Getting a few things off my chest:

  • The grocery store raised the price on Yoplait yogurt cups from $0.60 to $0.70 per cup.  Really, now?
  • Sprint’s ‘Everything Data’ plan is a farce.  We recently activated new smartphones and they’re now charging $10/month for every smart phone on top of the base plan rate.  They advertise the lowest plan rate of all the carriers.  Fine.  But, how many data phone activations are likely smartphones these days?  Most likely, all of them.  I hate when companies manipulate numbers like that.
  • My wife and I each have a Citi credit card.  I check the balances regularly, first logging into her account, then mine.  Citi has apparently decided to make themselves more secure by closing the browsing tab once you log out.  Not so convenient when it so happens that I want to log back in with the other account.  What’s most annoying is that it’s completely random.
  • When I activated my new Lowe’s card, I dialed the number on the sticker on the front of the card, entered my information, and was told ‘Please wait while we transfer your call’.  I immediately sighed because I knew what that meant.  See, it used to be that activating a card was something you never had to talk to someone about.  In the age of increasing automated systems, this was one area where it was welcome.  Now, you have to talk to someone again.  Why is that a problem?  Because the only reason they’re making you talk to someone is so that they can offer you credit card protection, so that if you die or get injured or whatever, they’ll protect you by…you know what, I’m not even sure how.  I stopped listening and very politely told them no thanks, then a little less politely (though still polite) told them no again.  They effectively charge you 17% for this ‘service’ and for anybody who uses it and carries a balance (we pay it off) they’re getting 42% a month from you.  That’s criminal.  And it’s no wonder Lowe’s can afford to offer 5% off purchases.
  • Have a great day!  (I had to end on a positive note, after all!)

5 thoughts on “Ranting”

  1. I hear you on the sprint phone charge! I upgraded my wife's blackberry and all of sudden they started charging the $10 data fee. I tried everything to get them to remove that fee, they wouldn't budge. But, at least sprint is getting the iphone 5 in a few months. They are a bit cheaper than other providers as well.

  2. Smart phones are still too expensive for me to switch. My rant is about traffic! I have a new teaching assignment at a middle school which is closer to home, but it takes me nearly twice as long to go home than it does to go to work. All due to traffic.

  3. Food prices have really gone up over the past year! I was looking at some chicken the other day, and it was up over 50% from a year ago.

  4. I grew to loathe my citi card after 10 years of having one, I ditched them. I pay mine off every month and the nail in the coffin is when my husband and I both got charged interest on something that we paid on time (we had 2 different accounts).. it was within months of each other and I just don't like errors made in their favor. Plus, it was a pain to cash in the rewards, and it seemed like the credit card bill came just before the bill was due with very little grace period. Citi just seemed to do too many sneaky things that always worked out for them and not the consumer.

    I've been with capital one cash back for a few years now and I've never looked back.

  5. I thought the Sprint plan looked pretty reasonable. I guess every carrier has its drawbacks. I'm still working on turning this iPod Touch into a cell phone. So far, so good. All I need is a constant WiFi connection and I can get that for about 30 bucks a month.

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