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Residual Income Business Ideas

Few things are more delightful than earning money without the need to constantly work hard at it. This kind of income can be used to generate the money needed to support yourself or serve as a second income for treats like travel and savings to buy a home.

Having more than one revenue stream is also useful in that it offers a form of protection against possible financial setbacks. If someone is laid off from their primary job or has medical issues that make it hard to earn a standard income, the residual income business can serve as a secondary income source and allow them to pay their bills.

More Than One Income

If one type of resident income earnings isn't working out, another form of income just might. Setting up a residual income business or more than one business at the same time is a great way to take the first steps on the road to financial freedom. These kinds of business ventures have many advantages. Some may require very little capital. Others may need only a small down payment to get started.

Once the owner has invested their time and energy in passive income, many income streams typically require very little additional work to keep earning money and filling the person's pockets. Even someone with little or no experience can take advantage of these possibilities and create residual income streams that will earn money no matter where they are what they're doing. There are several business ideas here that just might work for you. 

1. Rental Properties

Property owners can leverage their properties by renting them out. Investing in real estate has proven advantages and helps build a growing nest egg. Real estate is a stable form of income that is not subject to wide swings in value. The landlord can be assured of income that is theirs by right of law. People always need some place to live and work. Commercial and private property is widely available to investors across the country.

Real estate can generate a steady income that can also increase over time and serve as a hedge against inflation. Investing in real estate also has tax advantages. Real estate owners are allowed to deduct many expenses including any funds spend on repairing the property. Private property owners can sell a primary or secondary residence. The profits they may earn are not taxed at all.

Getting started in investing in real estate is not difficult. It's possible to buy an investment in real estate where each owner takes a piece of the property and owns a share of the property. It's also possible to work with others on a direct basis and invest in property. Each person can contribute something to the property before renting it out to tenants. This is a good way for each person to harness their skills such as decorating or making minor repairs and making the properties appealing to varied types of renters. Take a look at Fundrise reviews for a good crowdfunding solution which is totally hands off.

2. Your Spare Room

If investing in real estate isn't quite right yet, one way to test the waters is by renting out spare rooms in a home. Many companies today make it easy to connect with people who are passing by and just looking for a place to stay for a few days. This is fabulous way to earn daily income with little effort. It's useful for people who live near major cities or even those who live near a transportation hub such as an airport or near a train station. The homeowner can choose where and when to rent out the room. If someone's on vacation and not home, they can even rent out the entire home for the duration of their vacation time.

A spare room or much of the home can be rented out on a permanent basis. This is a great way for people to afford a home. Sharing a home with another person enables people to build equity and have a housemate they like. The homeowner can also share other expenses such as food and childcare, saving them even more money. Those who want to consider expanding into the market even further can buy a two family home and become a formal landlord.

3. The Stock Market

The stock market is a traditional form of residual income and one that has been around for centuries. Investing in the market today is easier than ever before. People can open up a brokerage account with as little as a hundred dollars. They can also open up an account via work as part of their retirement savings. Many companies will even match the savings the worker puts into their savings account up to a certain amount, leading to even more ownership in the stock market. This also has the effect of reducing the money the worker pays in taxes by reducing the overall income they earn that year.

Many stocks generate what are known as dividends. Dividends are profits that the company shares with investors. A company typically issues dividends quarterly but may also issue more dividends when there's a large profit. As a form of capital gains, dividend income also has another advantage: it's taxed at a lower rate than other forms income. A diversified stock portfolio can yield impressive gains that only grow over time. In addition, investment apps can make this whole process a lot easier. 

4. Write Your Own eBooks

Royalties are payments that people earn when people buy their books. Today's platforms make it easier than ever to write books and sell them directly to an awaiting audience. People can choose to put up e-books on places such as Amazon where the reader can access them for a small fee. They can also choose to set up a platform of their own where they promote and sell their own e-books without the use of a third party. An e-book need not be long to capture attention. People who love to write fiction can write a few chapters and develop an audience.

As the audience reads, they are likely to want more and be willing to pay for such access. The same is true of those who write good non-fiction with lots of vitally important information that others can use. Once the book is written, the writer does not need to do anything else in order to earn income.

Residual Income Business Ideas

5. Make an App

Apps are everywhere. People rely on apps for hundreds of things from finding them coupons to showing them how to get to their best friend's home quickly even in the middle of a snowstorm. Many people aren't aware of how they can create their own apps. All they need is a good idea and some basic work.

