Putting Doors Back In Frozen Foods

The grocery store that we normally go to recently went through and put in all new freezers in the frozen foods section. In doing so, they addressed a problem that I’ve had with grocery stores in general, that I feel has been getting worse and worse. This problem, of course, is having entire sections of frozen and refrigerated goods stored in cases that don’t have any doors, but instead are wide open.

I could never understand this practice and how it was a good idea.

I understand that a lot of the cold is being lost regardless every time that somebody opens the door to take something out. I get that. But, there still has to be more loss of cold in open freezers than those with doors. How do I know? Easy.

When there are no doors, it is COLD! I hated walking down the frozen food aisles because I would freeze my tail off. Don’t tell me that this isn’t a tremendous amount of energy loss every time this happens.

I could never understand why the doors came off in the first place. It’s everywhere. Did stores really figure out that they were losing sales because people refused to open the door and take out the item? Huh? I know we got lazier and lazier as a society, but really?
If there is anybody that can shed some light on this, I’m all ears.

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