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Best Pet SuppliesWith technology becoming a staple in all of our lives, we are turning towards our electronics to help us complete regular chores. Shopping, in particular, has become a trend that has increased in popularity. You can now buy almost anything that you could ever need. That includes things for your pet.


Several prominent pet supply companies have expanded, and now they have websites that you can shop on. They are great places to check if you do not have time to go to the store. Many of which have all the same items you would be able to find in a brick and mortar shop. There are also several saving opportunities that you can take advantage of by shopping online. Whether you are looking for food, toys, accessories, beds, or something else, it can be found there. You just need to know where to look. Below are some of the best places to buy your pet supplies.



  • Great customer service
  • Wide selection of products
  • Free and fast shipping
  • No sales tax in select states

Try has quickly risen in ranks to be a reputable source for everything your pet may need. Aside from the plethora of items that they have available for dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, birds, and fish, they also have quick shipping and a few discounts. If you have over $49 in your cart when you go to check out, will give you free 1-2 day shipping on your order. Just by creating an account you will receive a 20 percent discount. It is common to find products that are up to 40 percent off in their “Sales Center”. You should check often because their deals are constantly changing. Sometimes they will have 5 percent sales on specific brands of items. If you find that you are enjoying using this option, you can sign up for repeated shipping. This will send you selected items based on a specific schedule and lower the price.



  • Offers free shipping
  • Regular promotions and discounts
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Good selection of products


If you are looking for shipping deals on some of your pet's favorite things, is going to be a great choice for you. Compared to other online pet shops, this option has free shipping on all orders as long as the final destination with within the United States. Buying in bulk is also a factor that has covered. They have a section on their website to get a quote on large orders for dogs, cats, and horses, and they have discounts for these orders. doesn't have the biggest clearance section, but there are a handful of items that are less than full price. For those who feel lucky, this website has an “Ask A Vet” service that rewards one good pet question a month with a prize of $100.



Why Amazon?

  • Get discounts for recurring deliveries
  • Wide range of pet supplies
  • Excellent customer service
  • Supplies Available for most pet types

Try Amazon is not your typical pet store. However, it is one of the biggest online distributors in the world. That is not a feat that should go by unnoticed. It has a substantial selection of pet supplies. You will easily be able to find popular name brands as well as unique items that might not be found on any other website. does not cater to one sort of pet. They can cover mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, horses, and numerous types of livestock all in one place. Some items have the option for a monthly subscription service for a discounted price. Shipping depends on the manufacturer and can take longer than average. If you have Amazon Prime most products are shipped within 2 days. Even though it is not an online pet shop, its prices can be compared to those found at such websites. Don't forget to take a look at other Amazon deals on our site.

Best Pet Supplies

While this website is called, it has items for many other types of pets. However, it is definitely more structured toward dog owners and has hundreds of products including food, toys, and other canine necessities. If you buy over $69 in items there is free shipping to anywhere in the United States. Your order has to be under 15 pounds to apply for this offer. also has small deals that allow you to save when buying products for your animal family member. If you have another type of pet you are not totally out of luck. There are other buying sections, but they are small. They also have links to their supply stores for more unique pets like ferrets and horses. This is a rarity and makes a notable website. is a hugely popular pet supply website due to its well-established stores across the nation. This popularity has allowed it to have a wide range of products for almost every type of pet that you can think of. There are a lot of savings that you can take advantage of every week. They are always changing, so there is a good chance that something your pets enjoys will be available at a lower price. These deals are hard to miss because they are usually shown on's main page. If you buy over $49 worth of items select items will receive free shipping. For those who live close to a Petsmart store, there is also an option for in-store pickup. If you need other pet services such as grooming or dog-sitting, you can set up appointments online.