Creating one or more apps can generate income in several ways. People can earn income from asking for a fee to download the app. They can also earn money from advertising. The creator can also choose to create an app with basic features. People can pay more for accessing additional features and levels. App developers can also issue newly updated apps with improved features to already existing clients.

6. Video Courses

Are you an expert at Photoshop? Do you know how to create beautiful artwork? Do you have technical skills and understanding of certain programs? Take this knowledge and share it with others for a fee. Places such as Udemy let people from all walks of life create their own videos that are designed to help others do all sorts of things. They can post them online and charge a fee for access.

Many people are happy to pay for access to information they can use immediately such as how to fix a leaking pipe or how to write a business proposal. A car mechanic can walk people through the process of simple repairs or how to teach a teen to pass the driving test. People can do things like teach algebra or help them improve their foreign language skills. Satisfied clients can leave reviews, leading to even more clients. Satisfied clients can also help by leaving tips and spreading the word about the client's videos on social media sites.

7. Invest in Others

Investing can take many forms. One way to invest is to act as a bank for new ventures. What are known as peer to peer lending companies have become increasingly popular in recent years. Peer to peer lenders are people who help others realize their dreams. A peer to peer lender can pick from many types of ventures and decide which ones they like best. People can focus on local business ventures that might need some working capital.

They can also choose to work on ventures in other countries that might have larger impediments to capital access. In other countries, even a small sum such as a hundred dollars can go very far. The investor can choose the amount of interest they want to charge. Third party companies make it possible to create formal agreements and share in any profits. We have Lending Club reviews that can help you decide and learn more about this. 

8. Affiliate Marketing Leverage

Affiliate marketing is a system that lets people earn money from links. If you own a blog and you have an audience, you can use it to reach out to people directly and earn money from them. All the blogger has to do is place a link on the site they run and the ability to understand what their clients like and need in life. They can link to all kinds of products and services from varied types of industries.

When the user clicks on the link and buys the product or chooses the services, the blogger gets a share of the profits the company earned without the need to do anything else. A person can read the blog any time and click on the links present. It's possible to promote several products online at the same time. Many bloggers use the items they promote and demonstrate precisely why they are so useful. An enthusiastic blogger can earn a significant side income over time. Creating a blog is easy. All the blogger needs is a few dollars to pay a hosting service each month. We cover the best blog platform in another article.

Residual Income Business Ideas

9. Your Own Online Store

You too can join the eCommerce revolution. Setting up a store using an ecommerce website builder and selling to customers is easier than ever in the world of the global marketplace. You can set up a store of your own on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. They offer low barriers to entrance and the potential for huge profits. You don't need to actually have the products on hand in order to sell items to clients. One of the best things about contemporary eCommerce is the seller does not need to spend money buying products and storing them before selling them. Instead, the seller can engage in what is known as drop shipping.

Drop shipping companies make it easy to sell and ship products. With this process, the manufacturer agrees to send the product sold to the client's address rather than yours. The seller can find their own wholesaler or even locate places that sell items for less and then pocket the profits. Many manufacturers are happy to sell directly to you. All you have to do is set up a shop and promote the products they sell. eCommerce stores can lead to ongoing sales that requires almost no effort once they've been set up. Here's the steps on how to start an online business. 

10. Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere. Vending machines sell everything from hot coffee to sandwiches and drinks. People trust vending machines and use them for things like snacks as they work or a hot drink on a cold day. You can buy your own vending machines and take advantage of the potential for ongoing passive income. Look for places that might benefit from the use of a vending machine such as busy offices.

If they don't have one already, speak to the owners of the company or the place that manages the building. It's possible to create an arrangement that benefits all those involved with a share of the profit. If there's a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, the vendor can earn a good income as people buy things. All they have to do is keep the vending machine stocked on a weekly basis with products that retain freshness over time. A few good machines in several locations can yield an ongoing income that may only take a few hours each week in order to collect the money and keep clients happy.

11. Owning a Laundromat

Everyone needs clean clothing. Many apartment dwellers are not allowed to keep a washing machine. College kids may live in small dorm rooms with only limited access to a washer and dryer. They're happy to pay for access to great machines. If you have space cash on hand, buying an established laundry business is a great way to earn ongoing income. Many investors find it better to buy an established laundry business rather than buying new machines of their own. Industrial washers and dryers designed to withstand many years of use can be very expensive. The buyer can choose to invest in an existing business rather than start one of their own.

