The Risk Of Buying Clothes Online

You can often find some tremendous deals on clothing and apparel items from buying online. Often, selection and prices are better than what you can find in the store.

However, the risk is that you can’t try the item on for size.

My wife ran into one such situation with a recent purchase.  She found some boots through Amazon that she really liked, had been looking for, and the price of which was unbeatable in a brick & mortar store.  She even went to a store to try on a similar pair from the same company, though the exact pair wasn’t available, but figuring that would help ensure that she ordered the right size.

Unfortunately it didn’t work.

The boots came and they were way too big.  She tried multiple options even trying them with thick socks, figuring that maybe would help.

It didn’t.

We had no choice but to send them back.  She was able to re-order them in a lesser size for the same price, so we still got the bargain, but returning the original pair added $5 to the total cost of the boots.

The overall price still worked out as cheaper than in the store, but it just reinforced the lesson that you should factor in an element of risk when buying clothes, and even budget some money on top of your buying price for expected returns.

You could have better luck with shopping for some items online.

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4 thoughts on “The Risk Of Buying Clothes Online”

  1. I buy the majority of my clothes and shoes online. I just hate to go to the mall and try stuff on!

    Therefore, I make sure to buy from a store with a free return policy or a local B&M which will take returns.

  2. I am terrified to buy clothes online unless it is a brand I am incredibly familiar with. It can be really hard with shoes because it is very easy to be different by a half size depending on the brand.

  3. Wow! I can't imagine buying a pair of shoes online without trying them on first in a brick-and-mortar store. Just go into the appropriate store, try on the shoe you want, then say "thanks," leave empty-handed, and order the shoes online.

    As obnoxious as it is to have to trek around a mall, when it comes to shoes you pretty much have to do it. In some brands, if you know your size for that brand most of the styles will fit you. But that's not always true.

    BTW, if your wife isn't into stiletto heels and doesn't mind wearing comfortable shoes in public, an outfit called has Danskos and (much better-made) Sanitas with a very generous free return policy.

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