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Progressive Insurance ReviewProgressive Insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies around today. Known for their assertive way of getting their audience's attention such as “Flo,” the modern, saucy young girl who pops out of nowhere to guide people to the Progressive office to purchase a policy, they continue to outdo many of their insurance competitors.

How do they do it?

The company's advertising makes them appear to be a newcomer on the insurance scene. They have recently introduced some new ad strategies including some dramatic and funny tactics which almost all feature “Flo,” but they are really not new at all.

The company started in 1937.

What has helped Progressive rise to the top?

One of the factors that have influenced the popularity of Progressive is the internet. The online advertising strategies that Progressive has used in the form of YouTube ads, Google advertising, and other tools have helped increase the attention of people who are searching for insurance online.

Progressive does over $23 million in car insurance policies per year, and that's not bad in such a competitive market.

One of the reasons they do so well has been accredited to two primary selling tools the companies use online.

Progressive Insurance Review1. What is the “Name Your Price” Tool?

One of the most assertive and successful tools Progressive has used to increase their marketing share has been the “Name Your Price” tool. With this tool, a searcher enters the price they hope to pay, then they answer some questions about coverage, and the tool allows you to choose the ones you want.

Once you have input all of the critical information, you'll be taken to the rate.

2. What is the Progressive Snapshot?

This is a plug-in device that lets you use a diagnostic tool to check your driving experience. Safe drivers get a big discount which reduces the amount users pay in monthly premiums. This is a big attractor when it comes to selling insurance policies.

Progressive claims the average savings per customer is $130 per year.

The Fallacies of AI

A lot of emphases is put on the Progressive “Snapshot.” However, at least one user reported that he had been a safe driver with no moving violations in over ten years, but Progressive did not view him as a safe driver. This can only be analyzed by considered the mistakes that AI often makes when built into a program like this. It relies on a series of factors and is supposed to refer to a big database of information to make conclusions. In this case, however, Progressive's ‘smart' AI is not accurate, and they lost a customer.

This incident might be isolated, but it still indicates that at least one of the most trusted tools that they use to qualify people for discounts may not work as it is designed to do.

Gap Insurance

Among other car insurance products, Progressive also offers “gap insurance.” Sometimes referred to as “loan/lease payoff” insurance, this type of insurance will pay the balance of an auto loan or lease if you total your car in an accident.

This insurance is not always needed, but if you are in a situation that requires help in paying the balance and you qualify, they will pay up to 125% of the value of your leased vehicle.

Other Popular Insurance Types

Progressive Insurance handles many different types of insurance in addition to basic car insurance and gap coverage. Below are some of the most popular types they currently carry.

Pet Medical Bills

If you have a pet like a dog or a cat that is injured in an accident, this will be part of your collision coverage, if you were opt-in for it.

Custom Parts and Equipment

Progressive offers coverage for sound systems, TV equipment, phones, and custom add-ons such as spoilers or grills. You can use this insurance if your car is damaged. This is another optional coverage that will increase your premium, but it may be worth it for anyone who has souped up their vehicle with these extra options.

Roadside Assistance

This is always a great extra to have. The chances of you having a breakdown by the side of the road at some time are pretty good. Other companies offer this coverage, but it's nice to have it included in your car insurance. If you have a mechanical or electrical breakdown, flat tire, lockout, or another qualifying incident, Progressive will pay the bill if you have this coverage.

With the exorbitant costs of wreckers and towing bills, this would be an advantage to have on your policy.

Ride Sharing Coverage

This is a little-known type of vehicle coverage that allows drivers to file a claim for taxi-related incidents such as Uber or Lyft. This insurance option is currently only available in Texas.

How Progressive Keeps Their Premiums So Low

One of the aspects of Progressive Insurance that keeps them doing so well is the low premiums they offer their customers. With a little research, we found that it appears the lower premiums are almost exclusively obtained through discounts.

