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MyAutoLoan Auto Loan Reviews

Christine Spencer

Auto Loan Expert

My Auto Loan is owned and operated by Horizon Digital Finance, L.L.C. and has been servicing clients since 2003. It is an internet-based company that deals directly with customers seeking a loan for an automobile. With a network of lenders, they can offer customers control throughout the loan process. Their online financing marketplace makes it easy for consumers to find information and appropriate funding.

My Auto Loan provides three types of solutions for consumers seeking a loan. They offer loans for the purchase of new and used cars, private party and lease buyout, as well as refinancing.

This organization is capable of arranging financing for your car, before meeting with the dealer. With this, you are guaranteed the best deal for your vehicle. As for refinancing, My Auto Loan is able to offer solutions that will provide competitive rates and lower your monthly payments. For their private party and lease buyout option, you can be given a loan that will buy out your current lease. This funding option prepares consumers for complete ownership of their ideal vehicle.

MyAutoLoan Auto Loan Reviews

To apply for any one of these loans, it only takes a few minutes. After selecting the loan you are looking for, you are directed to their application page. Here you are required to fill-in information about your, employment, the loan amount you are seeking, personal information, and details about the vehicle if applicable. If additional information is required to supplement your application, you will be informed.

Once My Auto Loans has presented offers from lenders to you, you are welcome to select the best option. You will receive four different lending options. If you are not happy with them, you are not at all obligated to accept any of the offers provided.

Calculators are provided to help customers obtain a better understanding of loan options. These financial tools are offered to help simplify the process and provide answers to any questions about rates and payments. By using the interest rate estimator, loan and payment calculator, you can be well-informed of rates and future expenditures.

The products and services provided by My Auto Loan are quite straightforward. Individuals can take advantage of a streamlined car buying experience. Throughout the process, consumers are encouraged to be educated about the procedure and the options available to them. As opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the research and time required to find the right loan, you can leave it to My Auto Loan to complete the work.