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It took a few months, but I was able to put to the test a couple of tips left by a loyal reader (and great friend) regarding baking soda.

In a previous post, I had griped about how Arm and Hammer changed the print on their ‘designed for fridge and freezer' boxes, recommending them to be replaced every 30 days instead of 90 days.

Reader Cappatia had suggested:

  • Looking at a warehouse club for baking soda
  • Replacing the contents of the fridge box with fresh baking soda

On our last Costco trip, I purchased a really big (and heavy) bag of baking soda for roughly 40% less than I had been getting it at Meijer.

Step one, complete.  Ca-ching!

After that, I went to the fridge and freezer and pulled out the boxes.  Per Cappatia's advice, I opened up the box, emptied the contents into the garbage, and refilled it.

I did some quick math and estimated that each re-fill used about 15 cents of baking soda.  The price sticker on the box was for 94 cents.  That means that I saved nearly 80% by re-using the box.

Now, the boxes will probably need to be replaced every so often.  The boxes that we use have a little screen on the front that keeps the product in but allows the air to circulate through, which then lets the baking soda do it's odor absorbing trick.  I noticed that the material on the box in the freezer seemed a bit stretched out, so eventually I figure it'll have to be thrown out.

Still, if I can get even two or three extra uses per box, it'll add up to significant savings.  Now, it's only a few bucks throughout the year, but I'd much rather keep those few bucks in my pocket.

What saving strategies do you use?

Thanks, Cappatia!