As mentioned before, many people are passed over for the discounts due to some glitch or inaccuracies in their AI program that is supposed to make these decisions based on facts. That being said, many people do qualify. Below are some of the most popular discounts you could receive as a Progressive applicant.

Safe Driver Discount

Safe driver discounts are available through Progressive's online application if you qualify. They define “safe driver” as someone who has had no moving violations or “at-fault” accidents over the past three years. Hopefully, they have fixed the issues that one user reported that showed a false positive for accidents or that they offer an alternative to qualifying for this discount if a person does not have a record of moving violations.

Multi-car Discount

Carrying insurance on several different cars can be expensive. Progressive offers a 10% discount when you carry at least two cars on your policy.

Homeowner's Discount

If you are a homeowner, whether it's a house, a condo, or an apartment unit, you are eligible for this discount. Progressive does not have to be the insurer of the property for you to qualify. Just got to their site and compare home insurance quotes to other companies to get the best price.

Another discount on homeowners insurance policies you can get is having a home security system. This may cheapen policy costs up to 20% depending your home and other factors. Read our home security systems reviews to choose the best one that works for you if you're interested in this discount.

Continuous Insurance

Insurance companies reward customers for having continuous insurance. That's because there is less of a risk of loss when you keep continuous insurance. Talk to a Progressive agent to find out how much this discount is.

Paperless Document Signing

If you complete your application and purchase all online, you will be eligible for this discount. You can get around 7% for this discount.

Paying in Full

If you are someone who likes to pay your account in full rather than by the quarter or the month, you can also qualify for a discount. You'll reduce the cost of your annual premium if you pay up front.

Automatic Bill Pay

If you set up automatic billing and payment with an online checking account or credit card, you'll also get a discount for that.

Good Student Discounts

If you are attending a college or university within 100 miles from your home and only drive when you are home, and you maintain a B average or better, you qualify for a good student discount. Be sure to ask about this when you apply.

Minor Child Driver

If you have a child who is just starting to drive, you can avoid much of the high cost of minor child insurance by adding them to your current policy. They can be on your policy until they turn 18.

Progressive Insurance Review

Summary on Progressive Discounts

As you can tell, there are several various discounts that you may qualify for when you apply for a new Progressive insurance policy. The many discounts offers for various categories may be how Progressive is repeatedly able to offer the cheapest car insurance. Their normal rates are about average in the insurance industry. But, when discounts are applied, the average consumer can save hundreds per year, depending on how many they qualify for.

Using the Car Insurance Estimator

There is a car insurance estimator tool that allows you to get a free quote from their website, providing that you give them your name, mailing address, and email address.

The problem is that you may get a large number of calls, emails, and mailers sent to you without ceasing immediately after this.

If you are okay with talking insurance agents non-stop for a few days, you will be a position to pick and choose the policy options that you want.

Sample Coverage Estimator

In a sample application with no moving violations or at-fault accidents, this person got a policy that included the required liability, as well as uninsured motorist bodily injury up to $500K and uninsured motorist property damage up to $100K with a $500 deductible.

This policy estimate also includes collision insurance with a $500 deductible and comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible.

The total cost of this fictional policy turned out to be around $1100 per year, which is about $300 per year cheaper than the average insurance premium in the U.S.

The monthly premium for this policy was $184.

Factors Involved in Premium Decisions

It's important to understand the factors that insurance companies consider to decide on a person's premium. Below are the most common factors used to make these decisions.

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Credit history
  • Driving history
  • Make/model of car
  • Discount qualification

Keep in mind that your premium will vary by state and will be higher for a sports car, new car, or modified vehicle than for a regular car that is older or less valuable on today's market. Other factors are also included based on years of research on which demographic has the worst accidents (currently, it is still males aged 16-24) but girls are slowly catching up due to texting-and-driving.

Once you get out of the high-risk age bracket, your premiums should go down.

