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Little Boy Beagle loves his yogurt.  It's probably his favorite part of his breakfast.

So, my wife has gotten pretty familiar with their product especially buying it regularly.

Imagine our disappointment when she noticed that Yoplait has changed their product size and packaging which results in a dramatic price increase.

You used to get six 4-ounce cups for $2.29 regular price.

Now, for the same $2.29, guess what you get?

Four cups.  So, they've essentially taken away one-third of what you used to get and are charging the same?

But wait!  It gets better.

In addition to knocking two cups off your multi-pack, they've also taken away yogurt.

That's right, they've decided to skim yogurt out of the cups.  From little kids!

The cups went from 4.0 ounces to 3.0 ounces.

So, let me see if I have this straight.  You used to get 24 ounces of product.  So, the brilliant minds at Yoplait came up with the idea of shrinking this to 16 ounces by losing a couple of cups.  Then, someone else came up with the even better idea of knocking off another ounce by skimming an ounce out of each cup.

That's 12 ounces when you used to get 24.  That's 50% less product with 0% less price.

Brilliant.  Whoever got a raise on that one should feel mighty proud of themselves.

Big, big shame on you, Yoplait.

And for the record, we have already made the switch to Dannon's kid yogurt.

(Update 2/16: Yoplait has indicated that the smaller packaging should come with reduced pricing, so I will be checking stores to see if this is indeed the case, and if so, whether it is in line with the product reduction or if there is still a ‘hidden' price increase in here somewhere)