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Product Testing Jobs at Home For MoneyMost people are not aware they can actually make money from the comfort of their homes by testing a company's products for them. Product testing can be a fun and rewarding opportunity to take advantage of. Even though it sounds too good to be true, product testing is a very real thing. Most companies will even ship the products they want to be tested right to your home for you.

The concept of home product testing is similar to taking online surveys for money at home, except there are a couple of differences. When it comes to product testing, the tester usually gets to keep the product once the testing period has been completed. The company allows a tester to keep their product in exchange for offering an honest and detailed review of the product, of course.

Why Do Companies Have Their Products Tested?

Before releasing a product into the marketplace, companies need to be sure there are no issues needing fixing or improvements to be made. If a company fails to have their products tested thoroughly by actual users, they could be wasting lots of money on launching a product that will ultimately fail. If a product receives a ton of negative feedback during testing, they know they have to start fresh and make massive improvements. The improvements will be made based on the honest reviews home product testers make trying out the products for free.

What Is Paid Market Research?

Not many people are very familiar with what paid market research is. It is also often referred to as paid beta testing. Basically, market research involves a consumer providing a detailed, honest review or opinion on a product for a company. The reward for completing the review is to either receive the product for free or get money for the review. In some cases, a product tester can get both the product and money.

Examples Of Different Paid Market Research Opportunities Include:

  • Focus panels and groups
  • Product testing
  • Paid surveys online
  • Service testing
  • Free product testing of electronics
  • Free samples offered at grocery stores
  • Retail and grocery store experience surveys

It should be noted that product testing differs greatly from survey opportunities. Product testing often involves a company asking you to use a particular product or service they offer in a specified manner. Surveys will often ask for your opinions or ask questions regarding products or services without the survey taker actually having to try it out.

Product Testing Jobs at Home For Money

Example Of Product Testing Scenarios:

  1. The Downy company sends a tester a small sample of their new laundry detergent to try. They ask the tester to use it in a load of laundry containing a very stinky array of clothing, such as gym clothes or sports uniforms.
  2. The tester finishes a load of stinky laundry using the company's fabric softener and gives a review on whether or not the clothes smell and feel better than normal using their product.
  3. Once Downy receives a completed review, they may send money, a gift card or a coupon worth significant discounts for use when a tester decides to purchase their products in the future.

Many brands you already know or love need lots of consumers to test and try their new products before they launch them to the public. These product testing jobs will allow you to help companies piece together the bigger picture of how their new products will be received out in the market among the competition. They want honest reviews of their new product's performance.

It should be noted that not all product testing opportunities come with actual physical products to test. For some product testing opportunities, you will get a product sent to you in the mail. Other instances, you may be asked to try a service online such as a new Android or iPhone app, a music streaming service or another type of digital service that is similar.

How Much Can You Make Testing Products At Home?

The amount of money a product tester can make from home testing company's products will vary greatly. It will depend on the programs you decide to join and the testing panels you get accepted to. Ideally, you will want to join a variety of programs. The more products you can test at home, the more money you can ultimately earn.

Ways To Get Paid By Testing Products At Home

The best way to begin is by registering with a variety of sites that offer paid product testing jobs. All sites are going to involve having you fill out a registration form and highlight your key demographic information. It will help each company match you to products to review from companies looking for people like you. Once you have completed the review, you will be able to submit your opinion in exchange for gift cards, cash or the chance to keep the product you tested free of charge.

As you begin your search for paid product testing sites, you will find there are many reputable and recognizable brands looking to find users to test their products and offer their honest feedback in exchange for compensation. Below is a list of some of the most popular and legitimate companies in search of product testers currently. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be on your way to making money for your thoughts and opinions.

Top 10 Home Product Testing Opportunities Available Right Now:


Vindale Research

Why Vindale Research?

  • You can get paid in cash for your opinion and product testing.
  • You can instantly get a sign-up bonus of $2.
  • You can earn up to $50 for every survey you complete.
  • There are a variety of products to test (physical or digital) so there is always something new to try.

