Our Major To Do Items For 2012

In addition to the multitude of little things I want to do around the house throughout the year, there are a few big things we’ll probably need to get done:

  • Tree removal in the backyard – The backyard was completely wooded when we moved in.  We had a bunch of dead trees and brush removed in a portion of it that we had sodded so that we had an actual backyard.  We left about fifteen mature trees.  Unfortunately, the biggest one has developed some sort of issue and needs to come down as it’s been slowly dying over the past couple of years.  Last year we had leaves coming down on us as we celebrated the 4th of July!  Not good!  Since it overhangs the deck, taking it down will be a big job as they will have to take it down piece by piece.  We’ll probably cut a couple of the smaller ones down as well that, as we’ve had the yard for a few years, we realize we don’t really care for.
  • Replace the dishwasher – Last month, I wrote about how we need a new dishwasher as our current one is leaking.  For now, I have an interim solution of a drip pan on the floor underneath all the connections.  Since it ‘only’ leaks about a quarter cup of liquid for each cycle, this easily catches and even evaporates between cycles.  Still, this is a temporary solution and we’ll need to get it replaced sometime this year.
  • by Corey Leopold, on Flickr

    Re-landscape the area between the house and front walkway – The bushes that are there have outlived their life.   They can’t really be trimmed back and they overhang the walkway so much so that it’s time for them to come out.  I’ve talked about this every year since we moved in, so hopefully this is the year.

  • Re-paint the deck – It’s been three years since I power washed and re-painted the deck.  Because of all the trees in the backyard and the leaves and pollen, plus winter wear, it needs to be done every three years or so.  I actually put a quick coat on last year as it started to flake, but that was a temporary solution.  I might be able to get away with that one more year, or I might have to go for broke and do the whole thing again.  We’ll see in the spring.
  • Replace the kitchen sink – The current sink is ugly, white, chipped, and is very shallow.  I’d like to replace it with a new stainless steel sink along with updated fixtures.

In addition, we’ll be keeping an eye on the following things:

  • Roof – The roof is thirteen years old, and some of the valleys are deteriorating quickly.  I’m hoping for a fifteen year lifespan, which would push us until 2014, but how quickly the bad areas go could push this up.
  • Water heater – Again, this is an original so I realize that this could go as well.  In my last place, the one that was there failed at around fifteen years of age.
  • Furnace and compressor – I’m hoping that the furnace and A/C last to 20-25 years old, which would only put it about halfway through the life cycle, but you never know.

Last year the big stuff was:

  • Lifting the sunken areas of the driveway and having the cracks sealed
  • Glass block basement windows
  • Re-painting the kids play set

Any big projects planned for 2012?

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  1. We’re planning a lot of home renovations including new flooring in the major areas of the house and some additional landscaping projects out back. The kids’ swing set fell apart last Winter so we need to find a replacement for that too. Seems like we’ll be busy this Spring!

  2. Beagle–

    Yeah.. We have a very similar list..

    Fix the upstairs bathroom, replace driveway, replace the trees that we had ripped out last year (after a massive storm)

    Unfortunately all of those items are very expensive.. I would love it if we could start a “Home Projects Savings Account” to start saving up for these things.. But I am waiting until we get out of debt to start that process.

    • That’s a good list. Just curious how you plan to pay for the items in question without accumulating more debt. Those all sound like great items but with the burden of additional debt, you might want to consider waiting on some.

  3. For me, right now its just the Broken tree branches in the back yard, but I;m sure something else will come up.

  4. Our 2nd child is due in mid-June, so we need to get the nursery ready in the next few months. We also need to do our landscaping and fence this Spring/Summer. Our long term project is to finish our basement, but that can wait a few years.

  5. Our big things are painting two rooms and potentially lifting and fixing some cement steps at the front of our property. I’m not sure whether it makes more sense to lift and fix them or just start over but I’m pretty sure it’s going to drive me nuts till we fix them. I love your lists!

  6. when we first moved in we had a jungle in the back yard. We have since removed a total of 40 bushes/trees. Granted some of them are smaller, but nonetheless I can appreciate having less leaves to rake in the fall as well.

    • Our whole neighborhood has mature trees, which was one of the selling points toward our particular subdivision. I want to take the dead tree down plus a couple of other smaller ones. We will still have over 15 larger trees on our property, so the leave difference will probably be negligible.

  7. Wow! Ain’t homeownership wonderful!

    Makes me feel happy that my house “only” needs new coats of paint inside and out.

    But…at 20 or 25 years, your furnace & compressor must be relatively inefficient compared to newer models. Is it too late to get a tax rebate for replacing it with energy-efficient equipment?

    And is there any chance you could extend the roof’s lifetime with some patching around the valleys?

    • It’s only 10-15 years old and while I presume there would be a difference, the budget pretty much allows for us to focus on what’s going to fail first, and that will be the roof. The shingles are starting to curl, and with all the trees we have, I’ve noticed in the neighborhood that once roofs start to go, they go pretty rapidly, so while I might buy a year or two with valley work, it probably wouldn’t equal the estimated cost per year that I would get with a new roof.

  8. It seems like a very long and serious list of things to do. Just looking at it, I am not sure if I want ever to buy a house. If it is so much work, I don’t want it. But then again, a condo can keep you as busy as a house.

    • I had a condo prior to our house. It definitely requires less but I still kept myself pretty busy. It’s worth the work and expense to me. I love knowing that there is a safe place that our family can call home. I just couldn’t get that with a rental.

  9. The big one on the list for this summer is replacing all the windows in the house. Some of the basement ones are single pain, and upstairs I’m starting to see mold around the inside of the window sill, which is not good.
    Our other major projects this year will be decluttering and getting the office turned into a room for a child.
    We have a list of other things we want to do, but many of them are semi-dependent on other projects- we want to replace all the flooring, but there is no point in doing that before we repaint the interior of the house. But there’s no point in repainting the interior if we’re going to be tearing a wall down to redo the kitchen (which will also change the flooring needs, so definitely can’t do floors until the kitchen is redone)…
    I think we might need to start smaller- repaint bedroom and replace the flooring in them, etc. But that’s not on the priority list (yet).

    • That’s a lot going on! We replaced our basement windows last year with glass block. It didn’t seem to make much difference in terms of temperature but it probably helped with some drafts and it definitely looks better!

  10. Hey Beagle, we’ve had a water heater that leaked, so make sure there is drip pan underneath. And I think they recommend back flushing an old water heater as well.
    We’ve got several trees that need to go, they are expensive to remove.

    • I have two water froggies underneath it so we would definitely know if there were any leaks. I don’t want to disassemble the entire thing right now to install one. I’ve thought about building a border to direct the water to the nearby floor drain, but haven’t gotten the motivation to do that yet.

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