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Personal Capital vs Mint vs Quicken ReviewFinancial decisions are never easy. It's also a challenge to keep up with your finances these days. There are multiple decisions to make that involve record-keeping, balancing ledgers, and planning how to budget money for the future. It would be nice if you had a little help with this task, wouldn't it? Actually, you do!

In this day of online tools and technology, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of the financial instruments to help you reach your goals for the future. Many of these tools also help keep you on track regarding your daily finances as well.

Three apps can help you manage and plan your finances that may help you to keep things in order and plan your financial goals. Take a look at these reviews on Personal Capital, Mint, and Quicken Review and see which one is the best budget app to help you with your finances. If you're looking for alternatives, try reading our Digit app reviews too.

Personal Capital

Investing is the hallmark of the Personal Capital app. There's a net worth calculator and a cash flow analyzer that allows you to track your personal portfolio, manage your expenses, and plan for the future. You can check your key holdings anytime and track key stocks and investments to see how you need to make changes to get the highest profit. There is a Fee Analyzer tool that allows you to see what fees you are paying for your stocks and other portfolio investments. You may have broker fees and other fees that are charged by mutual funds that may reduce your investment return.

This platform is designed to help you manage an investment platform with links to your bank accounts as well as investment accounts and credit accounts. You will have income and spending reports at your fingertips, and you'll be able to divide your expenses into succinct categories as well as income and spending reports that will help you plan your transactions and expense budgets.

If you need alerts to help remind you about upcoming bills, Personal Capital will help with that too by alerting you whenever you have an forthcoming payment due. You'll never miss a payment again that way. You can even set a spending limit with tools that you'll find within Personal Capital that allow you to stay on target for your financial goals.

When it comes to investment tools, Personal Capital will help you with retirement planning with the Retirement Planning feature that helps you determine how much you'll need for your retirement. This is a free service and you don't have to pay anything extra to be sure you have the money you need when you are ready to stop working and just enjoy life. You can start now to save for your retirement using the features available within the Personal Capital application all for free. You'll always know if you are on the right track with your savings and retirement goals and have money for unexpected situations.

When it comes to safety, Personal Capital keeps you safe by encrypting all of your communications with the servers, and they use an AES-256 encryption method with multi-layer key management to keep your information secure. You'll have a user-specific key and there are also internal access controls that keep your data safe from third parties. Compare this to Ally Investing features to see which one you like better.

Personal Capital vs Mint vs Quicken ReviewAdvantages of the Personal Capital App

Personal Capital has some distinct advantages that can help people keep up with their financial budgets and planning through the use of several convenient tools. Some of the best features of Personal Capital are listed below.

  • Keep all of your accounts in one place
  • Plan for retirement by planning and forecasting what you'll need
  • Built-in investment intelligence to align your portfolio with your needs
  • Uncover hidden fees and use the fee analyzer to save money

There is a powerful dashboard that helps you get started quickly and easily and you can see your last 30 days of spending (income and outgo) to help determine how to spend your money best.

To get started, you simply sign up and download the app then connect all of your banks that you want to track to your account. You can visit their site anytime also to get started at and sign up for a plan.

The tool is free to use with no hidden expenses, and many people find that it helps them get the edge over their finances and frees them from worrying about where their money is going. It's worth checking out if you are looking for a solid financial program that helps you plan your financial future.


Quicken has long been a program that is used by business people as well as individuals to help them organize their finances and plan what they should do with their financial future. The Starter Edition with Quicken is a financial budgeting application only and does not including an investing aspect. But you can get the Quicken Premier Edition which does do that. You'll also get the Portfolio X-Ray tool with this edition to help you keep up with the performance of your current investments to help you decide what to buy and sell.

It will also track your costs including capital gains and portfolio value so you can decide what to do to increase your net worth.

If you need something that helps you lower your taxes on investments, Quicken is a great tool for that, too. The Capital Gains Tax Estimator enables you to keep your taxes at bay while optimizing your security sales for the highest after-tax yield. That is a valuable thing when you are trying to make sure you focus on the investing tools that make you the most significant profit.

With Quicken, you get a full budgeting suite that helps you bring everything together. It coordinates all of your financial assets as well as to track your losses and keep your banking information at your fingertips. You'll see your bank and credit card balances in one place, and you'll be able to import all of your banking transactions in a secure manner.

