Prime Day 2018: We Spent More At Target Than Amazon

Prime Day 2018 is in the books.  Hopefully you scored any deals that you might have been looking for.  At our house, we had no plans, so it was pretty low key.  As mentioned in the title, Target actually won in terms of spending!

Two Items Purchased At Amazon

  • Tablet – We actually had no plans to do any shopping.  Then, as luck would have it, one of our kids Fire Tablets broke on Monday evening.  It was dropped, and although it gets dropped often, this one cracked the screen.  As luck would have it, the warranty had run out, so we couldn’t get a free replacement.  We were able to purchase a basic tablet for $29.99, saving us $15.  Good timing for bad luck, I suppose!
  • Gift Card – I saw on Slickdeals that you could get a $5 credit after purchasing a $25 gift card.  I knew we’d spend $25 at some point, so I nabbed it.

That was it for Prime Day at Amazon

A Bunch Of Items At Target

As would be expected, many stores offered their own deals on Prime Day.  One of these was Target.  They offered 25% off basically all bath and body products.  This also included sunscreen.  So, we stocked up!  We bought things from toothpaste to shampoo.  It was all stuff that we would buy in the next couple of months, anyway.  It saved a bundle.

We also bought a new set of sheets for one of the beds in our camper.  The current set is old, scratchy, and pilly.  Again, with 25% off bedding, it was the perfect time.

It was interesting how Amazon goes for the gadgets as their sell.  It seemed tablets, fitness trackers, household management, and such were there items.  Target went totally opposite.  They went for the everyday items.  I didn’t see much crossover.

For us, since we had no desire to purchase anything, Amazon really didn’t have much to offer.  Even though they had good deals, the best deal for us was buying nothing.  Or, as close as we could realistically come to it.

Readers, how did Prime Day work out for you? Did you buy anything extra that day?  What about at other stores looking to compete?  


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  1. I got that Amazon gift card deal too and a few other boring things, like toilet paper. My expectations of Prime Day have gone down as my age has gone up. 🙂

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