Progressive Insurance Review

The Final Analysis

So, what is the conclusion? Should you get insurance with Progressive Insurance Company? Reviews are mixed, with many users stating that the customer service was not what they would expect from a company that so aggressively goes after their target market in advertising.

But they are still considered one of the lowest priced premium insurance offers out there. And, with so many opportunities for discounts, you can save some money if you know what to ask. reports that the only other car insurance company that comes up as a real competitor on the rates alone is GEICO. Based in Washington, D.C., GEICO has prices similar to Progressive, and they also offer a significant number of discounts.

I have had both Progressive and Geico and I found that both were a viable option if you need to get lower rates for your auto insurance premium while still trusting that they will handle your claim quickly and efficiently.

Customer service seemed to be better with GEICO than Progressive, but Progressive does handle claims quickly, and you get your money fast.

The final analysis is that Progressive is indeed an excellent choice for people needing to save money on auto insurance, especially if you have minor children you want to put on the policy. Additionally, the extra coverage such as roadside assistance, career-based discounts, military discounts, and safe driving discounts can save the average driver even more money over a year.

There are other similar options, but most people who have had Progressive report that they are happy with the company due to the much lower rates and they feel confident that Progressive would be there for them if they had an accident.

Their claims department seems to be faster than the general customer service at Progressive so there doesn't seem to be much worry over the idea that it would take too long to reach them.

It's possible the company has just gotten so big that it's difficult to have enough representatives to answer every customer service issue promptly.

That being said, Progressive is highly competitive with one of the leading insurers located in the nation's capital and they offer a wide range of savings opportunities for drivers with a good driving record, provided they have fixed the computer issues they had during the times they got their data wrong.

If you are interested in applying to see what you get, try their online policy estimation tool and check and compare their rates with their competitors.

Make sure to do enough research on other companies and read Esurance reviews and our Metromile review too. There's so many options today but don't worry, we have you covered on auto insurance. we also have reviews on USAA car insurance, Liberty Mutual car insurance, and Allstate car insurance.

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Progressive Insurance is one of the most recognized insurance brands on the planet. We often receive questions about Progressive and its different policies and options. Below, let's take a look at some of the most common questions we receive about Progressive Insurance.

General Progressive Insurance FAQ

If you have general questions about Progressive Insurance, you may find the answers to the questions you have in this section.

Is Progressive insurance good?

This will depend on the type of policy that your purchase and the type of insurance that you're looking for. Progressive Insurance has an overall positive reputation — it has an A- rating with the BBB. Still, there are some complaints online.

Does Progressive offer gap insurance?

Yes — Progressive does offer gap insurance on some of its policies. To discuss their gap insurance options, you can speak to their team on their telephone number.

Does Progressive have renters insurance?

Yes, Progressive does have renter's insurance options for its customers. You can choose from a wide variety of rental insurance policies — contact them for a quote. Compare them to Lemonade insurance reviews to see which one would work best for you.

Does Progressive insurance cover rental cars?

Many of Progressive Insurance's policies do cover rental cars — this is if you already have an auto insurance policy with the company. Make sure to double check that you're covered before you rent a car.

Who plays Flo in the Progressive insurance commercials?

Stephanie Courtney is an actress that plays Flo in Progressive Insurance commercials. She's been a regular on the commercials for a number of years — she's American.

Does Progressive offer landlord insurance?

Yes, you can find various landlord insurance policies directly through Progressive. Progressive Insurance encourages its customers to seek landlord insurance — it's a great way to reduce risk.

Does Progressive offer rideshare insurance?

Like many of the largest insurance companies in America, Progressive now offers a range of rideshare insurance plans that can help you cover yourself if you're working for a service like Uber.

Does Progressive offer small business insurance?

Yes, you can purchase small business insurance through Progressive. Keep in mind that it may be underwritten by a third-party provider.

How do I know if I have gap insurance Progressive?

You need to look at your particular policy. If you have to double check if you have gap insurance, it's always a good idea to contact Progressive directly.