Best Pet Supplies

There are some animal friends that require specific medications that are no offered by every online pet shop. has the majority of medicines for pets, and it offers free shipping if your order is over $35. If you know that you will be a return customer, you should consider signing up for their PetPlus savings program. It is $50 a year to become a member. This program reduces the cost of medications to wholesale prices and removes the cost of shipping no matter how much or how little you choose to get. There are also other discounts on pet supplies and a 24/7 “Ask a Vet” feature. If you are unsure if you want to join, allows you to check on the medications you would be buying to see how much you would be saving. has one of the widest ranges of pet supplies for an online pet shop. It covers dogs, cats, fish, birds, and reptiles, but it also has items for horses and other forms of livestock. Orders over $49 will ship free of charge as long as they are under a certain weight. Just like a few of the other options listed, provides savings for customers who opt to use its subscription service. There aren't many other large deals that will really affect the final price of your items. However, tries to form a community by hosting monthly pet contests. The winner of these contests earns a pack of wellness supplies including food, treats, and small toys. Between Monday and Saturday, this online shop has live customer service representatives available to help you with any questions. is one of the few places online that only sells healthy, natural, holistic foods for pets. You will never have to worry about what ingredients are being used. One of their missions to be as eco-friendly as possible, and they are doing a good job on that front. This does limit what they sell. This website focuses on cat and dog supplies over other pets. However, they have a good variety to choose from in those departments. They have food, gear, toys, vitamins, and grooming supplies. Every week has new deals. If you spend over $79 your order will have free shipping. To supplement your purchases, this online pet shop has a “Holistic Healthcare Library”. This is where you can find videos and articles for more information about giving your pet a holistic lifestyle to and continue healthy animal practices at home.

Another one of the big names on this list, has a well-established following and connections to a lot of pet suppliers. This gives them thousands of different items for you to choose from. They have something no matter what type of pet you have. When you search for a product at their online shop, you will be given information on their current promotions. These deals are constantly changing, so it is likely that there will be something that you can take advantage of. Ordering more than $49 worth of items will give you free shipping. Like other companies in this industry, has a “Repeat Delivery” service. After making an account you can select that you would like specific products repeatedly delivered at set intervals. This saves you up to 15 percent off.

Best Pet Supplies

While does not have the widest selection, it still has numerous quality items that your pet will love. This online store mainly focuses on cats and dogs. It has several options for food, toys, accessories, and treats. However, one of the biggest benefits of shopping at is that you are helping other animals in need. For every purchase that you make, six meals are provided to animals that have recently been rescued and are in need of help. In addition to this, the company has a fairly decent selection of clearance items as well as a repeat delivery service. If you think you have a friend that might be interested in using, they have a “Refer A Friend” promotion that will earn on-site credit that can be used on receiving discounts and deals.

This is one of the biggest companies in terms of pet medication. It is a highly recommended website with stellar customer service and helpful advice from vets who have practiced in their field for years. This is a site that focuses on dogs, cats, and horses. They fully cover pets from when they are babies to their older years. is easy to navigate. It does this by presenting both brands and afflictions on the front page. It takes you just a few clicks to find what you need. They understand that medications can be expensive, so they try to offer savings whenever they can. has promotions that change frequently as well as other savings. These can be found on the website's main page. For every order that is over $49 shipping is free. is a newer pet shop website that is constantly updating. They currently have many common items for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and fish and they regularly expand their inventory. Luckily, this online pet shop has a huge clearance section where you can find some amazing deals on treats, toys, and seasonal items. On occasion, they have name brand items for discounted prices as well. It is a good idea to check back every week or so to see what new things they have for sale. has free 1-2 day shipping if you spend more than $49. They also have an “Easy Reorder” program that makes it easy to get past purchases again without having to search through the website. is an additional online location to find and order medication for your pet. You can find vitamins, minerals, and supplements as well. Like many online pet prescription websites, this one is more focused on common pets like dogs and cats. Current discount codes, as well as trending medications, are listed on its homepage. Buying $49 or more worth of products will give you free shipping. has even greater savings if you order in bulk. Compared to other pet prescription websites, this one usually has deals on the more common medications, while uncommon ones cost a little more. The price difference ranges from $0.50 to $10 on some six-month orders. has a clearance section where you can find products from anywhere from 5 percent to 30 percent off. Signing up for their newsletter can also save you 10 percent.

While these might be some of the current best online pet shops, they are also just a few of the options available to you. Use them as a guide and compare your choices. Only then will you be able to make the best decision for your pet. There might also be some Target deals for your pets so it might be worth looking into.

Aside from supplies, you may also want to look at the best pet insurance available for your pet.


Taking care of your pet requires the right pet supplies. If you're in the market for some new pet supplies, you may have a few questions. Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we come across in the pet supplies niche.

General Pet Supplies

Below are some general pet supplies questions — check them out:

Where to buy pet supplies online?

There are a range of pet supplies outlets online. If you're looking to purchase pet supplies online, make sure to choose a provider that has a solid reputation. You can use consumer watchdog groups to search the pet supply companies you're considering ordering from.

Where to buy pet supplies near me?

You can find pet supplies near your home by Googling relevant suppliers. You can also order plenty of pet supplies online via many larger outlets.