When you use Quicken, you'll also be able to organize your spending into budget categories that help you keep track of your bills and expenses, outgo, and savings. You can estimate your future costs and create a budget that will help you maximize your bottom line based on the tools that you get with the application. Keep track of credit cards, too so you can work on paying off credit card debt and freeing yourself from your debt.

Reminders are sent to you whenever your bills and payments are due so you will never miss another important obligation. Whether you have been saving for a long time or you are just getting started with a savings plan, you can use Quicken to help you stay on the road to your goals. The easy-to-use app helps you organize all of your budget tools in one place and to carry out the most important financial goals you have for your family's future at the same time. Quicken has been used for decades as the primary type of application by small business owners and individuals who want to lasso their financial obligations before they feel out of control of their financial status.

If you want to plan for retirement, you'll be able to do that also using the Quicken app. Set up retirement goals and investment goals, plan for college and invest in special projects all in one place. You will have a dashboard that gives you access to your retirement planning in the same place as your savings and spending so you can see the big picture as well as the finer details.

There is a Lifetime Planning feature that lets you display and plan your retirement income along with other factors that will affect the outcome such as savings, the rate of return, and other factors.

You'll be able to view any of your information with Quicken on your local drive, unlike the other two apps we are reviewing in this post. But you can also connect to your bank to get the information you need to stay ahead of your budget and spending plans.

Some people like the increased security of the Quicken app because it allows you to know that your data is not stored anywhere else.

Personal Capital vs Mint vs Quicken Review

Advantages of Quicken

Quicken is an efficient app that covers a lot of different territories when it comes to dealing with your money including investment, savings, budgeting plans. They also cover retirement so you can use this application to plan for your retirement and let it help guide you regarding investments based on the market trends.

Disadvantages of Quicken

We couldn't find too many things Quicken doesn't do if you are trying to control your financial statements and goals. You can streamline everything and carry out many different actions all from your dashboard. You get total integration with all of your banks and financial institutions, credit cards, and others. But the security is good because your actual data never leaves your local database. This means you are less likely to have third-party abuse or have others access your sensitive information. This increases the security of Quicken. So there are a lot of fine points about the Quicken option. The only disadvantage we found is when customers try to upgrade to the new version of the program, they have sometimes experienced problems when upgrading and have occasionally complained that they lost some data in the transfer or that some of their data did not successfully transfer. We felt that this was not due to the program itself however as much as it was due to the software engineers behind the program (Intuit) who have sometimes struggled to keep up with the demands of the new technology when upgrading.

The latest version appears to be more user-friendly for those who are attempting to upgrade to the latest version and upload their old data.

You can find out more about the Quicken application directly and try out the upgrade capabilities by going to their website at: and checking out the various features for yourself.


The Mint app is very popular with beginners who need an effective app that will help them streamline all of their finances in one place. It is primarily a budgeting app. It does not do all of the investment tasks that the other two apps do. But it will allow you to keep track of your portfolio if you already have one, but it will not provide you with tools to invest further. Millennials like Mint because they often don't know where to start when it comes to saving and budgeting.

So Mint is quite basic, but it is excellent for someone just getting started with budgeting or for someone who just got a new job and wants to start saving money for a vacation or a rainy day. You will be able to track your expenses in various categories and get recommendations on how to save money. There will be ads that you can take advantage of or just ignore that can help you save money on insurance such as health insurance coverage, bank cards, and credit cards, as well as everyday purchases.

LIke with the other apps, you'll get reminders when things are due so you don't forget to pay an important bill. This is a great function for people who are busy and think they might forget paying an important bill or obligation. This can avoid hefty fees when you forget to pay a bill and keep up with your budget and help you save money.

Advantages of Mint

Mint is a simple app and is owned by Intuit, the owners of QuickBooks, TurboTax, and other tax and accounting type software. They have a high-security level because they use encryption for data transfer and they use a multi-factor authentication tool for login to keep you safe. For mobile phones, you'll be provided with a login name and 4-digit PIN.

The biggest advantages of Mint are listed below:

  • Integrates all financial statements and accounts in one place
  • Lets you keep up with bill payments and avoid fees
  • Helps you plan for the future and start a savings plan
  • Helps outline goals you can set to prioritize your expenses

Disadvantages of Mint

The Mint app is limited to only budgeting applications. You cannot do anything regarding planning for retirement or investments with this app.

Personal Capital vs Mint vs Quicken Review

Which one is the most secure?

