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How hard is it to find American made stuff these days?

Pretty darn hard, as my father-in-law found out a few weeks ago.

He does a good deal of car repair and maintenance himself, so we think nothing of it when we go over and find one of their cars in some fashion of dis-assembly.

Something to do with the anti-lock brakes was the focus of one recent job. I'm not sure of the exact name of the part, so let's just say he was looking for a fetzer valve.

My father-in-law decided that he wanted not just any old fetzer valve, but an American made fetzer valve was the order of the day.  There's been a lot on the news about just how hard it was to find home-made items anymore, so he decided to take on the task of finding a Made in the USA fetzer valve.

He went to the first store closest to home, and found a selection of fetzer valves…..all made in China.

Strike one.

He went to the second store and asked a clerk if they had fetzer valves that weren't made in China.

The clerk did some checking and said that, yes in fact, they did.  My father-in-law's triumph quickly evaporated when he found that the only non-made-in-China fetzer valve at that store was made in…Korea.

Strike two.

To another store he went.  I think this would end up being the last store, where if it wasn't found here, the white flag would have been waved and a foreign fetzer valve would have been purchased.

But, success!

There was a fetzer valve that was Made in the USA.

I'm not sure of how much it cost, but my father-in-law reported that the American made fetzer valve was $3 more than the Chinese made fetzer valve and $2 more than the Korean made part, plus the American product came with an extra year warranty (2-year versus 1-year for both the Asian made parts), so for him, the $3 was money well spent, and then some.

It really makes you stop and think as to just how little we actually make here in the United States. Still, there are American made options for a lot of products out there, but as you can see, it may take extra effort and some extra money to find them.

Have any of you done a Made In America search lately?  Did my post make anyone want to go see the movie Fletch?  Tell me your thoughts below!