How much do Americans spend each year on pet supplies?

While not all Americans have pets, it's estimated that around $70b is spent annually on pets within the country. Though this may also include the cost of the pet, not just the supplies.

How much do pet grooming supplies cost?

There's no set answer to this question — there are both very cheap and very expensive pet grooming supplies. Make sure to choose ones that are within your budget.

How to save money on pet supplies?

If you want to save money on pet supplies, it's a good idea to choose affordable suppliers and search for cheap deals online. You may also want to look at suppliers that provide price matching benefits that can save you money. Yet another option is to use a coupon app to find deals at your store of choice.

How to organize pet supplies?

You should organize pet supplies so they are easy to access and clearly marked. If you have a pet sitter, it's a good idea to have pet supplies labeled and clearly organized to improve the chances that no mistakes occur.

What are ‘must have' pet supplies?

This depends on the pet that you're purchasing. It's always a good idea to have cleaning supplies, supplies for food, and supplies for walking your pet. If you want to know about ‘must have' supplies for your specific pet, it's a good idea to talk to your vet.

FAQ About Specific Pet Supplies Outlets

If you have questions about specific pet supplies outlets, this section will be perfect for you. Take a look at the FAQs we receive about specific pet supplies outlets below:

What time does Pet Supplies Plus close?

This will depend on the store that you're visiting — there are over 300 locations. Most Michigan Pet Supplies Plus stores close at 9 PM on weekdays — that's plenty of time to pick up pet supplies after work.

Does Pet Supplies Plus price match?

Yes. At present, Pet Supplies Plus claims it will price match any price that you find on other online providers.

Who owns Pet Supplies Plus?

At present, Pet Supplies Plus is owned by an investment company called Irving Place Capital.

Where is Best Deal Pet Supply located?

Best Deal Pet Supply doesn't have a physical location because it is an online provider of pet supplies.

Does Home Depot carry pet supplies?

Home Depot isn't a traditional place to pick up pet supplies, but they do offer some options. Items such as dog doors, pet homes, and supplies for building pet-related items are available at Home Depot. Keep in mind, you won't find as many options at Home Depot as you may find at other more prominent pet supply companies.

Does Marshalls sell pet supplies?

Marshalls doesn't have a set structure of items that are supplied — products will vary on a week-to-week basis. In some cases, you may find extensive pet supply options. But there are much more reliable options available on the market.

Does Walgreens have pet supplies?

Yes, Walgreens does have pet supplies available at most locations. This being said, they don't have as many options as specialist pet stores.

Does Goodwill take pet supplies?

Unfortunately, Goodwill does not take pet supplies. If you do donate pet supplies to Goodwill, they will have to dispose of them. Many animal charities accept spare pet supplies.

Does Kmart sell pet supplies?

Yes — Kmart is one of the many companies that now offers an extensive list of pet supplies. You can find most of what you're looking for at Kmart or one their website.

Does Ikea sell pet supplies?

In recent years, Ikea has started a line of pet supplies that can help you access high-quality pet supplies directly from their stores. While you won't find small items or food, it's an excellent place to source a new pet house or other large item.

Does Lowes have pet supplies?

Like Home Depot, Lowes offers industrial pet supplies, such as dog doors, dog pens, and materials to build pet homes. While you won't find traditional pet supply options here, there are plenty of great items available for pet owners.

Where is Big Apple Pet Supply located?

Big Apple Pet Supply operates primarily online, but the company has a headquarters in Florida that you can use to contact them.

Who owns Chewy Pet Supplies?

Chewy Pet Supplies is actually owned by one of the largest pet supply companies in the industry — PetSmart.

Does Kohls have pet supplies?

While you won't be able to find an extensive pet supply list at Kohls, they do have plenty of option in-store and on their website. If you need more niche supplies, you'll need to go to a place like PetSmart.

Does Rite Aid sell pet supplies?

Believe it or not, Rite Aid has a range of different pet supplies on their website. In fact, they currently stock over 100 pet-related items.

Does Target sell pet supplies?

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Target is well-known for having a broad range of pet supplies on offer through its store and website.

Can you get pet supplies at Tesco?

Yes, you can. But many of the smaller ‘Tesco Express' stores will have limited pet supplies. Their larger outlets are better to work with if you need a big selection of supplies. You can also find supplies on their website.

Do pet supplies require approval on Amazon?