As mentioned before, the most secure app is probably Quicken since it does not release your data to third party online drives and other databases and instead keeps it on your own server. However, no system is secure, and you should still guard your pins and passwords to keep others from getting into your information when you are online. When it comes to your financial statements, bank records, and budgets, one can never be too careful.

Which one is the most user-friendly?

The most user-friendly app is the Mint app. Designed with the beginning workers, saver, and millennial in mind, it is simple to use, with a clean-cut, simple interface where anyone can understand and use it effectively. The others are easy to use also, but Mint seems to have the simplest features.

Which one is best for investing?

In our opinion, this is a bit of a toss up between Personal Capital and Quicken. We didn't consider Mint because they make a point of telling you they do not have an investment aspect. They are strictly meant to be a savings and budgeting application. So don't use it for investing. You won't be able to. Personal Capital is great for deciding which investment opportunities you want to invest in and their onboard smart investment technology may help you make a decision regarding which investment opportunities you should take part in.

Which is best for Retirement Planning?

Once again, Mint is out of the game regarding this category. It doesn't focus on retirement planning. Regarding Personal Capital and Quicken, it's a close tie because they both have features that help you plan for retirement. You will want to check on both of these applications and cross-compare them to see which one is best for what you want to do. They both have features that will help you make a decision on the types of retirement planning that you need to reach your goals.

And the Winner Is

As you can see, all of these apps have some positive features. Personal Capital seems to be oriented into investing and retirement planning. Mint is more for young people who have not yet started a savings plan and who need a way to streamline their budgeting needs. Quicken is a long-standing favorite of small business owners as well as individuals who do not have a CPA or who need to have a “birds' eye view” of their expenses. But there has to be a winner and a loser in every competition. So below are our conclusions.

After looking at all of the features of these three financial application tools, we think the winner should be awarded to Quicken. While all of the apps shine in some of the categories we reviewed, Quicken seems to be the one that shines above the rest in all three major areas we tested including investment capabilities, retirement planning, and streamlining all of your financial tasks in one place.

Mint was stronger when it came to UX or “ease of use,” and it allowed even beginning savers to start saving a little at a time with a way to put everything together in a usable manner. Mint would be an excellent way for young people with a new job and fresh out of college to start saving for the future and helping them to monitor their spending and work on ways to better reach their financial goals.

But Mint did not offer anything beyond basic budgeting and it leaves you wanting more if you need to go beyond basic planning and budgeting. Personal Capital had tons of features that are greatly to be desired for the investor, saver, or budget-conscious person, and it ran a close second overall. But Quicken seemed to offer the greatest number of features that matter to the average person or business owner who needs to keep track of their earnings while planning to save for the future.

Why Get a Budgeting App?

What is more important than planning for the future? Having more money when you need it most is perhaps one of the most important things you need to move forward with your financial goals and do what you want to do. Money isn't everything, but it helps when you have more money in the bank that allows you to do what you want to do and to stick with your new goals to improve your life and increase your confidence in your ability to manage your finances. No one has to know that you got help from a simple app!

Quicken won the grand prize in our opinion, due to the fact that it was not only easy to use and navigate but it streamlined everything, offered 24/7 tech support, and offered a higher level of security than the other two applications. So, it has positive UX and UI (user experience and user interface) and lets the user get ahead of the game no matter what aspect of their money management they need to organize. Beyond that, Quicken offered a more secure method of keeping their data safe and focusing on the most important things when planning for the future.

Depending on what someone is looking for in a financial tool, all three of these are winners in one way or the other. But the Quicken app seemed to cover all of the most important aspects of keeping up with your financial accounts and transactions.

Take a look at all of the features of these three money apps and see which one suits your needs. No matter what your financial goals are, you need to have a plan and to utilize the tools that you need to reach your goals. One idea is to download all three apps for your iPhone or Android phone and take them all on a test drive.

We hope this post will guide you along the way. Make 2019 the year you get it all together and start something new and exciting with your newfound financial success!

We look forward to hearing how this helps you manage your finance in 2019. What do you have to lose?


Quicken Compatibility

This section will answer your questions and what software and hardware will work with Quicken online or in app form.

Can you import excel into Quicken?

Quicken does not allow you to import from excel, it does however, allow you to import from other financial institutions and apps. You can export to excel from Quicken.

Does Quicken work with TurboTax?

Quicken is compatible with TurboTax for windows personal software. It can be imported from Quicken for the same year, prior year, or following year.

