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Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, but one of the things I don't like are the inevitable costs that come about for the upkeep on the yard areas.  Flowers are exempt, because, well, flowers are awesome, but there's always a few other things.  I had a list of items that I needed to get and decided it was time for a trip to Lowe's.  I was pretty happy with how things turned out because I saved money at Lowes by doing a few simple things.

Our Lowe's Shopping List

  • Garden Soil for the soon-to-be planted flower beds
  • Potting Soil for the flowers we put out on the deck
  • Top Soil to fill in a hole where a rotting tree stump used to be
  • Grass seed for the aforementioned spot
  • A new hose nozzle as I broke the handle on the old one last year by snagging it on a tree.  Oopsmb-2016-05-sandbox
  • New play sand for the kids sand box
  • A bag of mulch.  We mulched last year and most of it lasts every two years.  There's one tree in the street that needs it more often because the lawn mower tends to chew up the mulch
  • Wasp and hornet spray.  We get at least one nest every year.

How We Saved Money At Lowes

All together, the items above totaled out to $63.  We ended up paying about $8 less than that with two simple things:

  1. Took advantage of a gift card offer at the grocery store.   By clipping an online coupon, we bought a $30 Lowe's gift card for $25.
  2. Used our Lowes Credit Card for the balance.  When you use your Lowe's credit card, you get 5% off your order.  And, what's nifty is that you get the 5% on the whole order, not just the amount that's charged to the card, so we got 5% off the full amount, even though we paid $30 for the gift card.

Is $8 world changing?  Of course not.  Still, it felt pretty good to save money on items that we were going to buy no matter what.  If you're bringing the items home anyways, you might as well bring back a few extra bucks, right?

That's the name of the game!

Readers, have you scored any small deals that made you feel extra good lately?