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I often look at where we have come in the last hundred years, and it absolutely amazes me.  The time itself is but a second on the grand scale of the time that the human race has been in existence, but the changes in technology, in what we've discovered and have been able to do have far exceeded anything created in all the time put together before.

Can the next hundred years hold the same level of progress?

My personal answer is that I don't think that it can.  I think humanity will continue to innovate, to explore, and expand our minds and our capabilities, but not at the speed which we have been able to do so for the last one hundred years.

In other words, I believe that we will still have ‘game changers', which I define as things that can significantly alter the course of humanity.  Things like the automobile, the computer chip, the internet, the ability to explore outer space are just a few of the ‘game changers' the last one hundred years has given us.

However, I predict that within one hundred years we will have one that we can only dream of today:

The ability to affect weather.

I believe that human beings will be able to directly change and alter weather within a hundred years.  Right now we can indirectly change weather (for better and worse, though usually worse) with things like pollutants, population density, and other variables.

But, tell me that when you watch coverage of a big event like a hurricane, that the thought hasn't crossed your mind asking “What if we could somehow change this?”

Whether it be by reducing the force, nipping it in the bud somehow, redirecting some of the patterns, or whatever the case, right now when weather patterns develop, the best we can do is sit back, try to predict what's going to happen (which we aren't even that good at) and watch it happen.

I don't think we'll be able to change weather at the drop of a hat.  One hundred years is too short a time to be able to do that.  We won't be able to create thunderstorms out of thin airs, or take a category five hurricane and dissolve it like a packet of sugar in a hot cup of coffee.

But, I think we will discover and implement technology that will allow us to impact what happens in the atmosphere.  I won't even get into the possible science of it, because I'm sure anything that's discovered will far exceed even the imagination of the things I could come up with even in my wildest thoughts.

For those who think it's a pipe dream or that it could never happen, do you think that anybody one hundred years ago could have imagined all of the things that we have accomplished and take for granted today?

That's my prediction for the greatest innovation I believe will take place in the next one hundred years.

What is yours?  What do you think about mine?