Doing so allows them access to an already established client base. It also means that the investor can buy a laundromat in a place that likely near apartment complexes and other places that need access to a washer and dryer.

12. Rent Out Your Stuff

Your personal space is not the only thing you can rent out. There's lots of ways to rent out the stuff you have on hand and haven't been using. You can also rent out things you're already using. For example, if you do a lot of driving, you can earn enough to pay for the costs of owning the car and gas money. Companies that specialize in advertising are happy to turn your car into a moving billboard. They'll take your car and put ads on it. All you have to is agree to let them have access to the car's exterior.

You can also rent out items you don't necessarily need right now. Many companies and even individuals are happy to use your stuff for a small fee. You can rent out things for use indoors and outdoors. For example, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow each winter, you can rent out your snowblower to other people once you're done clearing your own sidewalk. Lots of other items from party tents to chain saws are also items to put on the market for others to consider renting.

13. Use YouTube

YouTube is one of the mainstays of modern life. People from all over the world turn to YouTube for entertainment. Not only do people look to it for fun. It can also be a source of a second or even a main income. Create videos that offer something unique. People follow online channels they like and that offer them something they can't find anywhere else. If you're good at telling jokes or you can provide inspiration, you can find followers. As you get followers, people can earn income from their channels in several ways.

Asking for donations in return for providing value can lead to money from people who enjoy you work can pay off. Putting up advertisements can also lead to ongoing income in the form of advertising and promoting their work elsewhere. Leaving up many videos and adding to them now and then can also pay off with loyal viewers who are happy to follow people and listen to what they have to say.

Residual Income Business Ideas

14. Cash Back Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the wonders of the modern world. They make it easy to buy things without keeping lots of cash on hand all the time. If you have decent credit, you can use it to your advantage. Credit card companies are happy to actually pay people to use their cards. The key is to find cards that offer the best possible cash back dividends. Many companies will offer a bonus of a hundred bucks or even more just for signing up. All the card holder has to do use the card as often as possible. You can earn as much as one and half percent of every single purchase just for shopping.

Look closely at the kind of rewards they offer. Some credit card companies only pay in points but those points can redeemed for everything from gas to groceries. Other companies pay directly in cash. You don't need to do anything but pay your bills on time. You'll get free income you can apply to anything you like.

15. Licensing Your Photos

If you love to take photographs, use them to create a business. There's lots of ways to create residual income business from your photographic talents. Many places online are happy to showcase your best work. When a client chooses it, you'll earn royalties. If you're a professional, you can reach out to clients directly with a site of your own that offers your photographs for sale to the public. You can charge clients for a single use or if they want full rights to use it forever.

Last Words

All of these residual income ideas can generate hundreds of dollars of income per month or even more. If you have lots of capital, consider an investment in real estate, the stock market, vending machines or a laundromat. You'll earn money from many varied types of ventures including selling books, providing people with the ability to do their laundry, collecting rent and earning capital gains from dividends.

If you know certain subjects in great depth, share them with others via online courses for a fee. If you don't have lots of money, you can still earn money by inviting people to stay in your home overnight or renting out your car and other tools you're not using for a fee. Dozens of possibilities for wonderful kinds of residual income businesses are everywhere. All you have to do is look around and find them. It's up to you on how you'd like to learn how to make money


General Residual Income Questions

This section will explain the basics of residual income as a concept. Use it to get a better understanding for more advanced sections.

What Is Residual Income?

Residual income is income that you continue to make after work has been completed. For example, if you own a blog, you’ll get residual income from ads on a blog post as long as the blog stays up even though you only did the work once.

What Is the Goal of Residual Income?

The goal of residual income is to create a series of income streams that allow you to grow your wealth with minimal labor investment.

What Is Residual Income Model?

A residual income model is the strategy of doing work that will continue to produce returns even after you’ve completed your work. That way you can build a larger and larger income stream over time.

How Does Residual Income Work?

Residual income works by building up a series of investments or assets that continue to produce income when you’re done with them. That way you can take the income from those assets and reinvest in new assets to produce even more residual income.

What Is a Residual Income Stream?

A residual income stream is a source of residual income. For example, a writer might have 3-4 blogs. Each blog is a residual income stream, as they get paid for ads and affiliate deals on all of the blog pages as long as the blog stays active.

Why have Residual and Passive Income?

