How To Make A Bad Day Better

Have you ever had a bad day?  Of course.  Has it ever been the kind of day that you wish would just end?  I’m sure we’ve all had those.  I know I have.  Nobody plans on days where everything goes wrong, but they happen anyway.  What I’ve often found is that when a day starts bad, it’s easy to start seeing the bad in everything, where soon it’s impossible to have a good day.  So, how do you get out of that mindset?  How do you turn an otherwise awful day around?

My Idea To Make A Bad Day Better

I’m not sure if this will work for many, but I know that it often works for me when I’m down on everything.

It’s pretty simple.  I look at the calendar.  I look at what day it is.  I think about how many years I see myself living.  Say it’s 85 years.  I then think that I’m only going to get 85 of this particular day on the calendar, and as I’ve already had 42 of them pass, I have only 43 or so left.

It then hits me that I don’t want to waste a single one of them.

So, try it.  Next time you’re having a down day, look at the calendar and do some quick math.  Whether you think you have 24 April 10th’s left or 70 June 15th’s in you, realize that each one is important.  Think about how you have to go through 365 more days before you can try this day on the calendar again.

Here’s the thing.  Not all days can be good ones.  It’s impossible to think otherwise.  But, don’t wish away any day just because things are bad.  You only get so many.

So, that’s my idea.  I hope it works.  If not, then go find a puppy to play with.  That always works, too!

Readers, what do you think of my idea to turn a bad day around?  Or even a slightly better day? Do you have any tricks to get out of a funk so that you salvage a day?  Drop a comment below and let me know.  Thanks so much for reading!

9 thoughts on “How To Make A Bad Day Better”

  1. As frustrating as a bad day can get, most of the time unless it’s truly unbearable, the reminder that wishing away time is not the answer helps a bit. It’s hard to step back and take the perspective that it’s just one day of many, because oftentimes it’s a bad day that bodes ill for many days to come, but we also can’t ever get that time back.

    Also I give Seamus a huge hug and we go for a walk. It’s a better way to shake the funk than most. If I’m not having a high alert pain day, then we try a jog. Exercise and sunshine take the edge off if nothing else will.

  2. Hmm. I’m not sure this would work for me. Thinking that I might live to 85 makes me focus on the thought that I’ve already lived more than half of my life… I’m in the home stretch. That can in itself sometimes cause a bad day.

    Today is my one-and-only daughter’s 21st birthday. It’s a happy day for sure! I can’t help but think though: Where has the time gone!

    Life is short. Don’t let it slip away.

  3. Yes the clock is ticking, and you don’t know exactly when it will stop. Most of us do take the time we have on this earth for granted. Now that I am older and my last child has left the house, I have become more conscious of time. It does fly by. Good days or bad days…they should all be appreciated. After all, you don’t learn from the good times, you learn from the bad.

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