Running On Thanksgiving: The Race That Wasn’t

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where you’re expected to eat a lot.  It’s practically a rule!  So, a couple of years ago my wife decided to combat that by participating in a nearby race.  She really like it and so last year, she recruited me, as well as my sister-in-law and her boyfriend to go running on Thanksgiving!

The Missed Early Bird

Races always cost money. Many times a portion of the proceeds go toward a charity, but there are other costs that have to be covered.  These things include such items as timing the race, marketing, medals or shirts, refreshments, and the like.

Race organizers like to make sure that costs are going to be covered.  In order to properly plan for the required number of racers, they will often offer an early bird discount.  If you sign up at least a month or two before the race, you’ll pay a few dollars less.

It makes sense when you get the discount.  It frustrates you when you miss it.

Well, of course this year we missed it.

The difference was $5 per racer.  So, between my wife and I we would have spent an extra $10 just for missing the deadline.  This felt like a penalty to us, so we decided not to do it.

In addition, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend decided to skip it this year.

We Still Went Running On Thanksgiving

My wife and I both talked about how great it was to have a Thanksgiving morning run.  Because we have young kids, we really don’t get a chance to run together.  When they’re both away at school, I’m at work.  When my wife and I are both home together, one of us needs to stay home to watch them.

So, when my in-laws offered to watch the kids so that we could go running, we jumped at the chance.  We were going mb-2015-06-runningover to their house for Thanksgiving anyway, so all it meant was an extra trip beforehand to drop them off.

This worked out great, because we got to enjoy a run together.

The Benefits Of Our Run

I loved our run this year.  Here are the benefits that we had:

  • Health – We got to burn off a few hundred calories and get a healthy start to the day.
  • Time Together – As I said above, our opportunities to run together don’t come about all that often.  So, we really enjoyed the 50 minutes being able to run side by side
  • Saved Money – We went to a nearby trail and ran.  It didn’t cost us a dime.  We saved $70!

I was really happy about how things turned out.  Getting to do a Thanksgiving morning run with my wife was one of my favorite holiday memories of the year.

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  1. LOL! Good for you! Too bad you didn’t get to contribute to the charity event, but you don’t HAVE to go to an event to donate to a worthy cause. And if you donate directly, your chosen cause probably gets more money, because it doesn’t have to share a cut with the event organizers.

    Keep on runnin’ — together! 🙂

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