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Sell Used College Text Books OnlineAt the end of each semester, college students glance at the books they were required to buy and either decide to try and sell them or throw them in a closet, never to be seen again. A lot of students may have heard about selling textbooks online but felt the effort was not worth the return.

Selling college textbooks is worth the minimal effort required and can be lucrative if you know when to sell. There are many online resources available to sell textbooks and most of them make the process as easy as possible for the seller. Selling apps can also help. This article is for those who would like to recoup a good portion their costs by selling their used textbooks.

When to Sell Your Books

When you sell is almost as important as what you sell. Textbooks have a limited shelf life. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of textbooks are revised on a regular basis. If you have books that are several years old, collecting dust, it is possible that they are worth something. They would have fetched a higher price if you had sold them as soon as you were done with them.

You should sell them at the right time of the school year. Ideally, sell them just before a new semester starts. If you list your books during the middle of the semester, they may not sell, or if they do, they may not sell at a reasonable price. If everyone has their textbooks and are currently enrolled in classes, there will be little demand for them.

Before Selling Textbooks Online

Many of the online sites that buy books only need basic information in order to complete the transaction. Some sites will allow you to provide other information to go along with your posts. As with any online sales, it pays to be prepared and provide enough information that your potential buyers will have few, if any, questions.

Title, version and ISBN number

For most textbooks, it is important for the buyer to know which version or printing the book for sale is. Often, being able to provide the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is sufficient but sellers who go the extra mile to provide extra details will be viewed as providing good customer service during the transaction, and not just someone looking to unload old books.

Sell Used College Text Books Online

The Current Condition of the Book

What kind of shape is the textbook in? You may think it is in near perfect condition but a quick review of what else is out there on the Internet may show you that the condition is actually a bit too dog-eared for the price you are asking.

Price Shop Before Listing

How much do you want for the book? This may not be what you will actually be offered, or you may be surprised to find you can get more than expected. A simple search online will tell you what the going rate is for your book based on its condition. Do not overprice but also do not sell yourself short.

Snap Some Pictures

Sure, we all know what a book looks like but having a picture on those sites where you can place them will draw attention to what you are selling and will allow you to maximize the price you want.

Now that you have done your prep work by coming up with a price, some pictures and some copy to add to your listing, you are ready to list your books for sale. Here are some of the best places to sell your textbooks online.



Why eCampus?

  • eCampus has a streamlined process to buying and selling books online.
  • Book sellers can receive instant payment for listing their books online.
  • There are no hidden costs or listing fees for book sellers.

Try eCampus

1. eCampus

eCampus has been in business since 1999 and proudly claims to have been funded in part by business titans such as Wendy's founder Dave Thomas. Their business model has worked well for 20 years because they have a streamlined process for buying and selling books.

Sellers have the option of receiving an instant quote or listing books on the site at whatever price they set. Receiving an instant quote is simply a matter of entering the ISBN. If you accept the quote, you send the book to eCampus and receive payment via PayPal, check, direct deposit (ACH) or in store credit.

The eCampus Marketplace has no hidden costs or listing fees. When a book is sold, eCampus takes 15% of the sales price as their commission. Payments to sellers are made weekly.



Why Bookbyte?

  • This is a long-standing service that has been around since 1999.
  • It is a great way to sell, buy, or rent textbooks online.
  • They have a transparent system of showing how the value of books is calculated.

Try Bookbyte

2. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is another long-standing site that has been buying, selling and renting textbooks since 1999. The process for selling books is similar to most of the other sites. You enter in the ISBN for the book you are looking to sell and receive a quote. They will send you a shipping label and pay you via check or PayPal once they get the book.

One feature of their site that is unique and shows their focus on customer service is in the information they provide for perspective buyers and sellers. Buyers will find a list of ways to minimize the costs they pay for their books by renting books or by looking for inexpensive alternative editions of the same book.

For sellers, they provide a handy graph that shows how quickly the resale value of a book drops when you hold onto it for too long. They also offer a better explanation of how they grade the quality of a book when determining its worth. Their blog is a valuable resource for additional information on the process of buying and selling books and is worth a look even if you wind up using another service.




  • It is a great option for those who want to clear up space at home and make money.
  • Decluttr accepts books, CDs, DVDs, or any other items of value that you no longer use.
  • There are plenty of payments options available: Paypal, check, or direct deposit.
  • It is available for Android and iPhone devices.