Try Vindale Research

1. Vindale Research

Vindale is a great product testing opportunity to look into signing up with. They are currently one of the better product testing websites out there. They are a bit unique because they only offer their testers cash as reimbursement for their opinions and product testing panels. While you may not be able to keep any physical products you test, you will still get to receive money for doing so. When you sign up for the first time, they will give you a sign-up bonus of $2 to get you started. Survey takers registered with Vindale can expect to earn up to $50 for each survey they complete.

Tips For Getting Paid With Vindale Research To Test Products

  • Users will complete available surveys and answer questions to determine if they are eligible for product testing.
  • For participants who get selected, they will then answer questions about physical products or digital services they have actually used in the past.
  • Once the product testing questions are answered, participants will receive their cash bonuses in the form of PayPal credit or via a check in the mail.

Summary of Vindale Research

Vindale is a very simple product testing opportunity. It should be a top choice for anyone looking to get involved with at-home survey and product testing opportunities.



Why Pinecone?

  • It is a great way to test products not released into the market yet.
  • The points earned for completing questionnaires can be redeemed in cash or gift card.
  • For every questionnaire completed, you will be entered into a sweepstake for a chance to win prizes.
  • There is a flat rate of $3 for every completed survey.

Try Pinecone

2. Pinecone Research

A sub-brand of Nielson is their Pinecone Research panel. This site usually places focus on product testing for items which have not been released to the public yet.

How Does Product Testing Work With Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research works by offering their consumers points to be used in exchange for completing merchandise questionnaires they send your way. The points you earn may be accumulated and then redeemed for prizes or cash. They also offer a vast array of gift card options which include brand-name merchandise or virtual Visa cards. Another portion of the Pinecone research panel is the ability to be entered into various sweepstakes. This is another way the company likes to thank their participants for their time.

Top Benefits Of Participating In Pinecone Research:

  • Very clear pay structure- You will earn a flat rate of $3 per completed product test survey.
  • Reliable company- Participating with a company such as Nielson guarantees you are working with a professional and reliable one.

It should be noted that there are not always open panel positions available. If you register and they are not looking for households in your area or your demographic, they will respond with a notification letting you know there are no current openings to join. Typically, Nielson will retain your personal information for certain timeframe in case an opening does become free. If not, you might find it best to reapply every few weeks until a spot is available.



Why Nielsen?

  • The Nielsen brand is reputable as the leader in market research and consumer options.
  • The registration process is easy and can be completed in a few minutes.
  • Current members have given the program great feedback, especially in terms of compensation.
  • You can earn money by doing the same activities that you normally do on your device.

Try Nielsen

3. Nielson's National Consumer Panel

Most people have heard about Nielson TV ratings at one point or another. For many decades now, the company has polled consumers throughout the country about what, when, how and why they watch specific shows. The reputation of Nielson has made them almost synonymous with market research and consumer opinions.

Today, the Nielson company operates a few sub-brands. The first one is the NCP. The National Consumer Panel works in partnership with iRl. They are a leading international data analytics and marketing research company working around the world. This joint venture between Nielson and the iRl is how the private Homescan program came to be.

The Basics Of The HomeScan Program

Once you sign up to be a product tester with the HomeScan program, you will receive in the mail a handheld scanner to use. Some testers will not receive a scanner. Instead, they will have access to the company's mobile app. The scanner or app will be used when you go shopping. You will scan the barcode of each product you intend to purchase and earn points for each one you scan. These points may be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards.

On top of the scanning of purchased products, participants may also be able to take surveys and earn extra points. All participants will automatically be entered into weekly, monthly and quarterly sweepstakes for a chance at winning cash, gift cards or bonus points.

