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Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be a draining and expensive chore; simply take small steps in enhancing (or reviving) the beauty of your home.

1.     Replace Your Old Boiler

Old, G-rated boilers are a massive drain on energy and finances. Though it is costly to replace your boiler, if you do opt for an energy efficient A-rated boiler, government grants offer £400 off the total price.

A new A-rated boiler can save you in the region of £200 per year as well as significantly reducing your CO2 emissions. Shop around for the best deal; price differences of up to  £400 have been found, so finding the right deal can save plenty on your long term ecological investment.

2.     Spring Clean

Cluttered homes can really impact on our mood. Taking a couple of days out of a hectic schedule to de-clutter your home will leave you feeling refreshed and organized.

The key is to not be too sentimental. Try not to unnecessarily hoard items. Throw away things you don’t need, then clean and reorganize your home.

3.     Repaint Your Rooms

Giving your walls a lick of paint can also give your rooms a new lease of life. Why not freshen up existing colors or add a different mood to your room? Painting will refresh dull walls and revive tired living spaces.

4.     Care for Your Kitchen

Whether you are hoping to sell in the future or are planning to settle in your current home for years to come, your kitchen is the most important room in your house.

Regardless of whether you like cooking, maintaining your kitchen – its appliances, worktops and cupboards – adds to the value of your home. A great kitchen is hard to come by, an excellent selling point and a space to be proud of.

5.     Fix that Odd Job

Every home has bits and pieces that don’t quite work properly and are waiting to be fixed. If you are looking to improve your home, finishing odd jobs around the house should be high on your ‘To Do’ list.

A dripping tap can cost in the region of £400 per year. Although you may not notice this cost day to day, this amount equates to a relaxing weekend mini break.

6.     Groom Your Garden

Gardens are persuasive features when you are hoping to sell up and move on. Those who intend to stay put will also find a well groomed garden the perfect place to relax during the summer months.

Be frugal and use your garden space to plant root vegetables and fruit trees. A cost efficient strategy may well turn out to be a lifelong hobby.

Your front garden is often the first impression visitors get of your home, be sure that it reflects you accurately.

7.     Consider New Carpets

Tired floors make rooms look dull and sometimes dirty. Consider new carpets or flooring if you want to completely lift the look of your room.

Alternatively, cleaning facilities have reduced in price in recent years. Paying a professional to cleanse your carpeting is a cheaper option to replacing your flooring.

8.     Modernize Small Features

Little touches in your home can often go unnoticed but selecting new curtain tie hooks, light switch covers and door handles can add a new edge to your home.

Opt for silver or brushed metal features for a contemporary look, while bronze fittings add more of a traditional touch.

9.     Accessorize!

Sometimes redecorating can be a trick of the eye. After smartening up your home with new coats of color, simply add new accessories and soft furnishings to inject themes into your rooms.

Whether you are hoping for a shabby chic finish, an urban pad or a quaint cottage patch feel, accessories can accentuate the direction of your decor.

10.  Make Energy Efficient Changes

Making energy efficient changes to your lifestyle is a great way to improve your home, your carbon footprint and save you money in the process.

Fit energy saving light bulbs, take showers instead of baths, turn your heating down one degree and ensure all electronic equipment is shut down fully when not in use – simple changes can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Balance the spending when making home improvements by making ecological improvements as well as aesthetic ones. Inquire about British Gas boilers and start making little eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle, and your home improvement plan could pay for itself.

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