Pizza: Homemade vs. Carryout vs. Sit-Down

Pizza.  Who’s having it tonight for dinner?  Chances are, somebody reading this is already planning on pizza as tonight’s dinner.  And, now that I’m writing about it, chances are at least one more person will choose pizza for dinner.

It’s just that good!

Our family loves pizza, and we love all three kinds of pizza. I’m not talking three different brands of pizza, but I’m talking homemade, carryout, and sit-down. What’s our favorite?  Read on to find out.

To start off, here are some pros and cons of each.

Homemade Pizza

I never knew how easy it was to make homemade pizzas, but now we make a couple of different kinds.  In the cooler months, we’ll make a pizza in the oven using pizza crust yeast, which mixes in with flour and a couple of other quick, easy ingredients to provide crust.  In the summer months, we will get pita bread and make pizzas on the outdoor grill. Yum!


  • It’s fun to make a pizza together.  Everybody gets in the game
  • It’s cheap
  • It’s customizable.  Every person can get exactly what they want and how they want it, even on the same pizza
  • It’s healthier (if you want it to be).  You know what’s going on your pizza so you can control what goes on, and we’ve found that things like turkey based pepperoni work just great, and make things a lot less greasy.


  • Dirty dishes. One of the best benefits to pizza is typically less dishes, but you need a pizza dish, a bowl to mix the dough, something to roll it out, and a pin, all of which require washing.
  • Rolling out pizza dough.  The first couple of times rolling out pizza dough is interesting and it usually doesn’t come out very round.  The good news is that after a few tries, you get the hang of it!

Carryout Pizza (or Delivery)

mb-2014-11pizzaWhether it’s Little Caesars Hot & Ready or something a bit more upscale, there’s just something great about picking up a phone and a few minutes and a quick trip later, having a hot pizza in a box ready to drive back home and eat.


  • It’s easy.  With Little Caesar’s, you don’t even have to call or wait.  Other places, you might have a quick phone call and a short wait, but it’s quick and easy!
  • It’s hot. There’s nothing like getting a piping hot pizza that can only seem to work after it’s been in one of the super hot pizza ovens that only pizza places have.
  • More toppings. Pizza places typically have more toppings available to choose from than you’ll find at home.


  • Risk.  Every once in a while, opening the pizza box at home yields less than satisfactory results, whether it be overdone (or underdone), too much sauce, too little cheese or just made wrong.  Since it’s often more trouble than it’s worth, many times you end up stuck with it.

Sit-Down Restaurant Pizza

Who doesn’t love going to a restaurant that specializes in pizza, and will bring it to you?  We have several local places around Detroit, The Alibi and Buddy’s to name a couple, that make pizza an experience.


  • Quality.  Typically, quality is top notch and a step above carryout or delivery places.
  • The other stuff.  Our favorite pizza places are also our favorite places for salad and bread sticks.  Typically, a place that does pizza well seems to find a way to do other things well, so when it comes to good things, you get two (or three) for the price of one.
  • Full service.  Going out means no dishes or tables to clean up.  It’s all right there!


  • Cost.  The pizzas are more expensive, and you also pay for drinks, tip, and other things that can add up quickly.
  • Wait.  Your favorite pizza place is probably the favorite pizza place for a lot of other people, so you might have to wait…and be really hungry!

As you can see, all pizza options have their share of great things and maybe not so great things, but the one thing that trumps all is that in every scenario….you get pizza!

And, that is the number one thing.

For the record, our favorite out of all three…is all of them!  That sounds like a cop-out and it might be, but we love all three.  The difference is that on some pizza days, one stands out more than another, but overall, we love all three and would never dream of dropping any option out of our ‘rotation’.

Readers, who’s having pizza tonight?  What are your favorite pizza options, toppings, and all the rest?

10 thoughts on “Pizza: Homemade vs. Carryout vs. Sit-Down”

  1. i’m not a huge fan of make your own pizza….I just can’t find a crust or sauce that I really like. My favorites are either a.) a local pizza chain restaurant that is off the hook delicious or b.) frozen. Yep, that’s right…frozen. But not just any kind of frozen – it has to be Heggies. They’re in select grocery stores, and Holiday Gas Stations. They’re made in Minnesota and can be found mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They’re a bit more pricey than your average frozen pizza ($9 for a sausage/pepperoni), but they’re freaking awesome.

  2. I love pizza and I particularly enjoy homemade pizza. I am partial to New York style pizza when I go out, although it is nearly impossible to find good pizza in Los Angeles. I did find a couple local places that are close. I even found a Boston style pizza place that is good.

  3. We just had free pizza the other day thanks to my mystery shopping gig! To answer your question, I think our favorite would have to be the carryout pizza because when we eat at home, we can watch our favorite movies or tv shows while munching down! Although, I do love a homemade Pizza (made by someone. haha!) Since we don’t have an oven at home, I haven’t tried doing that. Looks like a fun thing to do with kids. I don’t mind the mess at all!

  4. Well I wasn’t planning to have pizza tonight, but now that you’ve mentioned it… 🙂

    We always make our own because there aren’t any good pizza places close by, and even if there were, I think home-made tastes better. I like to make double the amount of dough too and make garlic bread: so easy and incredibly tasty!

  5. We try to keep the pizza to a minimum since it’s not exactly good for you, but when we do eat it, we either make it at home or we have one carry-out pizza place that we love locally. I’m a big fan of simplicity!

  6. 🙂 I love pizza but rarely get to eat it. Surely am not going to buy a whole pizza for one person…and besides, it is SO not on the diet!

    Lately I’ve found carryout a little bland, even at alleged “gourmet” pizzerias. These days a sit-down restaurant is the approach of choice. Friend and I found a place that makes gluten-free pizzas (she tries to avoid wheat products) that surprisingly are drop-down-dead delicious. The dough is awesome (how they do that, I can’t imagine) and the toppings are from nirvana. It’s a locally owned store, not a chain.

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