The Best Parts Of The HomeScan Program:

  • Excellent Reputation- Nielson is a company that can be trusted. They have an excellent reputation. You can rest assured you will be fairly compensated for your participation.
  • Easy Registration- The process to register with Nielson's HomeScan program is simple and quick. For most new users, the process can take less than 10 minutes to complete. The questions to answer during the registration process are very painless.
  • Social Proof- There is a lot of proof online and through social media that most of Nielson's panelists are happy with their participation. Most users found on Facebook have stated they are pleased with the company's compensation and professionalism. A lot of panelists have stuck around with the company for a long time because of how worthwhile the opportunity has been.

It should be noted that registering will add you to Nielson's database for review. Typically, this will mean you are put onto a waitlist until there is a spot available as a panelist. The company recruits panelists periodically for specific geographic areas and certain demographic groups. This means they might not need you right now. They might need your input in the near future. There are no guarantees, however, that they will ever call upon you to be a panelist.

Product Testing Jobs at Home For Money

4. American Consumer Opinion

If you are ready to get started testing products at home, the best place to start is by registering at a site such as American Consumer Opinion. The ACOP has more than seven million active users around the world currently. The company has already paid out more than $30 million in gift cards, cash and other incentives to their users up to this point. They offer their users surveys which ask each member's opinions on a variety of topics including the economy, advertising campaigns, new product ideas and more.

Tips For Becoming An ACOP Product Tester

Once you register and become a panel member for ACOP, you will be able to participate in many surveys throughout the year. Most of these surveys will take you no more than 10 or 15 minutes to complete. They are made up of easy-to-answer survey questions. Each month, panel members get asked to take screener surveys in order for the company to know which opportunities you would be perfect for. Each time you successfully finish a survey, you will earn points in your account. These points will accumulate over time and you can cash them out using PayPal. It's quick and easy to register for ACOP. You may sign up by registering with your Facebook or Google login information within their dashboard.

Why Choose American Consumer Opinion?

There are many reasons to join ACOP. Below are some of the reasons they are a great choice, including the ability to use your rewards points to enter exciting sweepstakes for a chance to win cash or prizes.

  • Donation Options- If you choose to forego cashing out your points via PayPal, you can opt to donate your rewards to one of your favorite charities instead.
  • Text Alerts- With ACOP, you won't have to worry about missing a great survey or product testing opportunity. The account will send push notifications to you when there is a new survey available.
  • Wide Range Of Topics- You won't get bored with their surveys. You will find a wide variety of topics to review or answer questions about. The ACOP company works with several Fortune 500 companies. You will find yourself working with topics such as tanning lotions, snack foods, retailers and more. You'll never know what product or service you will get to try or review next.

5. Johnson & Johnson's JJ Friends & Neighbors

Not many households find themselves unaware of the company Johnson & Johnson. They are one of the biggest brand names around the world. They own Neutrogena, Aveeno, BeBe, Roc and more.

How To Get Compensation For Testing Beauty Products:

The JJ Friends & Neighbors program offers participants the ability to test their products free of charge and you may keep them after finishing your review. These are going to be products such as makeup, self-care and fragrances that haven't even been released yet. While the site doesn't offer much in the way of how you get paid, it seems to point to Prepaid Visa Gift Cards. They have other opportunities to take part in such as focus groups, discussion forums and groups, online surveys and various panels.

Best Parts Of The Program:

  • Highly trusted- You can trust the brand and company. Johnson & Johnson is a reputable company and you can fully expect to be treated fairly and professionally.
  • Inclusive- Anyone is able to register and join this program. You will be contacted through email if you are eligible for a product testing.

6. McCormick & Company, Inc.

This company is known around the globe for their vast assortment of premium seasonings and spices. If you love the idea of being able to test food, this might be the perfect product testing panel for you.

How To Join McCormick Panel

The first step in joining is applying for a panelist position. Once you are entered into their database, you will begin receiving periodic recruiting emails for participation in their studies. These studies will fill up quickly. If you want to get on board, try to respond to these emails as soon as you can. Home product testing will take from 30 minutes to a couple hours each. You can expect to make from $10 to $15 worth of Amazon gift cards for participation.

