Our Water Bill Is Going Up Less Than I Thought

I was excited to see that our water bill will only be going up about 5% total for the next twelve months. We have been hit with 10-15% increases for the past couple of years, and I had been expecting a similar increase this year, but the increase was less than I had anticipated
One of the things that our city did is fix a problem that I complained about as soon as I moved into the city. Not that I had anything to do with changing it, but it was still nice to see. The problem: They went from collecting water bills four times a year to collecting them six times a year. But in doing so, they kept the ‘base fee’, which is a fee you pay just for having service, the same. This resulted in a 50% increase in revenue in the base fee structure. I didn’t think that was very fair, and was happy to see that they actually lowered the base fees by about 30% this year. Though that only represents a small portion of our total bill, it’s still nice to have even a little bit of savings!