Try Decluttr

3. Decluttr

Books are only one thing that Decluttr buys. They will also buy your CD's, DVD's, games and other electronic items like gaming consoles and smartphones. They provide an instant quote on your items by adding barcode numbers and book ISBN's through their website or barcode app. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

If you agree to the price offered, they will send you a mailing label and welcome pack that contains shipping information. This packet can be either emailed or sent via snail mail to you. Your shipment is insured via UPS so all you need to do is pack and take to a UPS store or other UPS outlet.

Payment is made by PayPal, direct deposit (ACH) or via check the day after the books arrive at their processing center.

One important note for Decluttr is that you need to sell a minimum of 10 media items so if you are going to use this service you may want to also go through your old games and see if you can sell them at the same time.

Sell Used College Text Books Online

4. Craigslist

Started in 1995, Craigslist has survived for nearly 25 years because of their simplicity and localization. Buyers and sellers get together through pages that are local to a city or region. This makes it easy to coordinate transactions and for buyers, provides them with an opportunity to sell items and receive immediate cash.

The Craigslist directory is broken down into region, products and services for sale, and individual listings. The listings are free for both buyer and seller and the site offers sellers the opportunity to remain anonymous when they list. Sellers may decide for themselves which people they want to respond to who are interested in their items.

This is a good thing since what happens often is people will try and low-ball sellers. A listing may be for $100 and the seller may indicate that is a firm price yet there is almost always one person who will reply and ask if it is available for say, $10.

For any service that results in a face-to-face meeting to exchange goods for money, it is important to consider safety. Meeting in a public place, such as a coffee shop or restaurant is always a good idea. Many police departments now have a marked area outside of a station where online buyers and sellers can meet and feel safe during their transaction.

5. Amazon

Amazon is plugged into the needs of students and offers several options for buyers and sellers. Of course, they take a cut of all transactions, but the Amazon brand is well known and it is widely considered a secure place to conduct business.

Amazon offers a selling plan for individuals that allows them to only be charged when they sell. This is perfect for those who may only have a few items to sell. Their charges include a flat rate per item sold, shipping fees and a variable cost fee, which is based on the price of the item.

If you do not want to go through the motions of being an individual seller on Amazon, you should look into the textbook trade in programs they have available. Students can buy, sell or even rent textbooks through Amazon. If you have bought a textbook on Amazon, they have all of the information already in their system. You just return the book to Amazon and get up to 80 percent of the sales price.

This is an easy way to dispose of books you no longer need. Listing it through the Amazon trade in program ensures that those who are looking for the books you are selling will find them.

6. Barnes and Noble

While not having an online footprint as large as Amazon, Barnes and Noble has a solid textbook buyback program that is very straightforward. Sellers enter the ISBN of the book they want to sell and receive an immediate quote. If the price is agreeable to you, they will provide you with a postage label for shipping your book and, upon receipt, will pay you with a check or through PayPal.

Sellers should be aware that the shipping label does not insure the book. If the book is lost or damaged in transit, then there may be no sale. So, if you are shipping very expensive books you may want to go to the post office yourself and arrange for insurance.

7. TextbookBuyer

Another site that has been around for many years, TextbookBuyer, focuses exclusively on buying textbooks. While their website has changed little since their inception, they maintain an updated directory of textbooks and will pay for shipping your books to them.

8. Cash4Books

Cash4Books is like many of the other sites listed. You go to their webpage, enter the ISBN and receive a quote for your books. Like most of the others they also offer free shipping when you send your books to them.

Where they differ from several of the other sites is they have an app that will read the barcode associated with your ISBN numbers. To obtain the app, you send them your phone number and they will send the link for you to download the app for either iPhone or Android devices.

Payment for books sold to Cash4Books is issued, on average, within 13 days after they receive your books. Payment is made via PayPal or check.

9. BookFinder

BookFinder opened in 1997 as a place for people to search for books all over the world. They have access to over 150 million books for sale from over 100,000 book sellers.

For someone who wants to sell textbooks, BookFinder is a valuable resource to see how much your books are selling for. This vital information can help you to maximize the amount of money you should expect to see for your books.

