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Mr. BFS and I just made the appointment to have our cable cancelled this coming Sunday night.  My discounted rate was expiring and I was not okay with the bill going up to $170 just to tape our shows.  And we're making other cuts too.


Our water bill is pretty much set since we aren't allowed to shop around.  Same goes for our natural gas bill.  But I do find the best electricity rates that I can at the end of every contracted term.  I don't even need to look at cool things like an energy conversion calculator to know that for every 1 cent per kilowatt hour that I save us, it's like putting $15 into our pockets.  I have been able to consistently keep our rate between 8.5-9.5 cents per k/h for the past 3 years.  🙂


We generally spend on things that make us long-term happy but cut things that don't affect us anymore.  Our next plan of attack is to transfer our cell phone service over to Ting Wireless.  Sprint has been charging us $150 a month for years for our unlimited everything plan, but I am sick of contracts and their pretty bad customer service.  Ting and Republic seem to be where the party is at now, and Ting will accept our phones (at least, I am 99% sure they will).

Altogether, we should be saving at least $60 a month by cancelling cable and $40 a month by switching to Ting (hopefully).  That's $1200 a year that I can put towards our Roth IRA's or even the vacation fund…SCORE!

What have you cut back on lately?