When I Once Helped Somebody To Be Frugal

It’s always nice to help someone, right?  Helping people makes you feel good, and (hopefully) them as well.  Here in the finance world, helping someone to save money is always a goal.  This is a look back when I once helped somebody to be frugal.

A Simple Conversation

Where it started was a simple walk down the hall to a meeting.  On the way, the co-worker I was walking with said something that floored me.  It was simple but humbling when he told me that I inspired him to start bringing in his lunch.

We talked and I found out that he usually went out for lunch.  Making a lunch was something that he had never bothered to do.  So, when he got hungry, he went out. Or he would go to the cafeteria.  Maybe the vending machine.  In any case, he never brought in a lunch.

Watching Me

As it turns out, he was watching me.  We sat nearby so he saw that my lunch was pretty basic.  I normally bring in:

  • Vegetable (carrot sticks)
  • Sandwich
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt

In all honestly, this takes about 5-10 minutes to put together. I do it at night so that the morning is just a grab-and-go.

He watched me and realized:

  • Packing such a lunch was easy
  • It could save him money
  • And, it was healthier!

[block]0[/block]People Are Watching

I was pretty happy that I inspired someone to make better choices.

Now, honestly, this happened a few years ago.  We no longer work in the same building, so I have no idea if he actually kept up with it or not.  After all, habits are hard to change, and his habit was NOT making lunch.  But, I’m hopeful.

Here’s the thing, though.

Even if he didn’t keep up the habit, maybe someone else did.  I can’t imagine that he’s the only person that’s ever noticed me taking a lunch.  Maybe others have noticed and never said anything, yet tried it out.  Who knows?

But, it just goes to show, you never know who’s watching you.  Hopefully if you’re being noticed, it’s for something positive!

Readers, have you inspired someone to make a better financial choice?  Have you helped someone to be frugal?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “When I Once Helped Somebody To Be Frugal”

  1. That’s really neat. It goes to show that people are really watching. That’s why you have to be a good role model, especially for the kids. You never know what they’re going to pick up from you.

  2. Isn’t it funny how the smallest little things matter? Even if he didn’t keep doing it, just doing it a few times a week can have a difference. I used to pack a lunch every day and then go out on Fridays.

    • Long ago, I had a job where I did that, but I worked in a high rise where there were a bunch of restaurants within the building. Now that would involve going out, and I just don’t ever feel like dedicating the time to driving out and grabbing lunch.

  3. It’s really cool to think that something simple that you did without even thinking about it inspired someone to change something in their life and start saving money. How you act matters and you never know who is watching.

  4. Love it! I personally have brought a similar lunch for most of my working career. PB&J, carrots, chips and a cookie. It’s easy to make and very cost effective. I’ve definitely used that to spread the good word about frugalness.

  5. Attraction rather than promotion works. I have been brown bagging a similar lunch for years. The only time I go out to eat lunch at work is when the company is paying.

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