If you list your books with BookFinder, they will gain significant exposure among people who deal in buying and selling books of all types. Old, new, rare and unique, along with textbooks, are commonly bought and sold on BookFinder.

10. Student 2 Student

Student 2 Student is best described as a hybrid site with options for those who want to sell online or locally, in person. You can use their site as a portal to a number of vendors who buy and sell books or you can post your book for sale online and wait for a buyer who will meet up with you to complete the sale. Student 2 Student charges no fees for their services but requires you to establish an account with them.

11. TextbookRush

Textbook Rush is unique in that in addition to buying, selling and renting textbooks they also have an online library of over 600,000 eBooks that can also be bought or rented through their site. This means they have a broad range of customers who are generally tech savvy and comfortable in buying and selling online.

Sellers have the option of using their TextbookRush app on either iPhone or android devices. After scanning in the ISBN barcode, you will receive a quote that is valid for 20 days. They promote the fact that they buy over 1,000,000 titles so it is worth your time to receive a quote.

One of the options Textbook Rush offers sellers is a 5% extra cash back if they sell their book and opt for payment in store credit. This is worth considering for students who need to continue to buy textbooks.

Sell Used College Text Books Online

12. BooksRun

In addition to buying, selling and renting textbooks, BooksRun also has an extensive library of over 430,000 eBooks for sale or rent. Sellers enter the ISBN of the book, receive a quote, and then ship. Payment is made via PayPal or check approximately four days after receipt.

BooksRun is known as a site that will accept international editions for many textbooks. This is not always the case with other book sellers. Of course you won't know if your book is one of the ones they will accept until you get a quote, so give it a try.

One feature on their website that is not readily available on many of the others is information they list under their terms and conditions for book buy backs. Regardless of where you sell your books, it is a good idea to review this list and see if your book matches any of their red flags. They will grade your book as New, Used – Very Good, Used – Acceptable. Understanding how your book will be graded may save you time and grief when it comes to selling it online.

13. ValoreBooks

After entering the ISBN, their system matches you to buyers interested in your book. Based on the results of this, they establish the price they will pay for your book and then they reach out to the interested buyer to sell to them. This brokerage system pairs buyer and seller but also means that the seller does not have to worry about additional fees.

You get the quoted price and since they provide free shipping you know exactly how much you will receive once the book is received by ValoreBooks. Payment is made via PayPal or check.

A unique feature of ValoreBooks is that they offer a guarantee that if you find a higher buyback price, they will match it. For the seller, this should encourage comparison shopping to see what the best price is that you can get for a book. Take that price to ValoreBooks and see if they will match it. Doing this this can save time and money.

14. BookScouter

BookScouter compares prices among 42 buyback vendors to get you the best price. When you enter the ISBN for your book on their site, the search results will include whether a vendor is buying the book and if they are, what their price is. It is hard to find a better starting point in your research than BookScouter.

Each search result also contains a sell link to the site interested in your book. By clicking on the sell link you are taken to the vendor's page where you can begin the process of shipping your book. BookScouter offers a full featured app for iPhone and Android that allows you to scan and search just as you would on the website.

It's important to note that when you sell a book, BookScouter is only used as the facilitator. Your payment will come from the site you sell to, so you will want to check with them on terms and conditions for payment.

15. Blue Rocket Books

Founded in 2009 by students in Austin, Texas, Blue Rocket Books offers sellers the opportunity to make some money on their used books while also helping charities. The sell back process is similar to most of the other sites in this list. After entering in the ISBN of the book, a quote is presented. Once accepted, you will receive shipping information.

When Blue Rocket Books receives your shipment they will process the book and send payment via PayPal. For you, that is where the transaction ends. For Blue Rocket Books, there is one more step.

For every book Blue Rocket Books buys, they donate a book to Reading is Fundamental. They also donate to the Solar Electric Light Fund, which provides solar energy resources to the 1.2 billion people living in energy poverty. This charitable giving shows that not only can selling textbooks be used to re-purpose books but the end result can help people in need better their lives.


According the recent data, the average college student pays around $1,200 per school year on textbooks alone. After spending a fortune on books, it makes perfect sense to trade them in and recover a portion of what you spent on them. It’s common knowledge that most college students don’t open a book again after they’re finished with the class. With the increasing costs of textbooks, many students are turning to online websites to both buy and sell secondhand books. Considering how busy the average college student is, these websites go out of the way to make sure selling textbooks is a simplified process. Not only that, but there are more options when it comes to selling books in person. We gathered an extensive list of questions to help you get the best deal when you sell your used college textbooks to trustworthy vendors. 