Residual and passive income allow you to maximize your income and wealth. You can keep earning while you’re working on other projects.

Why Residual Income Is Important?

Residual income is important because it ensures a steady stream of money. Building up multiple residual income streams is a great way to plan for retirement and grow your wealth.

What Is the Concept of Residual Income?

The concept of residual income is the idea that a piece of labor will continue to earn you money after it’s completed. Network marketing is a good example – after you recruit someone you continue to earn money on their sales even though you only did the work to recruit them once.

Is Residual Income the Same as Passive Income?

Residual income is a type of passive income. Passive income can also be things like trust fund payments from inheritance, payments from investments like mutual funds, and so on. Residual income comes from labor you do and then continue to benefit from.

Who Wants to Make Residual Income?

Everyone should want to make residual income. It’s a great way to boost your wealth while giving you time to continue to complete other projects.

What Is Lifetime Residual Income?

Lifetime residual income is a term companies use to describe their residual income payments. For example, if you have an affiliate deal with a subscription service, then a lifetime residual income arrangement gives you a payment for as long as the people you refer to the service remain subscribed.

Residual Income and Taxes

Lots of people have questions about residual income and taxes. We’ll cover the answers to those questions in this section.

How to Find Residual Income for the Year?

That depends on how your residual income streams are set up. You’ll need to add up the income you made from each individual stream to determine what your residual income is for the year.

Are Residuals Taxable Income?

Yes, nearly all income is taxable income. Depending on the structure of your residual income, there may be different tax approaches you can use for it. You should talk to an accountant for more information.

How to Determine Residual Income?

You can determine residual income by looking at it from the perspective of individual income streams. Once you do that, it becomes easy to total up each stream and them add them together.

Where Do I Report Residual Income?

That depends on how the residual income is structured. For example, if you set up an LLC to own your blogs, and you pay yourself through the LLC, then the way you report that income will be different than if you get money from the blogs directly.

How Is Residual Income Taxed?

The particular way different residual income streams are taxed depends on how they’re set up. A CPA can help you set up your residual income in the most tax-efficient manner.

Different Ways to Get Residual Income

This section and the two that follow will answer your questions about different ways to get residual income. First we’ll answer general questions about how to make residual income, then we’ll look at how to make residual income online and different kinds of residual income jobs.

How to Make Passive Residual Income?

One great way to make passive residual income is through rental properties. Sites like can let you get started investing in rental real estate for a small investment, and you’ll get paid from the rents on the properties they use your investment to buy. Investing apps can help too hence why we covered Robinhood Investing reviews recently.

How to Earn Residual Income?

Making videos is an excellent way to earn residual income. You can make simple how-to videos, comedy videos, and more. You’ll get paid every time someone watches the videos.

How to Increase Residual Income?

One of the best ways to increase residual income is by setting up affiliate arrangements with lifetime residual income. That way you get paid over and over again for each affiliate connection you make.

What Is Residual Income in Business?

Residual income in business is income that you earn on the side from your owned assets that aren’t part of your core business operations. For example, if a business owns a patent and licenses that patent to others, the money from licensing would be residual income.

How to Earn Residual Income Fast?

You can earn residual income fast by setting up an online store with drop shipping. You’ll sell other people’s products and those companies will be in charge of inventory and shipping. You get paid for each sale and don’t have to worry about the bulk of the work from running a store.

How to Make Residual Income from Stocks?

Stocks and investments that pay dividends are the best way to earn residual income from stocks. Your stock will continue to grow, and when the company pays dividends you’ll get an added cash boost.

How to Create Residual Income Streams?

You can create residual income streams by setting up different websites with affiliate marketing deals. Each website will create a stream of residual income, so you’ll be diversified and profitable.

How to Build Residual Income for Life?

Rental properties are a great way to build residual income for life. You’ll get paid from the rents each month, and a property management company can take care of the daily needs of the property and collect the rent for you. Having a good budget tracking software is essential in staying organized with all these streams of income.

How to Make Residual Income on the Side?

Renting out your stuff is an excellent way to make residual income on the side. It lets you purchase the awesome things you want and then turn them into business assets when they’re not being used. Starting a home business can also be a residual income. Take a look at more side hustle ideas we have taken the time to review.

How to Make Residual Income from Your Car?

You can make residual income from your car by using an app like Turo to rent it when you’re not using it. You’ll be able to set its availability and earn money when people rent it. Explore other ways to make extra cash with your car.