Is Progressive insurance reliable?

While there are a number of complaints about Progressive on the internet, as one of the largest insurance companies in the country, it has the resources you need to reduce your risks. They offer several insurance types however their site takes you to for long and short-term health insurance options.

Which insurance is better Geico or Progressive?

This will depend on the type of insurance, your policy, and the quote that you're offered from each insurance company. It's always a good idea to compare policies from multiple insurance providers.

Who founded Progressive insurance?

Joseph Lewis and Jack Green first started the business. The company originally started in the 1930s, but didn't see rapid growth until many years later.

Where is the nearest Progressive insurance office?

This will depend on your location. If you'd like to find your local office, make sure to search on the Progressive website to find the best office location for you.

Does Progressive car insurance cover rental trucks?

Progressive car insurance does typically cover rental cars, but it's important to check if this is also applicable to the type of truck that you plan on renting. Contact their customer service team to find out.

How is Progressive insurance rated?

Progressive has mixed reviews. While there are a number of bad reviews online, Progressive insurance has an A- rating with the BBB — this is considered a good score.

Does Progressive offer health insurance?

They don't directly offer health insurance but will send you to on their website. There you will be able to find coverage including supplemental insurance companies.

Does Progressive have medicare supplement plans?

No they don't as far as we can see on their site. However we do talk about medicare options on our site and help you understand what your options are including things like medigap plan g and other plans.

Progressive Insurance Policy FAQ

If you have various questions about Progressive Insurance's policies, you may find the answers you're looking for in this section.

Does Progressive have homeowners insurance?

Yes, you can purchase homeowner's insurance through progressive, though it may be outsourced to a third-party underwriter. Some consider them to have the best home and auto insurance bundling discounts. Also consider a warranty in addition to insurance. Do a home warranty price comparison to see if it makes financial sense.

Does Progressive have life insurance?

You can purchase life insurance policies through Progressive, but it won't be Progressive that's underwriting the policy. It will be outsourced to another provider. Ask them if they have no medical exam life insurance.

What Does Progressive renters insurance cover?

This will depend on the type of policy that you purchase. In many cases, it will cover the cost of personal property and personal liability on the property.

What is full coverage insurance Progressive?

Full coverage typically refers to a comprehensive form of insurance. This type of insurance is normally much more expensive than basic auto insurance — but it does reduce your overall financial risk.

Does Progressive car insurance cover windshield replacement?

This depends on the type of car insurance coverage that you have. In most cases, you will only have this level of coverage if you purchase comprehensive insurance.

Does Progressive insurance cover hail damage?

This will depend on the type of policy that you have. If you have comprehensive insurance, you should be covered for hail damage — but make sure to check your individual policy.

Does Progressive insurance have accident forgiveness?

Yes, depending on your policy Progressive does offer some accident forgiveness benefits. This is actually one of the features that Progressive is famous for.

Does renters insurance cover theft, Progressive?

Because renter's insurance from Progressive is typically underwritten by a third-party, you'll need to check your specific policy. In most cases, it should be covered.

Does car insurance cover hitting a deer Progressive?

Like most policy questions, this will depend on your coverage. If you want coverage for deer or other animals, you'll need to consider one of Progressive's comprehensive plans. Always double check to make sure that you're covered.

Does Progressive insurance cover windshield cracks?

Not all plans will cover windshield cracks — if you want windshield coverage, make sure to look into Progressive's comprehensive plans.

Does Progressive insurance cover Canada?

At this time, you won't find Progressive insurance coverage for Canada.

Progressive Insurance Price FAQ

If you're looking to find answers about the pricing associated with Progressive Insurance, you can find plenty of information in this section.

How much is Progressive car insurance?

This will depend on the type of car insurance that you're looking for. If you want comprehensive coverage, it will cost more than basic coverage. Request a quote to find out!

How much is full coverage insurance with Progressive?