The Ins and Outs of Selling Used College Textbooks

From Chegg to Half Price Books, there are tons of places that buy back college textbooks. Although the process is easy, there are a few considerations you must note – the type of book (i.e. instructor edition), its condition, and the subject matter. All of these factors can play a big role in determining the price. In fact, sometimes you won’t even be able to sell the book. The below questions cover what you can sell, how much you’ll get, and what means there are to sell used textbooks.

Can you sell textbook access codes?

Yes, you can sell textbook access codes as long as they are unused. Many people list access codes on Amazon without the physical textbook. With that said, there aren’t many “buyback” sites that buy just access codes.

How to sell books online?

There are tons of different websites that will pay you cash in exchange for your used textbooks. All you have to do is enter the ISBN(s) and mail in your books. One of these websites include Uloop.

How much do you get for selling textbooks back?

Buyers determine the amount based on the condition, age, demand, and a few other factors. Don’t expect more than 80% to 90% of what you paid for the book.

How to sell old edition textbooks?

While you won’t get as much for old edition textbooks, you can still sell them on Textbook Recycling. Just enter in the book’s ISBN and they’ll give you an instant quote.  

How much can I sell my textbook for?

That depends on the age, condition, and demand for your textbook. Buyers could offer you anywhere from a few cents to 90% of what you paid for the book.

How to sell international textbooks?

You can sell international textbooks on sellbackyourBook. All you have to do is enter the ISBN and click sell. Keep in mind that you have to sell a minimum of $7.50 to check out.

How much should you sell a used textbook for?

While it depends on how much you paid for it and its age, you should sell it for whatever amount seems reasonable to you. To compare what multiple buyers will pay, check out BuyBackTextbooks.

Can you sell back loose leaf textbooks?

Yes, you can sell back loose leaf textbooks at MyBookCart. According to their website, they buy law school books, medical textbooks, and loose leaf textbooks. All you need is the ISBN to get started.

Is it legal to sell international edition textbooks?

Yes, it is legal to sell international edition textbooks. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled this in a 2014 proceeding. With that said, not all buyback websites will buy international edition textbooks.

When is the best time to sell textbooks?

The summer (especially in July and August) is the best time to sell textbooks because this is when the demand is hot. Students across the country are buying textbooks for the upcoming semester.

How to sell university textbooks?

If you want to sell your university textbooks, you should consider using Valore Books. Upon entering the ISBN, you will receive an instant quote. According to their website, they buy back over one million books.

Where to sell outdated textbooks?

You could try selling your outdated textbooks on your local Craigslist or at a garage sale. These two options will target people looking to read for leisure, not students needing the latest editions.

Where to sell teacher edition textbooks?

FacultyBooks is one of a few websites that buys instructor edition textbooks. After shipping your books to them, you will receive payment within 24 hours via check or direct deposit.

Where can I sell instructor edition textbooks?

You can sell instructor edition textbooks, review copies, and unadopted books at FacultyCash. According to their website, they currently buy over one million titles. You can choose to be paid either by check or through PayPal.

How to make money selling textbooks?

If you want to get in the textbook business, you could buy books in bulk at local universities and then resell them on Amazon or eBay. You could also just sell one of you own books at many online buyback websites. If you need more cash then you can look into online jobs for students.

Can I sell my water damaged textbook?

Yes, you can sell a water damaged textbook, but you won’t receive much for it. Since many buyback websites have strict guidelines, your best bet is to sell it on eBay and note the damage on the listing.

Can I sell my eBook textbook?

No, you can’t sell your eBook textbook. It would be nearly impossible because there isn’t an easy way to transfer them to another person. In addition, they usually come with a one-time license.

Selling Textbooks in Person

If you really need cash fast, sometimes the best way to sell textbooks is to do so in person. While there aren’t as many options when compared to online vendors, a handful of bookstores and libraries will buy your textbooks. And when you sell in person, you don’t get the option to compare prices like you do online. Nonetheless, you can still get a good deal if you decide to trade in your books at a store or library. The below questions cover selling in person more in-depth:

Where to sell textbooks near me?