Residual Income Online

The internet has opened up a ton of ways to make residual income. We’ll go over some of the most common ways to make residual income online in this section.

How to Make Residual Income on the Internet?

Starting a YouTube channel is a good way to make residual income on the internet. Find a niche you like to talk about or explore and produce videos for it. You’ll get ad revenue every time someone watches the video.

How to Create Residual Income Online?

Affiliate marketing deals can make you lots of residual income online. Set up a blog and start reviewing products in a specific niche. Companies that make those products will pay you for referrals that lead to sales.

How to Create Multiple Online Streams of Residual Income?

You can create multiple online streams of residual income by creating a series of paired blogs and YouTube channels. You’ll make money on each blog and each channel. You can have the blog and the YouTube channel reference each other to really boost your traffic. If you're still in school then you can make residual income with online jobs for college students.

How to Sell on eBay and Make Marketer Residual Income?

The best way to sell on eBay and make Marketer residual income is to contract with somebody to handle the fulfillment side of the operation. You push products that are for sale, and someone else handles the delivery.

Does getweeklypaychecks Pay Residual Income?

Yes – you’ll get residual income from getweeklypaychecks for each person you recruit to post ads online. That means you can continue to earn money from each person you recruit.

Residual Income Jobs

This section covers different jobs that have residual income elements. Use this section to find out more about potential job opportunities where you can make residual income.

What Is a Residual Income Job?

A residual income job is one where you get paid over and over again for labor that you only did once. Insurance agents are a good example – they get paid a portion of the earnings a company gets for each person they sign up. They keep getting paid as long as that person uses the same insurance company.

How to Make Residual Income in Real Estate?

The best way to make residual income in real estate is through real estate investment trusts, or REITs. You put money into a pool which is used to purchase property and hire property managers. You’ll get paid out of the rents that those properties generate.

What Is Residual Income in Network Marketing?

Residual income in network marketing comes from the other people you recruit to sell products. You’ll get paid based on your recruits sales regardless of your sale numbers. It may help to get some business cards online so that you can hand them out to potential recruits.

How to Make Residual Income from Home?

You can make residual income from home by licensing your photos. All you need to do is avoid putting your pics on publicly available sites, and you can license them for businesses and others to use. You’ll make money each time someone uses one of your pictures. Check out our list of legit work from home jobs to get more ideas.

What Job Gives You the Best Residual Income?

Insurance agents are one of the best jobs for residual income. Most people tend to stick with an insurance company once they’ve signed up. That means you’ll get paid every month for each person you find insurance for.

Can a Credit Repair Business Give Residual Income?

Not really – credit repair businesses are limited by federal laws in what they can charge for. The only real residual income opportunity a credit repair business has is through affiliate deals with credit monitoring services.

Do Insurance Agents Make Residual Income?

Yes. Most insurance agents and brokers make residual income from the people they sign up for different insurance products. They get paid every month that someone they signed up has insurance.

Is Rental Property Residual Income?

In many cases, yes. If you’re not actively managing the property, then rental property is a residual income business. You get paid from rents every month and just have to make investments.

How to Make Residual Income with MCA?

The best way to make residual income with MCA is to recruit other people to join and sell products. That lets you make money off of their sales and so you can grow residual income streams.

How to Make Long Term Residual Income?

You can make long-term residual income from real estate investments and deals. You can make monthly residual income from the rents people pay on properties that you either own or help them find.

Other Residual Income Questions

This section answers residual income questions that don’t fit neatly into our other categories. Use this section if you can’t find your question elsewhere.

How to Calculate Residual Income for Mortgage?

Calculating residual income can be tricky depending on where your residual income comes from. Identify your residual income streams and total them up to calculate it for your mortgage.

How to Retire with a Residual Income?

You can retire with residual income if you invest in real estate. A property manager can deal with the day-to-day aspects of the property, and you get paid when rent comes in.

What Is the Opposite of Residual Income?

There isn’t really an “opposite” of residual income, as it just describes a type of income. The closest thing would be a salary, where you work and then get paid for the work you do once.

How to Make Residual Income from Clickbank Without a Website?

You can make residual income from Clickbank using a YouTube channel or by posting messages that send people to Clickbank websites.

How Much Before You Can Live Off Residual Income?

That depends on your standard of living goals and other financial situations. A certified financial planner is the best place to go for more information on your particular situation.