Saturday Sprinkle #4

Hi all.  I hope you had a great week.  Here are some random thoughts and lots of great blog posts that I wanted to share.

  • Great Weekend Ahead – We had a really warm start to March, but the thing is, even when you’re 10 degrees above normal, it’s still pretty cool.  Since then we’ve had a cold spell that finally broke this week.  Now, we’ve got temps set to hit the 60’s and 70’s for the next week straight.  It’s finally spring time in Michigan and we plan to be outdoors to celebrate!
  • The Great Life – Have you ever noticed that some people have an absolute perfect life?  At least according to their social media!  Femme Frugality wisely points out that you can’t let what others post about their lives steal the joy from yours.
  • Tupperware – This stuff lasts forever, right?  Well not always, but they do offer a lifetime warranty, and Amanda at Frugal Confessions put it to the test with some pretty positive results!
  • What You Don’t Know – Some people love to plan things down to the final detail, but as much as that can work in many ways, there are always things that are going to pop up.  Mom & Dad Money discuss how to deal with uncertainty when it comes your way.
  • Why Go Out Of Your Way? – Sometimes you see people doing little things for others and you wonder if it can really make a difference?  I happened across this foreign commercial that shows that yes, it’s possible.
  • Flying The Amateur Skies – We don’t do much flying, but I did enough that we avoid most of these faux pauxs committed by airport amateurs as noted by Penny Hoarder , though I have to admit, I have seen many of these. actually happen.
  • The Best Time – When is it time to make a fresh start or start going for that long desired goal that you keep putting off?  Christina at Northern Cheapskate thinks the time might be right now!
  • Half Hearted Landlord – You hear more and more stories, especially after the burst of the housing bubble, where people move but decide to rent out their former house.  Sometimes this works, but as Will points out at Growing the Green, you might just want to think twice, especially if your heart really isn’t in it.
  • Not In My Backyard – We’ve all heard of the ‘not in my backyard’ syndrome, and while sometimes you have situations where it’s a good idea that people just don’t want near them, sometimes, as Funny About Money points out, it’s just a bad idea that does no good at all.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Money Beagle, thanks for sharing these posts! I enjoyed reading that by Christina at Northern Cheapskate. Hope you do this more often.

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