A major retail that buys textbooks in-person is Half Price Books. Unlike online buying platforms, the amount you receive at Half Price Books depends on the buyer at the store.

How to sell back textbooks for the most money?

Powell’s Books is a brick-n-mortar bookstore that buys books online as well. You can choose to either get in-store credit or a payment through PayPal. If you books don’t meet their quality guidelines, they may change the quote after you send them.

Where can I sell my books locally?

You can sell your books locally by holding a garage sale or listing them for sale on LetGo. Unlike eBay and Amazon, LetGo is a local marketplace where you can connect with people in your community.

Where can I sell my college books in person?

The best way to sell college books in person is to visit your school’s bookstore or go to a store that’s not affiliated with your school, such as Half Price Books.

Does Books a Million buy back books?

Yes, Books a Million recently launched a new buyback program. You can bring up to 50 books to their store during their specified buy back hours (varies by store). Once they review the books, they will make you an offer and give you cash should you accept it.

Who buys back books?

Both brick-n-mortar bookstores and buy back websites will buy your textbooks for cash. The best way to see who you can sell your books to is to use a price comparison website like Textbook Buyback Compare.

Can I sell my books to Thriftbooks?

No, Thriftbooks does not buy from the general public. They source their books from libraries who want to clear up shelf space and get rid of books they no longer need.

How to sell books to Thriftbooks?

Thriftbooks does not just buy books from anyone. If you want to sell your books to Thriftbooks, you need to enroll in their library program – the source of most of their books.

Does Barnes and Noble buy back books?

Yes, Barnes and Noble does buy back books through their Sell Your Textbooks program. However, you need to sell at least $10 worth of books to participate in the program.

Where can I sell college textbooks in person?

While it’s not guaranteed, many public libraries buy back college textbooks in person. If you live in an area with many universities, the libraries might be more likely to buy from you.

Does Half Price Books sell textbooks?

Yes, Half Price Books sells both new and used textbooks. While you can buy some textbooks in store, you have more options when you shop on their online marketplace. In addition to standard textbooks, they sell international versions as well.

Can you sell textbooks at Barnes and Noble in store?

No, most Barnes and Noble stores no longer buy books in store. If you want to sell your books to them, you should use their online Sell Your Textbooks tool.

Where to sell used textbooks in NYC?

East Village Books NYC offers some of the highest prices for used textbooks in New York City. Before going to the store, you can call them to receive a quote directly from a buyer.

Where can I sell my books in person?

Most local bookstores along with universities will buy your used textbooks in person. Additionally, some public libraries and secondary schools may buy your books as well. The only downside to this is that you can’t compare prices as easily.

Where can I sell books for cash near me?

You might have luck selling your books at pawn shops near you. Keep in mind that they need to be in good condition and in demand. The advantage to this is that you’ll walk away with the cash and won’t have to wait around for it.

How to sell college books?

One way to sell college textbooks is to list them on OfferUp. This is a mobile marketplace that lets buyers and sellers within the same community connect. If you live in a college town, your textbooks will sell quickly.

Where can I sell books near me?

Since many bookstores operate locally, the best way to see if they buy books is to call them or visit their website. Looking them up on either Yelp or Google is a good place to start.

Selling Textbooks Online

Selling your unwanted textbooks online is an effortless process. As long as you have an ISBN on hand, you can get an offer instantly. To top it off, most buyback platforms give you a free shipping label, so you can send the books to them without spending a dime. Since there are so many different buyback websites to choose from, these questions will help you find the best one for you:

Where to sell textbooks?

You can get a price comparison of several places that will buy back your book at BookFinder. All of the buyback companies they partner with provide free shipping labels for your book.

Where to sell college textbooks?

Chegg pays competitive prices for your used college textbooks. You’ll get an instant quote along with a free UPS label to send your books to them. It takes 10 -15 days to receive the money.

Where to sell textbooks online?

One option for selling textbooks online is Bookbyte. After receiving your quote and shipping the books to them, Bookbyte will pay you via check or PayPal. Quotes last for 30 days.

Where to sell used textbooks?

You can sell your used textbooks at Textbook Rush and get either cash or in-store credit in exchange. This site provides a prepaid shipping label and quotes are valid for seven days.

Where to sell used books for cash?

