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Imagine a greeting card has been passed around your office, and is now sitting in front of you. You need to offer some witty retirement wishes for a coworker but you are at a loss – what do you say?

The best advice is that we should be honest and wish them what we want for ourselves. Sorta like the Golden Rule.

retirement wishes

Let’s do a quick inventory of happy retirement wishes we would want for ourselves:


Financial Freedom 

Retirement should be voluntary, meaning we have worked only as long as needed to live the rest of our life without dependency on new income. This can be accomplished by saving up a lump sum of cash, building income streams (passive or not), or removing all our fiscal pressures.

Financial freedom means we are ready to live the life we want without a paycheck. No more bosses, no more coworkers, no more alarm clocks.

This is the most important part of retirement. Without it, we may be compelled to return to work at some point or become obsessed with living on a fixed income, so much that we can’t even enjoy our retirement.

That makes financial freedom a necessary part of any list of retirement wishes.

Good Health

I hate hearing about people who die of old age on the job. Certainly some of them died doing what they love, but so many people have to work longer than they ever imagined.

That’s why I urge people to treat work as a means to retirement – the goal of work should be retirement. If you love your career and don’t consider it work, you can feel free to disregard this. But if you are like me and are borderline unfit to work for authority figures, it is probably good for your health (physical and mental) to retire as soon as possible.

I think the main reason you should retire as soon as possible is your health. Who wants to work for 40 years, only to find out you are so unhealthy that you can’t travel, or worse yet, that you have six months to live?

Good health is key to any set of retirement wishes.


It’s no secret that money destroys families every day. Not precisely money, but the love of money, or the mismanagement of money. That’s why we should pursue financial peace.

When we are debt free and don’t have creditors to pay, things are a lot easier. We can focus on love, togetherness, and broad social goals like charity. We can take more active roles in the lives of our family members like our kids and grandkids. We are free to step back and make sure our family continues on together.


The Best Retirement Wishes

So based on what we want for ourselves in retirement: financial freedom, good health, and family, it is safe to say that we can now construct our perfect retirement wishes.

I suggest this:


retirement wishes