This will depend on the type of vehicle that you drive and various other factors. This is normally the most expensive form of auto insurance from Progressive. Ask for a quote if you're interested in this coverage.

How much is Progressive motorcycle insurance?

This will depend on a range of factors, including the level of coverage, type of bike, and driving record. Ask for motorcycle insurance quotes to get a full breakdown of costs.

Other Progressive Insurance Questions

If you have any other questions about Progressive, you should be able to find the answers here.

How much Does Flo from Progressive insurance make a year?

There are rumors that Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials make around $1m per year — she's one of the most expensive commercial stars in the United States!

How much Does Progressive insurance spend on advertising?

Progressive is known for having one of the largest advertising budgets in the insurance industry. It's estimated to sometimes spend over $500m per year on advertising.

How to add a car to Progressive insurance?

If you want to add a new car to a Progressive insurance policy, it's important to contact the Progressive team to ensure that it's covered. You can also add vehicles through your online portal.

What is the Snapshot device from Progressive insurance?

Snapshot is a device that tracks your driving habits — it's a voluntary program that allows you to reduce your insurance costs. Keep in mind, this means Progressive will have access to your driving data!

Does Progressive have digital insurance cards?

You can get proof of insurance emailed to you after you pay for your insurance policy. You can also get physical insurance cards.

How long has Progressive insurance been in business?

Progressive has been in business for around 82 years. The company first started operating in 1937.

How much Does Progressive insurance go up after accident?

This will depend on your policy and overall driving record. In some cases, Progressive will give you accident forgiveness if you have a good driving record.

How to renew Progressive insurance?

You can control most of your policy's features directly through your online Progressive portal. You can also call the company's team directly to renew your policy.

How to drop Progressive insurance?

If you want to drop Progressive insurance in order to find another insurance provider, contact their customer service team directly. Just make sure you have insurance before you drop your current policy — you don't want to break the law. This can be true for health insurance too. Learn more about how to buy health insurance.

How to file an insurance claim with Progressive?

If you want to quickly file an insurance claim, you can do it by logging into your online portal or calling their claims phone number directly.

How to get insurance stamp from Progressive?

If you want to get an insurance stamp from Progressive, you'll need to contact their head office directly. You can also ask a local office if you have on in the area.

How to save money on car insurance Progressive?

If you want to save money on car insurance, it's critical to maintain a good driving record and not claim for small items that are less than your deductible. You can also use the Snapshot program which tracks your driving habits to help you save money.

Does Progressive offer pet insurance?

Yes, you can find pet insurance through Progressive, though it will be underwritten by a third-party. Most of the insurance policies that aren't car insurance are underwritten by third-parties.

Can I add my girlfriend to my car insurance Progressive?

This type of feature is a bit murky. Progressive does allow you to combine insurance with a roommate to save money, so you should contact them to see if you're able to add your girlfriend.

Does car insurance go down at 25 Progressive?

In most cases your insurance costs will drop dramatically when you turn 25. Some people save almost 20% per year on their Progressive policies once they turn 25.

Does Progressive car insurance cover flood damage?

If you want coverage for flooding, it's critical to purchase a comprehensive Progressive auto insurance plan. This is the best way to ensure that you're covered from natural disasters. If you live in a flood zone, this is critical.

How long does an accident stay on your insurance Progressive?

If you've had an accident, it should only impact your insurance policy for around three years if you use Progressive. If you haven't had one before, you may be eligible for accident forgiveness.

How to file a complaint against Progressive insurance?

You can file a complaint directly with Progressive or you can use a consumer watchdog group like the BBB.

Why did my Progressive insurance go up?

There are a variety of reasons your insurance may have gone up. It could be because of an accident or because you've changed cars or added drivers. You can contact Progressive directly if you want further clarification.

Will Progressive cover new tires?

If you have roadside assistance as part of your policy with them then they will at least repair a flat. As far as new tires go you'll need to ask them about this directly. However its very easy to find cheap tires for sale online these days.