Many university students are selling their used books on Textbook Maniac. Once you accept a quote, they’ll send you a free shipping label that includes tracking. Payment is made by check or PayPal. 

How to sell my school books online?

If you want to sell K-12 textbooks online, one of the best websites for doing so is Buyback 101. They give you an instant quote after you enter the barcode along with a free UPS shipping label. 

Where can I sell back my books?

A good option for selling back your used books is Bigger Books. Not only do they provide quick quotes, but they also give you a free shipping label to send your books to them.

Is Sell Your Book Back legit?

Yes, Sell Back Your Book is a legit buyback website. They currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for nine years.

How to sell books on eBay?

You’ll first need to sign up for an eBay account and link it to your PayPal. Then, click “sell” on the homepage and find the exact book you want to sell so the listing auto populates. You can also resell other people's books. Learn more about how to start drop shipping.

Does Chegg buy back books?

Yes, you can buy textbooks on Chegg and sell them. The websites gives you an instant quote after you enter in the books you want to sell. Payment takes anywhere between 10 and 15 days.

Where can I sell my textbooks for cash?

eCampus makes it fairly simple to sell your textbooks for cash. Payments are made via ACH and they let you sell large volumes of textbooks effortlessly. If you choose an in-store credit, you will receive a bonus.

How to sell medical textbooks?

Many websites buy medical textbooks, including BooksRun. Depending on your preference, they will give you either a check or a payment via PayPal for your used books. If you choose a check, it could take up to 20 days.

How to sell a textbook on eBay?

To sell a textbook on eBay, you’ll need an eBay seller account along with a PayPal. eBay makes it easy to sell on their platform because after you search for the book you don’t need anymore, they have a “sell one like this” button.

Where to sell back used textbooks?

Abe Books is a well-established buyer that works alongside TextbookRush and offers good buyback prices. After they receive and process your shipment, you will get paid via PayPal within two to three days.

Where can I sell my old nursing textbooks?

Cash4Books will buy your old nursing textbooks off of you. They have an extensive list of over 70 nursing books that they are currently buying. Like most buyback sites, shipping is free.

Where is the best place to sell used textbooks?

One of the best places to sell textbooks is TextbookCashback. They accept almost all conditions of textbooks and pay out more than other buyers. Selling is easy on this website and payment is quick.

How to sell textbooks on Chegg?

You can sell a textbook on Chegg by entering the ISBN and accepting the offer they make. After accepting the quote, just ship your books to them using the UPS label they provide you.

Why does eBay only let you sell 1 textbook?

eBay sellers can sell multiple textbooks by creating another listing. You aren’t limited to just selling one textbook. Moreover, you could create a listing for multiple books in one if you want to sell in bulk.

How to sell back textbooks on Excelsior?

Go to their sell textbooks page and enter the ISBNs for the books that you want to sell. After they receive your books, they’ll pay you with either a check, direct deposit, or buyback credit.

Is legit?

Yes, is legitimate. However, their website is a bit dated and the catalogue of books they buy is limited. Nonetheless, this website has been around for a while and is a reputable textbook buyer.

Getting the Best Price and a Quick Offer

With so many buyback websites out there, sometimes getting the best price a challenge. Fortunately, there are many price comparison tools out there that will tell you exactly how much different vendors will pay for your book. When you visit each vendor’s website, you’ll get an idea of fast the buyback process is. If you want to get the best price quickly, take a glance at the below questions:

How to sell old textbooks?

Check out BigWords to compare buyback prices for your old textbooks. The site lets you add multiple textbooks to your “bag” and then start the price comparison. When you click the “sell now button,” you will be directed to the buyer.

Where can I sell my books for a good price?

The best way to know if you are truly getting a good price is to use Flipsy. This website lets you enter up to 100 ISBNs and simultaneously tells you how much various vendors will pay for them.

How to sell my college books?

A popular tool for selling textbooks is BookScouter. This website takes 35 different buy back vendors and lumps then into a single search engine that makes it easy to find the best possible price.

How do I sell my school books online?

You can sell your textbooks online on Decluttr. This website boasts a valuation engine that gives you an instant quote for your used school books. If you decide to sell them, shipping is completely free.

How to sell textbooks fast?

You can sell textbooks fast by listing them on a Facebook marketplace group in a college town. As long as the books are relatively new, you could sell them within a couple of days or less.

