Product Sizes Continue To Shrink

MSNBC has posted an article listing more examples of products shrinking their sizes as a way to increase prices without actually increasing the prices.

Affected items include things from all over the house:

  • Orange juice
  • Hot dogs
  • Cheese slices
  • Paper towel (et tu, Costco?)
  • Dish soap
  • First Aid spray (seriously?)
  • And more….

What do you think?  Would you rather see product packaging continue to change so that you get less and less product each time you buy it, or would you rather have the manufacturers quit the smokescreen and just raise the darn prices?

3 thoughts on “Product Sizes Continue To Shrink”

  1. I'm fine with food sizes shrinking, but not ok with other consumables. At least no without informing the consumers.

  2. Its when they do both sides — product size shrinks AND the price is jacked up. Thats when I switch products, or head down to costco

  3. I guess it is either shrinking packaging or higher prices. I believe some manufacturers are doing both. It appears to be the inflation the government does not track.

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