Best Parts Of McCormick Program:

  • Unique Opportunity- Most of the product testing companies review household items only. However, McCormick offers testing and review opportunities on food and drink products.
  • Good compensation- Depending on the study you are invited to participate in, you may be able to earn up to $30 each hour.

The company will frequently look for in-facility participants at their facility in Hunt Valley. This is located just outside of Baltimore in Maryland. The testing will generally be up to a couple hours long and pay between $30 and $100.


In the age of digital businesses, it is critical for businesses to perform website testing. If you find yourself having an eye for details, you might have a good future for testing products for digital powerhouses.

How The UserTesting's Program Works:

It is a very straightforward process. To begin, simply visit their site and create an account. Next, you will download their program software. Once installed, it will track your apps and website visits. You will be prompted to answer questions regarding your experience. Each test can take around 20 minutes each and you will be rewarded $10 via PayPal for every test you complete. Like other types of market research programs, the number of websites and apps you can product-test will depend on your demographic.

Best Parts Of

  • User-Friendly- Both the site and their downloadable software are simple to use, even for those who are not tech savvy.
  • Good Pay- The amount you make for each test is a great ROI.

In order to participate, you will need to have an internet connection, a microphone and room on your computer to download their software.

Product Testing Jobs at Home For Money

8. Erli Bird

This site is similar to Those who participate will be paid $10 for each assessment they provide. They also test for hardware and app bugs. They were founded in 2012 and have more than 130,000 users to date.

How The Erli Bird Program Works:

Once you register for your free account, you will be able to take up to five tests each month. Like with other sites and panels, the number of tests you will be eligible for will depend on your geographical location and demographics. Payment will be received via Paypal one week after you have completed a project.

Great Things About Erli Bird:

  • Just cash- You will get paid quickly and with cash through PayPal. You don't have to wait weeks for a check in the mail or decide what type of prize or gift card you want.
  • Quality- The company places an emphasis on quality. They want great feedback on the software companies who hire them. The better your assessments are, the more offers you will be sent to participate.


With, testers will be selected randomly based on where they live, the age of their children and other factors. When you sign up, you are not guaranteed a spot on the panel. Once you create an account, you will be contacted via email with offers to participate. For participation, you will receive free kits, books and Special Reports for your time.

10. Chatterbox

Chatterbox will connect you with hundreds of popular brand names. Once you register, you will be given the opportunity to test new products from different brands. The products you test will be yours to keep after reviewing them. To remain a member, you will have to talk about the products within the Chatterbox community. The types of products you can try include household products, pet supplies, toys and games, food and much more. As a reward for your participation, you will be able to keep the products you try free of charge.


Being a product tester can be a lucrative financial opportunity if you work directly for a company. There are many people that test products from the comfort of their own home though. Not only does testing products allow you to keep the product you’re reviewing, but people can even get compensated for it as well.

We’ve answered the following questions about how to become a product tester and what you can do to test products made by some of your favorite companies or industries.

How to Become a Product Tester

There are different methods to become a product tester. You can sign up for a major survey and product testing website that lists tons of different opportunities available to you based on your demographic.

Another method to become a product tester is to directly sign up for the service with a company that you admire or one that has products you enjoy. We’ve answered the following questions on how to become a product tester.

What's it called when a person tests products?

Testing products is commonly called consumer testing or product testing. The process involves a person receiving a product from a company and then reviewing it or providing their opinion on how well the product works.

How do you sign up to test Sephora products?

You can indirectly sign up to test Sephora products by becoming a Makeup Mystery Shopper through Product Testing USA. Only a select number of people are chosen to be a reviewer.

How to get a job testing products?

You can get a job, testing products, by choosing a specific company that offers the service. For example, the General Mills Advisory panel gives you the opportunity to test General Mills products for free.

Is it dangerous to product test shaving cream?

It’s not dangerous to product test shaving cream, but with all product testing you may do, there may be some shortcomings or unforeseen negatives that come with trying a new product before it is ready to go on the market.

How to test products for free?