How to buy and sell textbooks?

CheapestTextbooks is a comparison website where you can both buy and sell textbooks. With multiple websites compiled into a single search, you can get the best price for your book, whether you are selling or buying.

Where to sell second hand textbooks?

You can find some of the best buyback deals at DealOz, a buyback price comparison tool. After entering in the books you want to sell, all you have to do is click the “sell it” button.

Where to sell used books?

While they don’t buy your used books directly, SlugBooks is a price comparison tool that lets you compare multiple offers at a time. Some of their partners include Chegg, VitalSource, and Amazon.

How to sell teaching textbooks?

You can sell your teaching textbooks at This website gives you either store credit, a check, or a payment via PayPal for your used books. If the order is over $15, shipping is free.

Where to sell your foreign language textbook?

SellBackBooks buys foreign language textbooks and offers a fast payment via ACH. Selling on this platform is easy and you can enter up to 10 ISBNs at a time to receive a quote.

Where to sell used college books?

TextBookX is an easy-to-use website that buys used college textbooks. All you have to do is enter the book’s ISBN, the condition, and then print a USPS mailing label and send your textbooks to them.

How to sell used books online?

Selling used books online is simple with BookTrapper. This handy tool lets you compare prices that multiple vendors are willing to pay for your book. They also have an app featuring a barcode scanner.

Trading in Books on Amazon

For many students, Amazon is the go-to place for trading in their used books. The reason selling on Amazon is so attractive is because you can either list your books on the marketplace or sell them to Amazon for the trade-in value. In return, you’ll receive either cash or Amazon credit. If you’re considering trading in your books on Amazon, take a look at the below questions:

How to sell textbooks on Amazon?

Amazon will buy your textbook through their trade-in program or you can become a seller a list your textbook on the marketplace. With the second option, you would have to wait longer to get the cash.

Can you sell textbooks back to Amazon?

Yes, you can sell textbooks back to Amazon. There’s a short video on their website that explains exactly how to do it. So, once you’re done using a book you bought on Amazon, you can get some of the cash back.

How to sell textbooks back to Amazon?

When doing a search on Amazon, select the drop down and then “Amazon Trade-in.” From there you can search for your book, select “trade in,” and then answer a series of questions about its condition.

Is Amazon a good place to sell textbooks?

Yes, Amazon is a good place to sell textbooks because you can either trade in your books or sell them on the marketplace. Having two options give you added convenience and the chance to sell your books for more cash. Remember there is also an Amazon student discount if you choose to purchase through them too.

How to sell used books on Amazon?

Amazon makes it easy to sell used books with their trade-in program. While it takes 10 to 12 days to receive payment, you’ll know the offer ahead of time and you don’t have to wait for a buyer to purchase your books.

Does Amazon buy back books?

Yes, Amazon does buy back books. You can trade in your books on Amazon and either receive cash or an Amazon gift card. They are currently buying over 70,000 different textbooks.

Selling Textbooks to Your University

When it comes to selling old textbooks, many students overlook their own university. If you live on or near campus, this is often the most convenient option. Universities will either give you cash or credit to use towards the following semester’s books. Even if your school does buy back book, it never hurts to explore your options, so you get the best deal. The below questions cover all you need to know about selling textbooks to your university:

How to sell used textbooks?

Most colleges and universities have a buyback program at their bookstore. Going this route will get you cash or store credit quicker than selling your textbooks online. Other buyback companies do sometimes setup shop on universities as well.

Do college bookstores buy back books they didn't sell?

That depends on the policies of the individual bookstore. While in most cases it doesn’t matter where you bought the book, other times you may need proof you bought the book from the college.

How much do college bookstores buy books back for?

It’s up to each individual bookstore to determine the rates they pay for books. It also depends on factors such as the condition of the book, the edition, and the subject.

Do colleges buy back books?

Yes, colleges and universities do buy back textbooks. If they don’t buy back books directly, there’s a good chance that they partner with a buyback program that will give you cash for your used books.

Can you sell back books with highlighter?

Yes, you can sell back books that have highlighter markers. However, to avoid a change in the quoted price, you’ll need to disclose this before selling the books.

Where can I sell my textbooks and access codes?

You can sell your textbooks and access codes back to your local university bookstore. Note that the access code must be new. Also, sometimes they will only pay you for the book (not the access code).