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Find the Best Personal Loan for Your Needs

With the credit score average in San Francisco being above the national average, sitting at 701, people living in San Francisco may be eligible for a personal loan to fit their needs. Most importantly, the benefits of personal loans are many, if you take out one with the right interest rate and minimal fees. With that said, there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure you get the best from your personal loan.

Step 1: Know Your Credit Score

To better qualify for a personal loan, it is vital that you make sure your credit score is above what is considered ‘average’, which is 660. Knowing your credit score allows you to look into the most important aspects of your financial background that your loan lender will be looking at. These aspects include any outstanding debt you may have, credit utilization, past bankruptcies or foreclosures, and of course your current income. Once you have become acquainted with these facets, you can better gauge what kind of personal loan you can ask for and the interest rate you may fall under.

Personal Loans in San Francisco, CA

Step 2: Shop Around

Shopping around is key when applying for the best personal loan. First, your loan should be focused towards your financial goals, whether it is paying off high interest debt or planning for a wedding. With that said, get to know your financial lender and weed out the lenders with extremely high interest rates.

Most importantly, meet with the lender in person and ask them questions you may be unclear about. Getting to know the lender and financial institution gives insight as to how they treat customers, and what kind of customer service you be will receiving.

Step 3: Fees, Interest, and Term

If your personal loan falls under the wrong hands, you may end up more in debt than when you started. Weeding out financial lenders with extremely high fees aids in the process. However, if your credit score is not the best, you may be subject to high interest and many fees because you are considered more of a risk to the persona loan lender.

If it happens that many of the loan lenders have high fees due to your financial situation, deciding on a loan term may aid when paying the loan off. Keep in mind that, the longer the term is the more you will pay in interest, even though the monthly payment is less than on shorter terms.

Last tip of advice, be weary of loans that say 0% interest rates in the beginning, their interest rate may end up skyrocketing your bills once interest hits on the loan.


Are Payday and Title Loans the Same as Personal Loans?

No not really. A payday loan, or cash advance, is easier to get and has a shorter term(unless it's a longer installment option) but higher fees and much higher interest than personal loans. The same is true for title loans with the addition of your car being used as collateral. Be very cautious with these types of loans including fast cash loans online.

Personal Loans in San Francisco

Personal Loans in San Francisco,California
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OneMain Financial

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Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco

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Check `n Go

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