greedy doctors have figured out some new way to keep people alive for another year so they can keep buying nursing home care and pills and surgeries.

It's a grim and sad thought. And it's all coming true.

So now I've got to figure out the best way to make this happen. I've got some good books coming from Amazon. I'll be reading lots of exciting things, like how to drill a well and how to raise goats. Country living is where I came from, and where I plan to end up. So I've got to become an electrician and a plumber and a farmer and an animal husbander (is that  a word?).

But it all sounds worth it to me. As James Wesley, Rawles said, if the world civilization structure collapsed, I'd just read about it on the Internet. It wouldn't affect me in the least (unless it was a biological or ecological disaster, but that's a different worry).

Is this hard to do? Maybe it's the easiest thing to do. But as Chris Guillebeau says, there are Gatekeepers whose job it is to prevent you from doing this.