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It's important to be patient when making financial decisions.  This applies to decisions both big and small.

I was reminded of this with a small purchase, but being patient still saved me $19.

We have a couple of streaming media devices, both a Roku and a Chromecast.  These are nice for playing Netflix and other streaming content.  The Chromecast is pretty much exclusively used for playing Netflix, while the Roku has a few other channels that are used occasionally.

I know the ins and outs and it's pretty easy, so I've recently thought about wanting to get a second Chromecast, and there's a specific reason.  The finished portion of our basement is used primarily as a playroom during the winter months, to give the kids another area in which to play.  This past summer, it's been used primarily for storing furniture as we moved and re-painted bedrooms (transitioning from a nursery to full big kids room for our daughter).  Now that this project is finally wrapping up and that winter is approaching it will soon be transitioned back to the playroom.

We have a TV down there (a flat screen that actually got broken leaving a nice line in it and moved downstairs, but still works) and it would be nice to have the option to stream Netflix for the kids if we wanted to include any TV time.    A few weeks ago, I got the idea in my head of getting a second device, and started keeping an eye out.

The retail price of a Chromecast is $35, but you can often find them on sale for $25.  I was waiting and watching to see if I could find a $25 deal, when one day I did.

I subscribe to Slickdeals RSS feed, so I see a list of ‘up and coming' deals.  A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a deal where Groupon was offering a refurbished Chromecast for $25 AND they had a $10 off any $25 or more promo code that you could use.

I figure a refurbished item might just have been returned, and for that cheap, I'm more than fine willing to take the chance.  I figure a device like that is either going to work or it's not.  There's not much in between, so as long as I get it out of the box and functioning, it should be good to go.

The end price after the discounts plus sales tax was $15.90, all because I waited patiently for a few weeks.

Importance of Being Patient

It's important to be patient when making purchases.  When you're making a big purchase, you want to really think about it and make sure that you can afford it and that it's the best deal and the terms are best for your situation.  But, even on small situations, being patient works, especially in a case like mine, where I knew that there was a history of seeing these devices on sale every now and then.

Readers, please share a time when being patient paid off, and how much you were able to save.