Does Quicken for Mac 2017 work with Sierra?

Quicken for mac 2017 is compatible with Sierra. If there are any problems with the two it is not the macOS update as it does work with Sierra.

Does Quicken work on Chromebook?

Chromebooks will run windows apps like Quicken. However, a specific app will have to be downloaded for quicken to work on Chromebook.

Can you transfer Quicken data from PC to Mac?

You can transfer Quicken data from PC to Mac. However, Quicken will have to be installed on both computers for the data to be transferred.

How Quicken is Used

This section can serve as a how-to for the Quicken Program, ranging from how to use the app to how to back up data on it.

How to use Quicken?

To use Quicken you must first activate your membership. Then you can add your first account and setup your income and bill reminders. Afterwards you can create your first budget on Quicken.

Can you use Quicken for small business?

Quicken can be used for small businesses, but it only makes two business forms: checks and invoices. It will work well for business without inventory to keep track of.

How to delete an account in Quicken?

Please backup your file beforehand, then proceed to click Tools on the top menu bar. Then choose account list, select the account you want to delete, and click edit. In the account details window, click delete account.

How to backup Quicken files?

To backup files on Quicken you must first open the program and select file. Then click on Backup and restore. You can back up the file to your computer or an external drive.

How to change Quicken ID?

You can change your Quicken ID by going to and signing in. Under the myaccount screen you can choose to change your Quicken ID.

How to adjust cost basis in Quicken?

Every time you download and accept transactions, Quicken checks for accuracy, if there is ever a discrepancy Quicken notifies you and gives you the opportunity to make changes.

How to download Quicken to a new computer?

You can download Quicken to a new computer by signing in the your Quicken account online and download it from there or use your cd if that is how you originally bought it.

How to import QFX file into Quicken 2016?

Make a new Quicken file. Select File menu, then file import, then Quicken transfer format (.QFX) file. Then type the name of the file you want to import or click the browse button.

Other Quicken Questions

These are answers to your questions about Quicken for all topics, including who owns Quicken, the difference between Quicken and QuickBooks, and other general information.

Who owns Quicken?

Quicken is currently owned by the private equity firm H.I.G Capital. The company was sold by Intuit to its current owner on March 3, 2016.

When was Quicken 2018 released?

Quicken 2018 was released for windows originally on January 2018, with updates being released ever month after that for the program.

What is the difference between Quicken and QuickBooks?

The two are software programs with different set of features. Quicken is focused on maintaining personal finances, while QuickBooks is for the more complex needs of SMBs.

Is Quicken separating from Intuit?

Yes, Quicken has been sold by Intuit to a private equity firm H.I.G Capital. Quicken is changing from Intuit’s authentication platform to its own platform.

Should I use Quicken or Mint?

They are both great for budgeting. Quicken stores our data locally while Mint stores data on the cloud. Quicken is a paid membership while Mint is free but with advertisement.

Does Quicken do payroll?

Quicken does offer payroll for their customers through Quicken Payroll. It allows business to keep create paychecks for employees and keep track of payroll.

Why won’t my Quicken open?

If you can’t open Quicken after a recent update to it, the problem could be due to an error during the installation process. Try reinstalling the update patch.

Is Quicken owned by Intuit?

No, Quicken is no longer owned by Intuit. The businesses parted ways when Intuit sold it to its new owner H.I.G capital in 2016.

Why is Quicken asking for my Intuit password?

Quicken repeatedly asking for your intuit password seems to be a technical error in the past. It has since been resolved and should not keep happening anymore.

How far back will Quicken download transactions?

When you first set up Quicken most banks will give the last 90 days of transactions. Depending on your bank you could be able to go online and download transactions further than that.

Do I need to buy Quicken every year?

Quicken has now switched to a subscription basis. Now you must subscribe and pay on a yearly basis. Once the subscription period ends you will not be able to use it.

What is Quicken used for?

Quicken is used for personal financial management, such as being able to record banking transactions, making a budget, tracking investments and their performance.

Mint General Questions

Mint is an app to manage your finances and make budgets, read below to have your questions answered about the company.

What is Mint app for iPhone?

Mint is an app for iPhone that syncs all your financial accounts, such as bank accounts, credit cards, or bills, in one place to help you manage your money and make a budget.

What is Mint app?

Mint is a free personal finance app that lets you pay bills, make a budget, and save money. Mint’s technology is praised for its easy to use programs and informative graphics.

