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RateGenius Auto Loan Reviews

Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

Rate Genius is an online auto loan broker that has been providing services to clients for over 18 years. Since the beginning, they have managed to fund loans over 340, 986 vehicles for their members. They share a network with more than 150 lenders and with such a secure network, have managed to help clients receive some of the best rates.

This company specializes primarily in refinancing. Thus if you are looking to receive a loan for a new car, Rate Genius is unable to provide this service. However, they can assist owners achieve lower monthly payments, ideal interest rates and save money on the vehicles they presently own.

The advantage to connecting with Rate Genius is their ability to communicate with a vast amount of lenders. This aspect permits those shopping for rates to find what they need effortlessly. Rate Genius does the work for and reveals the best rates to its members. Clients are then able to peruse these rates and choose which one is the most appropriate for them.

RateGenius Auto Loan Reviews

To apply for their service, you can do so on their website They offer an online application that can be completed efficiently. However, if there are issues, you are free to contact a specialist through their live chat option or telephone. For the most part, though, the form is very straightforward and asks for pertinent information.

Some of the details requested are the mileage on your vehicle, the lien holder, place of residence, employment history, and other essential questions. Once filled appropriately, your application will be submitted for review. Their response time is not indicated on their site. However, customers have spoken positively of their application process.

Persons with a stable income can apply for RateGenius’ refinancing services. Those who are self-employed must be able to produce information such as net monthly income. If income requirements are not met for whatever reason, you can include a co-applicant to better your chances of receiving a loan.

To gain a better understanding of how much your refinance loan will be with Rate Genius, you can take advantage of their loan calculator. By inputting your loan amount, term, interest rate, and start date, you can utilize this tool. It will assist you in finding out how much you will save monthly and it will let you know much money you will need to allocate continually for your loan.