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With all the moving and shaking going on around the Beagle household, getting ready for the new addition and all, we've picked up a lot of different things that, once you pick them up and move them, you realize may no longer be serving a purpose.

These things, if not handled properly, can quickly turn to clutter.

I hate clutter. But clutter is inevitable.

However, I keep on top of it by going back to a lesson I learned when I was a kid.

When I was around nine or ten, I remember being told to clean out my closet.  It was pretty awful.  Toy, clothes, books, and lots of other stuff had made it unmanageable.  I went in and started moving things from one area to the next.

My dad came in, took one look and said, “No.”  He then told me to take everything out.  I looked at him like he was nuts.  He said to take it all out and put it back in again piece by piece.

I did so and found that I had the most organized and clean closet I'd ever had (which probably lasted for all of two days, if I recall *lol*)

I've taken that lesson and now, I make sure to do periodic overhauls of my space on a regular basis.  The moving and re-arranging of rooms gave us a natural way to go through our stuff, but if that doesn't happen, I still find it best to rearrange and re-organize.

Every so often, I'll pick a spot in the basement or garage and tear them apart.  I'll take everything off the shelves or empty out the drawers, put it in a big pile, and then go to work.

Chances are during the course of putting things away, I'll accomplish two things:

  • I'll group things back together in an organized fashion
  • I'll discover things that I no longer need or that go somewhere else and deal with them

So, next time you find an area that's just full of clutter, tear it apart and start over.  My dad and I both guarantee that you'll reduce the clutter by a much bigger margin than you would any other way!