It depends — there are Amazon sellers that report approval restrictions, as well as many who claim they did not need their supplies approved. It may depend on the type of pet supply you're offering.

Do pet supply stores sell Advantage II?

Yes — many pet supply stores have this very important form of flea medication. You should be able to find it in-store and online.

Do you need prescription at Pet Supply Express?

It will depend on the type of product that you're seeking to purchase. You should ask your vet or Pet Supply Express directly about whether or not you need a subscription.

Does Big Lots carry pet supplies?

Yes, while Big Lots is not known for specializing in pet products, it does offer an excellent range of pet supplies. You can find most of what they offer directly through their website.

Does Burlington have pet supplies?

Again, while Burlington is mainly known for its apparel, the company also provides a range of pet supplies to its customer base. You can find a list of these on its website. If you need an extensive list of supplies, look at specialist stores instead of Burlington.

Does Dollar General have pet supplies?

Dollar General has a range of affordable pet supply and pet food options. You can find a range of small supplies and tasty pet treats at most of their locations. It's a good choice if you're looking to save money.

Does Dollar Tree carry pet supplies?

Dollar Tree is another extremely affordable provider of small pet supplies and pet food. If you're looking for bargains, this is always a viable option.

Does Modalyst have pet supplies?

Theoretically, you should be able to find pet supplies on Modalyst because there is such an extensive number of suppliers. This being said, it's a b2b platform, so it may not be suitable for your needs.

Does Pet Club sell fish supplies?

Yes, Pet Club has an extremely broad list of pet supplies — fish supplies are just one of the many options available via this outlet.

Does Petco animal supplies sell pets?

Yes, Petco does sell some small pets. You may also find that they partner with local RSPCAs and pet outlets to have adoption days or other forms of pet purchasing opportunities.

How many products are in pet supplies Amazon?

There are over 100,000 pet supply products available on Amazon. As you can see, it's a truly extensive resource if you're looking to sell pet supplies online.

Does Family Dollar have pet supplies?

Yes, like other dollar stores in the United States, Family Dollar sells cheap pet supplies, products, and food. It's an excellent place to shop if you want to save some money.

Has anyone used Goodrx discount card for pet supplies?

You can actually use Goodrx discounts if your pet is prescribed a human medication. This is often the case, so it's a good idea to attempt to get the discount if you have it.

Is 1800 Pet Supplies legit?

While 1800 Pet Supplies appears to be a legitimate company, it has awful consumer feedback on consumer watchdog groups. It's best to stay away from this supplier — especially with how many other options you have.

Is Big Apple Pet Supply reliable?

While Big Apple Pet Supply has decent online ratings, it's hard to find much about this company. You may want to work with a provider that is better known.

Other Pet Supplies FAQ

If you have any other pet supplies questions, you may be able to find them here.

Where to donate pet supplies?

Many traditional charity organizations don't take pet supplies — Goodwill won't be able to accept these forms of donations. Instead, you should contact local animal shelters and animal welfare groups. Places like Paws for Life Animal Rescue always need more supplies to help take care of their animals.

What supplies do you need for a pet turtle?

You'll need a tank, water, shelter, basking area, heat source, food, and more. To ensure you get everything your specific turtle needs, make sure to speak to your vet or pet seller.

How to get free pet supplies?

If you want to get free pet supplies you can enter online competitions or take online surveys to obtain gift cards for top retail suppliers.

Where to buy pet supplies wholesale?

There are a range of online pet suppliers that have decent wholesale deals. For example, and both offer wholesale options.

Where can I buy cheap pet supplies?

You can buy cheap pet supplies via a range of specialty stores and online retailers. Amazon offers cheap supplies, as does PetSmart. With so many options available, you're sure to find a good deal. Learn more about the best place to buy pet supplies online.

Are pet supplies on sale on Black Friday?

Many pet supplies stores do offer Black Friday deals that can help you save considerable money when you're trying to purchase supplies for your pet.

Are pet supplies tax deductible?

This depends on your circumstances. If you have your pet listed as a business expense, you may be able to. But you need to speak to an accountant before you try to deduct any pet expenses.

What are popular pet supply websites?

There are tons available. In fact, if you Google pet supply websites you'll be overwhelmed with the amount of options. Amazon and PetSmart are two reliable options that are hard to pass up.

How to get donations for pet supplies for low income?

If you don't have enough money to pay for your pet supplies, you can contact NGOs and other organizations for assistance. Places like the Humane Society often offer low-income pet owners assistance with pet supplies.