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West Virginia is a state located in the South of the US in Appalachian area. It is the 10th smallest region by land area but The Mountain State is blowing up in oil shale development and since coal is coming back, this state is red hot.


The unique geographical location of West Virginia gives it a variety of landscapes. It is famous for its rolling countryside, karst land formations, and water bodies. Needless to say, the state enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities such as trout fishing, recreational caving, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and hiking adventures.

Tourism is the only sector that contributes significantly to the state economy. At the same time, the area also benefits from its coal deposits which are responsible for supporting the local economy.

West Virginia is in the bottom 10 states of the country based on its economy, cost of living, and employment opportunities. It has also witnessed the slowest personal income growth at 1.5%. Only 2.3% households in the state fall within high-income bracket but its middle class is strong unlike California which has seen its middle class leave to other states like Arizona and Texas.

The average household income is $42,644 and per capita income is $24,002 which means little since taxes are low and jobs are pouring into this state because of oil shale as already stated.

Looking at these grim numbers, it is easy to guess that the residents of West Virginia require financial support every now and then to meet their expenses and short-term financial needs. In this case, personal loans can prove to be beneficial as they are easily available and can be offered for a longer period of time.

Personal Loans for Travel

Everybody loves to travel, take a vacation, go for a gap-year or simply take a break from their life of 9-5 grind. However, many people give up that dream due to lack of funds. But now it is possible to have a vacation of a lifetime by funding your long-term travels with a personal loan.

Personal loans are such an easy way to reach your interim goals and that too with flexible payback terms and low rates of interest! They are any day better than paying for it with your credit card and getting sucked into its vicious circle of revolving credit.

Personal Loans in West Virginia

If you have been planning to travel for some time, but always end up postponing the idea due to limited availability of funds, then consider taking out a personal loan and take that much-needed vacation.

Best Banks for Personal Loans in West Virginia

Below are the best banks to get a personal loan in the state:

Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union

With competitively low rates, lending from Pioneer West Virginia Credit Union is like lending from your family – just without the guilt.

Barbour County Bank

Also knowns as the BCBank, the Barbour County Bank quickly established itself as a source of reliable and quality banking products and services.

West Virginia Federal Credit Union

The West Virginia Federal Credit Union believes in the power of financing to help individuals achieve their goals. That’s why their personal loans are low-interest and have flexible payment terms.

Citizens Bank of West Virginia

Built on the dedication of being the gold standard in customer satisfaction, the Citizens Bank of West Virginia keeps and gets new customers by through quick loan processing and friendly loan officers.

Freedom Bank

With $154 million in assets, Freedom Bank has a total of 59 employees in five of its offices. Aside from providing banking and loan products, they also contribute to the community.

Premier Bank

Having 31 banking offices in the state, Premier Ban prioritizes convenience of access above all else. Its experienced bankers also help customers determine the available solutions for their different situations.

A word of caution: Payday installment loans, cash advances, and car title loans may be easier to get but remember they come with much higher interest rates. They can be a good option if you're absolutely sure you can pay it off quickly.

Christine has a solid background in personal finance as she spent the last eight years working at one of the biggest banks in the US. She managed her own team of financial advisors that helped hundreds of people with their financing needs. Her understanding of different financial products and loans helped her move up the ranks quickly after graduating with a degree in Business Administration.