Is the Mint app free?

The Mint app is free to use for all client whether using in its app form or online. To be able to provide a free service to its customers the app does have advertisements when you use it.

Is Mint the best finance app?

There are many different finance apps for use, but Mint is the best overall finance app on the market. It is free to use and download and can be used online or on the app. We also review the best budgeting software in another article.

Is the Mint budget app safe?

The Mint budget app is safe to use. It uses the same level of security that is used by banks to keep customers peace of mind when using the app.

How secure is Mint app?

The mint app uses bank-level encryption and security online, meaning it is protected with a 128-bit SSL encryption, meaning it is a secure app and safe to use for consumers.

How does Mint app work?

The Mint App works by synchronizing all your bank accounts, credit cards, and bills in one place making them easy to manage and allowing the customer to work towards financial goals. Take a look at apps where you can earn money.

How to use the Mint App

The Mint app has many different functions. This section will show how to use the most commonly used features of the app or online service.

How to use Mint app?

It is simple and easy to use. An initial signing in and connecting of bank accounts, credit cards, and bills is required. Then you can move on to make a budget and monitoring your spending on the app.

How to use Mint app android?

The mint app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play store for android. You must first make a profile and sync your accounts to start using it to budget and manage your finances.

How to use app?

You can use Mint either online or by downloading the Mint app. Once you’re are one the site or app you will have to make an account and sync your financial accounts to it. Then you can use mint for your financial management needs.

How to add income to Mint app?

Start by opening the app and clicking the budgets tab. Then click Create a Budget or the + next the income you may have already entered. Lastly, enter your monthly income. If you earn money at home this is a great way to stay organized with your income.

How to add categories in Mint app?

You can add sub-categories to the mint app. Start by clicking on the Transactions tab, find a transaction you want to edit and click on the arrow button to choose a category. Select a main category and then select Add/Edit categories.

How to set up Mint app?

To set up the Mint app first start up the app on your phone. Make a new account with them and then sync your existing bank accounts, credit cards and bills.

How to set goals on Mint app?

First log into your account online or open the app on your phone. Click the Goals tab, then click the icon for the type of goal you want to create. Follow the instructions for the individual goal.

How to add credit card to Mint app?

You can add a new credit card to the mint app by click on the +Add Accounts tab in the top menu. Enter the name of your credit card provider and select it when it pops up. Login to the account.

How to use Mint app effectively?

To be more effective when using the mint app don’t forget to add all your cash transactions to the app. Another way to be effective is to remember to set financial goals. Learn how to generate passive income from other investments too.

How to refresh Mint app?

To refresh the mint app manually click on the Setting tab in the top menu bar. Then click one the Gear icon for the account you would like to refresh. Click refresh for the drop menu.

How to add property to Mint app?

Click the Settings tab on the top menu bar, then click Property on the left side bar. Click the +Add Property button. Select the type of property and click next. Then Enter the necessary fields and click Add it.

How to edit budget on Mint app?

To edit a budget app on the Mint app first go to Updates, and then Fast Approaching budgets, then click View All Budgets. Tap the pencil icon to open the edit budget menu.

How to set a budget on Mint app?

The Mint app makes a suggested budget for you automatically, you can edit it by clicking on the categories and adjusting the budget for each one or making additional sub-categories.

How to add bills to Mint phone app?

To add bills to the app start by clicking on the +Add Accounts tab when you open the app. Then enter the billers name in the search field and select your biller. Finally, enter your login credentials.

Other Questions on Mint

These are the questions many people wonder about Mint on a range of topics, such as if there is Mint for Windows or if two people can share the app.

Which Mint app should I use?

Mint is free for both android and iPhone and is identical in terms of the services it provides to clients. Either app would be effective for clients looking for financial planning services.

Why is my Mint app not updating?

If your mint app is not refreshing check that you’re using the correct username, password and security question. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Mint directly through email for troubleshooting.

Is there a Mint app for Windows 10?

There is a Mint app for both Windows 10 and the Windows phone. There are also apps available for iOS and android and can be used online as well.

Can two people share a Mint app?

Two people can make a Mint app and input both of their financial data into that single account, however to already existing accounts cannot be merged to make a new account.

Personal Capital General Questions

The following can serve as an introduction to Personal Capital and help and answer concerns about the company, such as how it makes money, if it is safe or how it works.

Is Personal Capital safe?