You can sign up for various companies to receive free samples and test products. Some of the companies that offer these services include The Pink Panel, BzzAgent, and Marie Claire Magazine.

How to get paid to test products?

The best way to get paid to test products is to sign up for several websites that offer the service. These sites usually make you fill out a survey to see if you fall under their target demographic.

How to test new face products?

You can test new face products for free by choosing a company that offers it as a service. Sephora is a company that lets you choose 3 beauty products from each department to test.

How to make money testing products?

Not every company pays you to test products. Some companies, such as Erli Bird and UserTesting, pay you to test out websites and apps to see how well the function and whether there are any bugs in the software.

How to test beauty products for free?

Large companies, such as L’Oreal offer you the ability to test beauty products for free. You can also sign up for other companies, such as Smiley360 to test full-sized toiletries and beauty products.

How to test a software product?

UserTesting is a popular website that pays you to test software, such as websites and apps. Tests usually take around 20 minutes and pay $10 through PayPal for each test you complete.

How do I get paid to test products?

Pinecone Research pays you in points in exchange for completing questionnaires related to merchandise they provide. You can then redeem those points, once you’ve acquired a certain amount, for cash or prizes.

How to test baby products? offers a mom tester program, which gives you the ability to test products for children. You get a firsthand look at items, such as diapers, toys, bath products, and strollers. You must sign up and give some details about your kids in order to be chosen.

How to make money testing products at home?

You can make money testing products through i-Say. This is an online platform, which pays people through rewards for taking surveys, testing products, and providing their opinions on various polls.

How to get paid to test products?

In-Home Product Testing is a service that pays you to test products. The payments are done either through Target or Amazon gift cards. They only do product testing a few times a year though.

What survey site offers the most product tests?

Vindale Research is one of the largest and most popular survey sites available. In terms of earnings and opportunities, Vindale Research is one of the most lucrative opportunities available.

How to sign up to product test workout equipment?

You cannot directly sign up to product test workout equipment. You can get workout equipment to test from various companies if you have a large social media following that is related to working out or using workout equipment.

How to be good at testing products?

In order to be a good tester, you need to think critically, provide good information on what problems you may find with a product, and remain unbiased towards whatever item you’re testing.

How to test products for free dropshipping?

To evaluate a product for dropshipping suppliers for free, you should look at the supplier and find out what their rating is and the quality of products they provide. The higher the rating and quality, the more likely the products are in good condition.

How do you test skincare products?

Glamour Glam Spotters gives you the ability to test beauty items before they are launched. There are no monetary rewards, but you do get to test skincare and other beauty products.

How to test children's products?

If you’re a parent, you can test children’s products through the program, which matches mothers up with certain products that are appropriate for a child of their age or demographic.

How to test new facial products?

The Pink Panel is a company that allows you to test new facial and beauty products. You can also get gift certificates that range from $25 – $100.

How to test hair products for free?

SheSpeaks is a popular testing program for women only. The program provides various products to test, which range from kitchen items to cosmetics and even hair care products.

How much do companies pay to test their products?

A person who works as a Product Tester gets paid, on average, $20.41 per hour. The amount you earn as a product tester for different sites and companies depends on the company and many simply allow you to keep the product.

How to sign up to test new products?

You can sign up to test new products by going directly to the company that has the products you want to test. If you want to test beauty products, for example, sign up for the Vogue Insiders program.

How to test products for companies?

Most large companies have a group that allows you to test products for them. For example, Reebok allows you to be a product tester if you are 18, active physically, and are skilled in the sport or activity you volunteer in.

Testing Products for Specific Companies

Certain companies and products require you to specifically sign up for them through their website or meet certain specifications. Whether it is through invitation only or having a certain amount of influence on social media. Take a look at the questions we’ve answered how to become a tester for some of the largest brands and companies from the comfort of your own home.

How to test Apple products for free?

The only way to test Apple products for free is to either already be an Apple employee. You can also become a tester if you are living near the Apple headquarters in the Cupertino area.

