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No one should get all their information from one place, even if it is a place as awesome as Married (with Debt). Would you like a peek into some of the sites I visit regularly?

When I'm researching posts (which isn't every day because I don't usually write a lot about facts and figures), I'll check out some of my favorite online haunts. Full disclosure: Most of my favorite online places are other blogs, but for the sake of resources, we are looking at primary sources mainly.

I like a good mix of well-known and trusted sources, and a few off-the-wall and crazy, just to make sure I am getting exposed to multiple economic theories, from “let's save the world through economics” to “Europe is burning and America is next.”  

I think it's an important time to be watching  the news, or you'll miss little tidbits like the rumor that Pimco and JP Morgan Chase told their employees to forget about a vacation this summer because the world is going to collapse.

When it comes to news, economic and financial news is the only thing worth paying attention to on a daily basis, if only to hear what the people who truly run the world are saying. Chances are, they are planning the opposite of what they say.

If you only watch entertainment news, which includes such revelations as face eating zombies from Florida to the next idiot to be screwed over by Kim Kardashian, you will become jaded and think the world is a terrible place. There are more than 300 million people in America. It's not news to me unless 1,000 people are eating faces.


Here are some of the go-to sites I use to come up with new post ideas, or if I need some statistics to back up an argument. 


I first want to point to a helpful archive of resources from Ready for Zero, in which I was humbled to be included. The site is extremely helpful and the folks there are really genuine and nice (you may have bumped into them in the comments here before).


Saving and Investment

MarketWatch –

Discover Bank –

Bankrate –

Kitco –


Global Finance

ETF Daily News –

Zero Hedge –


Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Business Insider –

The Sales Lion with Marcus Sheridan – *


Economic Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics –

Federal Reserve Economic Data –


Readers: What are your favorite (non-blog) resources for money and economic news and data?

* TSL is technically a blog, but I decided to include it in this list anyway.