Review of October 2009 Goals / Setting November’s Goals

Here’s the goals I set for October.  With the month drawing to a close, let’s see how things went:

  1. Get back on the treadmill – I still haven’t gotten up to my full 5-day-per-week routine, mostly because of a cold I had earlier in the month, and some foot issues that arose after failing to ‘ease into things’ properly once back on, but I’m on three times a week, and I’m happy with that, enough to call it a success.
  2. Sell a car / buy a car – Well, I’m happy to report that this afternoon, I sold my car!  I actually did make it happen through Craigslist, despite all my complaining.  The person actually turned out to be a very nice lady, and her and I hit it off from the first exchange of e-mails.  Just as I’d been frustrated with the selling side, she’d been frustrated with trying to buy a car, having found some lemons and people that seemed less than trustworthy.  So, both her and I consider ourselves very lucky.  Though I don’t have the new car yet, it’s all lined up for Monday, so I’m considering this one a success.
  3. Winterize around the house – I never got to this, but am moving it to the next month.  I actually read a cool news clipping about how you can use incense to determine leaky spots, so I’m planning on incorporating this tip, and I’d also like to wash the blinds when doing this, so the scope of the project has been reset.
  4. Donate – Since we never got the bigger car, this didn’t happen.  But it will before I get my garage re-organized for the winter.
  5. Figure out our Netflix plan – We haven’t made it over to the library but I will be by sometime soon as I have a book on hold that I’ve been anxious to read.  We’ve actually been pretty busy, so the low movie plan has worked out perfect, plus some good stuff has shown up on the On Demand section of the DVR, so although we didn’t achieve this, so far there’s no impact.

November Goals

  1. Winterize – See above or last month
  2. Donate – See above or last month
  3. Figure out our Netflix plan – Also carried over from last month
  4. Finalize our Christmas budget – Most of this is done, but we need to finalize it
  5. Get a head start on Christmas shopping – Things just seem to move faster when you have a kid, so I’d like to be over 50% done with our shopping by the end of the month.  Let’s see how it goes
  6. Enjoy the holidays – Can you believe that the holidays will be in full swing in a month?