How to test Shopify products?

You cannot test Shopify products before you purchase them, but you can reach out to the Shopify store owner to get more information about a product before you choose to purchase it.

How to test skin care products?

Companies like L’Oreal give you the opportunity to test products for skin care, hair care, makeup and beauty products. You must be accepted to be a part of their consumer testing group.

How to test Amazon products?

To test Amazon products, start by reviewing products on Amazon constantly. Continue to create unbiased helpful reviews and make a social media account dedicated. Once you become a Top Reviewer, companies will send you products to review or to request you give them a shout-out. Another way to get free stuff on Amazon is to do surveys and earn Amazon gift cards. There are several survey companies to do this, for example take a look at Survey Junkie reviews we just wrote about.

How to test products on Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t provide you with products to test for free. You can, however, test selling your own products through creating Facebook ads and seeing how well people respond to the offers and products you provide.

How to test products for free Amazon?

If you have a strong reputation on Amazon, especially as a Top Reviewer, then you can get sent products from various companies to test them out. Another method to test products for free is to have a popular social media account dedicated to reviewing certain types of products.

How to test products and keep them?

Some companies allow you to keep a product in exchange for testing them. CrowdTap lets you test full-sized product samples, but they do not pay you cash for the testing information you provide.

Are there any legitimate product testing sites?

Several product testing sites exist that are legitimate. Many large companies have a team or group where they allow you to test their products specifically. Sites, such as GlobalTestMarket, Crowdville, and Influenster all allow you to test products as well.

How sign up for Fruit of the Loom product testing?

To test products for Fruit of the Loom, you must sign up to be a part of their fruit bunch. Unfortunately, you can only sign up through getting an invitation from an authorized party.

How to test a Netgear product?

By joining the NETGEAR Beta Community you get the ability to test products for free while they are being developed and provide feedback to determine the direction in which the product will change.  

How do you test products on Swagbucks?

In order to test products on Swagbucks, you must sign up for a survey in hopes of it being related to product testing. You also must fit a certain demographic in order to be able to test a product.

Do Swagbucks surveys do product testing?

Swagbucks surveys do provide product testing from time to time. The product testing is not as common as other forms of surveys, but they are available depending on your qualifications and what demographic you fall under.

Does GE offer a product testing opportunity?

GE doesn’t directly perform its own product testing. GE uses an independent testing agency, Underwriters Laboratories, where they send all their products in development for safety and other purposes.

How to do Johnson Wax product testing?

At this time, Johnson Wax doesn’t provide any outside opportunities for consumers to test their products. Most likely, Johnson Wax uses in-house employees or an independent agency for product testing.

How to sign up for Olay testing products?

Olay doesn’t currently offer a direct method to test their products, but there are campaigns where Olay allows you to test some of the products that they plan to release. The Insiders is a site that is currently seeking Olay product testers.

How to test many products using Shopify?

If you are creating products to sell on Shopify, you can test them out by using an on-demand service so you won’t have to purchase a large inventory before putting the items on your Shopify store.

How to sign up for Nike product testing?

In order to become a product tester for Nike, you have to visit the official website and sign up. If you are outside of the United States, you can email [email protected] with your country name in the subject line to get a link to an application.

Does MySurvey send you their product to test?

There are some surveys on MySurvey where you will receive products in the mail to test. Keep in mind, you will be tasked with filling out a survey and reviewing the product after receiving it.

How to test Pepsi products?

PepsiCo offers the ability to test their products through a full-time employment opportunity. You can find the opportunity to work as a tester through various job boards or on PepsiCo’s website.

How to test free products on Influenster?

Download the app and sign up for Influenster by filling out your profile. After completing your profile, answer snap questions and connect your social media. Once you’ve given all the information, Influenster may send you a VoxBox with products to review.

How do you sign up to test Sephora products?

You can sign up to test Sephora products by going to the Sephora website and registering for it directly. You can then either receive free samples through purchasing products or get them directly.