There are many concerns of the safety of your information on Personal Capital. For that reason, they take steps to keep it safe by using a powerful encryption and having strict internal access controls.

Is Personal Capital legit?

Personal Capital is a real company that keeps all of a client’s account in one place for easy management, while providing advice on investing and retirement planner.

What is Personal Capital app?

The Personal Capital app is the app for the financial aggregator company of that name. It offers all the services on the app that it offers online for its customers.

What is Personal Capital?

Personal Capital is financial aggregator company, which means it has all your financial accounts on one platform. It offers to versions of its service a free and a paid version.

Is Personal Capital free?

Personal Capital offers a free version for its customers, where you are provided a personal analysis of your finances and make recommendations based on that analysis.

How does Personal Capital work?

Personal Capital works by creating a summary of your spending, investment portfolio, and net worth and providing analysis of it. It can do that by having all your financial accounts in one place.

Who owns Personal Capital?

Personal Capital was founded by Bill Harris, Rob Foregger, Louie Gasparini and Paul Bergholm in 2009. It was formerly known as SafeCorp Financial Corp.

Is Personal Capital worth it?

Personal Capital is an all in one financial service that is free to use; meaning yes, it is worth it. The paid version will offer you real human advisors not just robo advice.

Why is Personal Capital free?

Personal Capital offers a free version to clients because it knows that it will attract customers to its paid version that way, resulting in a win for both parties.

How does Personal Capital make money?

Personal Capital makes money by offering a paid version to its clients. It offers a free service to anyone who makes an account and those can turn into paying customers for the company. If you're look for another app to manage investments then check out the Stash Invest app review.

Using Personal Capital

This section is focused on how to use the different functions of Personal Capital online or on the app. It can answer how to use the app, how to make a budget on it or how it updates.

How to use Personal Capital?

You use Personal Capital online or through the app to manage your accounts and get analysis from the site. Get started by making a profile and syncing all your financial accounts.

How to delete Personal Capital account?

Login to your account online. Go to Profile and Settings. Click Delete User Account, and then enter your Personal Capital account password. Then type DELETE in all caps to confirm.

How often does Personal Capital update?

Personal Capital updates your accounts every night around midnight. It also updates the accounts every time you log in either online or in the app.

How to set a budget in Personal Capital?

There is a budgeting widget on the Personal Capital site. You can use it to look at your spending at a glance. To make or edit the budget click the pencil icon.

How to use Personal Capital to budget?

Personal Capital keeps has all your bank accounts, investments, and credit cards in one place, meaning it can help you make a budget. Just use the budgeting widget app online.

How to switch from Quicken to Personal Capital?

To switch from Quicken to Personal Capital simply cancel your subscription from Quicken. Then you can start syncing all your accounts Personal Capital for their wealth management service.

How to link TD Ameritrade to Personal Capital?

Log in to your Personal Capital account. Click the + icon, then search for E*TRADE and click on the search result. Click on the Link button to confirm your information.

How to cancel Personal Capital account?

To cancel the Personal Capital account, start by going to Profile and Settings. Click Delete User Account, and then enter your Personal Capital account password. Then type DELETE in all caps to confirm.

Other Questions about Personal Capital

This section answers your questions regarding Personal Capital for a variety of topics. Some examples include the cost of service, whether it offers a bill pay service and how it uses your information.

Does Personal Capital have a check register?

Personal Capital already automatically records your transaction online. It doesn’t have a way to input data from a check register manually.

Can Personal Capital import Quicken data?

Personal Capital uses the data from your financial accounts to provide you their service, they don’t import data from Quicken. You can import data manually.

Does Personal Capital have bill pay?

Personal Capital will remind you when credit cards or mortgages are due, but it will not offer a bill pay feature. Utility bills cannot be added either.

How much does Personal Capital cost?

Personal Capital can either be free or paid depending on which version you use. The paid version of Personal Capital is cost 0.89% annually.

Does Personal Capital sell your information?

Personal Capital does not sell your information. Their business is in wealth management and when they offer free services their goal is to win you over as a customer.

Can I add a retirement account to Personal Capital?

You can add a retirement account to Personal Capital. The Retirement Planner is a personalized retirement projection using your annual savings, income, and retirement spending among other things to calculate.

Can I get a balance sheet from Personal Capital?

Personal Capital does not currently allow you to print a balance sheet or a report from their site. They are working on a feature for it but do not have an ETA.